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Iran – the Imperial Congress versus the President, the American people and a common good

by Alan Gilbert Obama’s negotiation with Iran avoids following the blind Netanyahu/neocon attack, attack, attack syndrome. Having fostered three losing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq – now four counting the new war against IS – and with no troops to … Continue reading

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An Antiwar Message Set in Stone

Irish stone sculptor James Horan created an antiwar series that takes on “man’s obsession with power, control, weapons . . .” The stone and marble golem figures grip outsize guns, straddle drones, and sit gaping at the imagined aftermath of … Continue reading

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16 Articles That Expose How They Lied Us Into War in Iraq

Scott Horton, host of foreign policy radio show that boasts over 3500 interviews, tweeted a list of articles to mark for the anniversary of the start of the Iraq War: For the Anniversary of the start of Iraq War II, … Continue reading

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Poem: The Nuclear Nine

They are The Nuclear Nine–the ones with the Bomb. They can trigger The End at any time. A mad leader, a mistake, miscalculation buttons are pushed, and well, there it isn’t. Gone. Fast death for some, slow for others. Those … Continue reading

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Meet Your New Warmongery Overlords

A brief overview of the U.S. Senate’s incoming freshman class’ foreign policy views is not pretty. Even those newly elected senators who seem to indicate some skepticism of foreign military intervention and a willingness to cut military spending couch their … Continue reading

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Joe Elder talks about ISIS and Antiwar

Joe Elder of PaleoRadio proposes a non-interventionist and anti-war foreign policy regarding ISIS and the Middle East. Follow Joe on Twitter @jayells22

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“No, Not the Song, the Movie About Eco-Terrorists” – A Review of Kelly Reichardt’s Night Moves

By Michael Troncale As I sat down in the theater to watch Kelly Reichardt’s latest film Night Moves, I couldn’t help the unreasonable but nagging suspicion I was really about to see The Bob Seger Story. My only association with … Continue reading

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