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To the First Female Rangers

by Joey King Today is Friday August 21, 2015, and history is being made. Two females will become the first of their gender to graduate from the US Army’s elite Ranger School. Coincidently, I graduated Ranger School almost exactly 30 … Continue reading

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#Twitter Community for Peace Activism: What Do We Understand?

by Joe Scarry If you are like me, you breathe a little sigh of relief every time you see some big New Media guru admit that no one really understands how Twitter works. I spend a lot of time on … Continue reading

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Obama’s speech on the Iran Nuclear Treaty – we all should support this

by Alan Gilbert Last Wednesday, Obama gave the most important and well-argued foreign policy speech of his Presidency, a speech which follows two years of long and hard diplomacy, and put together a diplomatic agreement to bar Iran from seeking … Continue reading

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Left Progressives Collaborated As Investors in Genocide Owned CNN CIA US Gov & NATO Destroyed Libya

by jay janson After Colonel Gaddafi overthrew Libya’s colonial King in a bloodless coup, he transformed his country from the poorest nation in Africa to the wealthiest per capita with a UN Quality of Life Index higher than that of … Continue reading

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Slogan ‘Black Lives Matter!’ Not Intended to Include Lives Taken by Black GI’s Overseas

by jay janson Come on! First we had Occupy Wall Street claiming to represent 99% of Americans demanding a better cut from the 1% which happens to be perennially investing in profitable illegal mass murderous use of USA’s fantastically powerful … Continue reading

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“The way to respond to ISIS is not through violence.”

by Joe Scarry I’ve predicted that ISIS is one of two topics that presidential candidates are going to have to address in the 2016 election cycle. (The other isBlackLivesMatter.) (See What Will Dominate Election 2016? (ANSWER: ISIS and #BlackLivesMatter) ) … Continue reading

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Did Muslim Murder 4 Marines in Payback for Iraq Libya Syria Somalia Afghanistan?

by jay janson Muslim gunman shot and killed by police after he kills four Marines at Tennessee military centers, Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM),7/17/2015). New York Times reports killer was a 24 year old Kuwait born American citizen. Another killing of … Continue reading

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