Statement of ComeHomeAmerica.US in Opposition to U.S. Intervention in Syria.

We in ComeHomeAmerica (www.ComeHomeAmerica.US) condemn our government’s war on Syria, prosecuted first with sanctions, then with covert support through “allies” like the dictatorial petro-monarchies of the Gulf and now with overt provision of arms for the anti-government forces and perhaps even a bombing campaign. We demand an immediate cessation of this bellicose policy by our government. Sanctions and military intervention in Syria are not in the interests of the American people; nor are they in the interests of the Syrian people.

We are far from alone in our opposition. Fully 70% of Americans are opposed to armed intervention in Syria – a number that has only increased over the months according to Pew polls. And yet the President and a majority in Congress favor intervention, revealing a crisis of our political institutions, which are far removed from the will of the people on this and many other issues.

We in ComeHomeAmerica are a very diverse group. We are traditional conservatives, progressive activists, libertarians of the Ron Paul type, old-fashioned Leftists, religious people appalled by war and non-religious who also harbor disgust over our numerous wars for over a century now. We are not pacifists, although there are pacifists in our ranks. But we do believe that any war must be defensive and a last resort, not a constant option to further the perceived interests of our elite. Our roots go deep in our country’s history, at least as far back as the Anti-Imperialist League, which was organized to oppose the war in the Philippines and included members as different as Mark Twain and Andrew Carnegie, the wealthiest man in America.

We protest our government’s actions not simply because of the specific conditions in Syria but based on general principles. The same principles would have kept us from launching the recent wars on Iraq and Libya and many others over the past century and longer.

Our first principle is that war inflicts enormous damage on human beings and we are repulsed by it, a revulsion that is found in most human beings. Hence the war-makers try to keep their deeds hidden or covered in fantasies of glory. Secrecy in turn leads to suborning the press, a mainstay of our democracy.

Our second principle, the easiest one, is that we do not want to pay for these wars and the belligerent imperial colossus, including the DoD, CIA, NSA and others, costing about one trillion a year, roughly the sum that is raised in personal income taxes on April 15. Some of us simply want the money back and others want it to be spent on social needs. But while we differ on that, we agree that the money must no longer go to a war complex. On that we are firmly united.

A third principle is that the sovereignty of other nations is to be respected. Sovereignty is a concept introduced into international law to protect weak nations from powerful ones. The U.S. is presently the most powerful, and hence we have a special obligation to respect that principle and the Nuremberg principle that prohibits wars of aggression, which includes “wars of choice” or “pre-emptive wars.” A corollary to that is that U.S. foreign policy is not based on “human rights.” Unfortunately, “humanitarian” rationales are too often used to justify or disguise bellicose policies made for other reasons. We reject such rationales for wars of aggression.

A fourth principle is that an Empire is incompatible with liberty and democracy. The US has now become a worldwide Empire with more than 1200 military bases and outposts overseas. Every Empire must perforce be a military one, because it seeks to dominate others, which elicits resistance, and that in turn calls forth military oppression. The result is that others who could be friends turn into enemies; this is the “blowback” with which we have become so familiar over the last decade and more. Our own American Revolution is an example of a successful revolt against an empire. Furthermore, imperial designs can too readily lead to a global conflagration such as World War One. And an Empire is doubly dangerous, because in the end it is incompatible with democracy as citizens tire of wars and hence must be monitored and their opposition countered. The recent revelations about the extent of domestic spying by the NSA should bring that home to us once again.

We welcome those who agree with one or more of these principles to make common cause with us in ComeHomeAmerica. We cannot afford to let other differences separate us and hence allow agents of war to defeat us by the tactic of divide and conquer. We must join together. In the end our very survival depends on it.

The CHA Steering Committee:

Paul Buhle(WI), Retired Prof.; author; producer of radical, progressive comic books.

Doug Fuda(MA), Activist, Boston Chapter of CHA

Bill Kauffman(NY), Author, Ain’t My America

Angela Keaton(CA), Chair, Outright Libertarians; Operations Director,

Dan McCarthy(VA), editor, The American Conservative

George O’Neill (FL), Co-founder of CHA

Coleen Rowley(MN), FBI Whistleblower; a Time Person of the Year, 2002

John V. Walsh,MD(MA), Neuroscience Prof.; writer for CounterPunch, DissidentVoice

Kevin Zeese (MD), Co-founder of CHA, (

Please add your name below.

Additional Signers

Sam Smith, Progressive Review

David Swanson, author, War is a Lie; blog.

David MacMichael, Former CIA analyst who resigned in protest, Founding member of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)

Murray Polner, Author, We Who Said No To War

Sheldon Richman Vice President, Future of Freedom Foundation.

Jeff Taylor, Associate Prof. of Political Science, Dordt College

David Henderson, Research Fellow, Hoover Institution

Dave Wagner, Co-author, Radical Hollywood.

Jacob Hornberger, President, Future of Freedom Foundation

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19 Responses to Statement of ComeHomeAmerica.US in Opposition to U.S. Intervention in Syria.

  1. 70% of the American people are opposed to intervention in Syria because they could care less about the fate of the Syrian people and son’t see what’s in it for them. Is this a stand you are proud to imulate?

    Assad has killed a 100,000 people with cluster bombs, Scud missiles, helicopter gunships, and foreign fighters. You uphold his right to continue to do this in the name of “national soveignity.” He can kill as many Syrian’s as he wants to with Russia weapons and Iranian advisers and the only thing you have to say is “keep us out of it”

    Isn’t this the same sort of “internationalism” that allowed 6 million Jews to be slaughtered in Europe – weren’t most Americans also opposed to doing anything about that?

    For detailed analysis of the Syrian Recolution see my blog: Assad may have Children Under Siege in Homs but has his Aleppo Offensive Fizzled?

    • LocalHero says:

      Do you get your information entirely from the mainstream, warmongering media or do you look for clues in cartoons as well? You may as well with the amount of utter nonsense that you’ve obviously swallowed hook, line and sinker. Your grasp of history is appalling. When will you take a good look at your hands and see the buckets of blood dripping from them. You may as well walk around with a placard reading, “More Wars For Israel!” No! Not one more drop of blood shed by our brainwashed soldiers to prop up a dying, terrorist regime. The Zionists can send their own bloodthirsty sons and daughters to die for that disgusting, evil little country.

    • iskander says:

      Not seen so much crap in a single post ever.
      Clay’s facts can’t even be considered to stand on Clay Feet.

    • Fauz says:

      You mean 70% of Americans could NOT care less (pet peeve) about the fate of Syrians? Maybe Americans are sick of sponsoring the military industrial complex that leaves swaths of devastation in its wake around the world all for the sake of stealing resources and putting money in the pockets of war profiteers, it’s a hecka’ lot of money – billions! You really believe that our government cares about Syrians? They don’t even care about Americans. When trying to figure out what is really going on, you have got to follow the money trail. In Libya the western heroes liberated the people from Qaddafi who was succeeding to create an African Monetary Fund that could see Africa independent of central banks and the IMF. Western powers installed an Americanized Libyan puppet and stole $80 billion from the people of Libya who enjoyed the profits of a nationalized oil industry. Libya is now in shambles thanks to our deadly intervention. You can bet that the west (read:U.S.A.) can’t simply allow middle eastern nations to create and control their own energy industry when there’s so much money to be made.

      • Carl Rising-Moore says:

        You hit the nail on the head Fauz. This war is all about geo-political control of the natural resources in the region, (not to mention the pivot to Asia). Uncle Sam must punish any nation that is not compliant and blocking his access to oil and natural resources. Sam is fat while the rest of the world and increasingly the Americans ourselves are holding cardboard signs on he street asking for spare change. When Sam says this is about freedom and democracy, he is once again showing off what a bold faced lier he really is. How long the world is willing to allow this bully on their shores and seas is the big question.

  2. Assad has not killed 100,00 Syrians. 100,000 people have died in a war that have been maintained by the west and including the USA, the Gulf States, Israel and Turkey. Assad was not popular in Syria, but he has gained in popularity because the Syrians are sick of being attacked by insane cannibalistic, self-righteous, Islamists fighting for Saudi money, with arms bought from the west with Saudi and Gulf State money and passed into Syria largely from Turkey. If the west had not colluded and encouraged the Jihadists, their attack on na stable country would have been terminated quickly. So the west is responsible for the 100,000 deaths all bar maybe a few thousand. Now a majority of Syrians support Assad, and even more of the Syrians who live in Syria suffering the murderous Islamist invaders want them out and an end to the war. Americans and Syrians alike in similar proportions want an end to the war.

    • Nevermind that nobody has documented a single bullet being delivered to the revolutionaries by Obama, but he has had the CIA in Turkey to make sure they didn’t get any MANPADS or other heavy weapons. According Reuters two days ago:

      None of the military aid that the United States announced weeks ago has arrived in Syria, according to an official from an Arab country and Syrian opposition sources.

      Assad has been destroying residential neighborhoods with Russian cluster bombs and you blame the US!

      Are you here to justify his indiscriminate attacks on Syria cities with Scuds – that’s okay by you in response to “western aggression”?

      Here is a blog I did that covers the struggle in Homs today.
      Assad may have Children Under Siege in Homs but has his Aleppo Offensive Fizzled?

      The city has been under siege for 10 days. The children are starving and a fatwa has just been issued allowing people to eat cats due to the siege.

      In this video, a defected SAA officer who has joined the revolution in Homs describes the types of weapons Assad is using against civilians there. They are all Russian made, and being used not to defend Syria from Israel but to “defend” the Assad regime against Syrian children.

      Assad is trying to use “pain compliance” to make the people give up the struggle to overthrow his 42 year family dictatorship. That’s why he has helicopters attack bread lines in Aleppo.

      And here is are my answers to you are all the other enemies of revolution who are trying to use the depraved acts on one rebel commander to tar an entire movement:

      Ten Things Worst Than Eating a Dead Man’s Heart Done by US Soldiers in Vietnam

      Syria: 10 Things Worse Than Eating a Dead Man’s Heart

      • LocalHero says:

        Wow, you get your marching orders and ran with it! How much are you paid to be a shill for Zionism?

      • iskander says:

        Obvious Hasbara, don’t feed this troll, it probably lives in Tel Aviv, thinks pigs are curse and that he/she is chosen by an invisible man.

  3. Carl Rising-Moore says:

    The comment above is typical of the R2P, Responsibility to Protect philosophy that has divided the peace and justice community in recent years. It was the US “leading from behind” that placed many of the weapons in the largely foreign fighters that have invaded Syria in the last two years. We are supplying weapons and training to militant extremists for too long. We must call for an end to this escalating and largely and now sectarian war in Syria while providing humanitarian aid to the millions that have been displaced and injured by this tragic war. Are you saying that the 100,000 deaths were all caused by the Syrian military? The US, GB, France, Turkey, NATO, and the Gulf monarchies are on one side, the Russians, Iran and other foreign fighters are on the other side. The solution is not for more weapons delivered to the opposition of the Syrian government, the answer is for all parties of this ever widening war to press for peace talks that include every faction. The US has over 1,200 military bases worldwide, do you recall the global community ever demanding that the US become PaxAmericana? Our involvement has nothing to do with delivering freedom and democracy, it has everything to do with eliminating one more non compliant nation. The Nuremberg Trials resulted in the understanding that the most egregious crime against humanity was preemptive war because of the massive loss of life that would occur in such a war and ultimately, it would draw in all nations into the conflict. Diplomacy, not war is the answer.
    Carl Rising-Moore, President of the Indianapolis Peace and Justice Center and Veterans for Peace member.

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  6. And here is an interview with a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in the days when they actually did sometimes give it for efforts in promoting peace. This woman won it for her efforts in bringing the Republicans and the Orangemen together in Northern Ireland. She has been onn a peace mission to Lebanon and Syria…

  7. tiffany267 says:

    Reblogged this on Tiffany's Non-Blog and commented:
    Sign to join in this noble declaration.

  8. kdelphi says:

    I would be glad to leave my email address for the petition, but want to know that it wont be published….

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