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End Selective Service!

By Joey B. King There is a move in Congress at this time to require 18 year-old women to register for Selective Service. Some say it is about equal rights. I say, the time has come to end the Selective … Continue reading

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Looking in The Mirror: How the US Only Sees Itself in Its Putin Propaganda

by Dr. Bill Wedin Yes.  In the famous words of Pogo: “We have met the enemy.  And he is us.” That’s how paranoia works.  We project onto a feared “other” our own unacceptable desires.  In Putin’s case, it’s our unacceptable … Continue reading

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A Thank You

To all those of you who are against war and militarism. The past five years we have built a new peace movement.  What mattered most was our initial Come Home America letter which will remain up as an archive. As … Continue reading

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Hilary Putnam: compassion and questioning as a guide to life

[Editor’s note: Mathematician and philosopher Hilary Putnam died last month. Dr. Putnam was an open critic of the Vietnam war. His fields of knowledge so wide ranging and eclectic, they deserve an obituary equally so. Below is Alan Gilbert’s essay … Continue reading

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SOUTH CHINA SEA FACE OFF: Does this make ANY sense?

by Joe Scarry I pick up a Chinese language newspaper at the corner store in my Berkeley neighborhood every day, and almost every day there is an article about: (a) US Navy activities challenging Chinese positions in the South China … Continue reading

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