Left and Right Against the War

Attendees of the February 20th 2010 Across the Political Spectrum Conference Against War and Militarism

Doug Bandow
Jon Berger
Shaun Bowen
Paul Buhle
Allan Carlson
Matthew G. Cockerill
Robert Dreyfuss
Mike Ferner
Glen Ford
William Grieder
David R. Henderson
Kara Hopkins
Bill Kauffman
David Kunes
Nicholas Leavens
William Lind
Daniel McCarthy
Lewis McCrary
Michael McPherson
Ralph Nader
George D. O’Neill, Jr.
Murray Polner
Andy Richards
Linda Schade
Joseph Schroeder
Sam Smith
Jeff Taylor
Katrina Vanden Heuvel
John V. Walsh
Jesse Walker
George Wilson
Alex Zeese
Kevin Zeese

2 Responses to Left and Right Against the War

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  2. Joseph Hyler says:

    It is about time that people of goo will, whether so called left or right, stop our government’s continued attempt to solve all of the world’s problems with our money and the blood of our young people. Those of us who were part of the anti
    Vietnam War movement need to share with our younger citizens our experiences. For me it is like history is repeating itself. Just back from Vietnam and what I saw reminded me of the waste that was that war. So now the waste of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Next it will be Syria and the Iran. I say to our gung ho chicken warriors. Stop the madness. Joe Hyler

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