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Happy Presidents’ Day: Part of the US Empire Atrocities Tour

by jay janson Eminent historian Prof. Noam Chomsky of M.I.T., various times voted world’s most famous intellectual in international polls, has said over and over again, without provoking much negative outcry, “If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war American president would … Continue reading

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Close the Drone Command Center at Horsham, PA

by Daniel Riehl The Pakistanis are asking us to stop our illegal drone attacks on their country.  They have staged mass protests in their major cities such as Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta and others. But these strikes are not … Continue reading

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What Would a Global Movement to Ground the Drones Look Like?

by Joe Scarry The 2013 CODEPINK Drones Summit has made it clear to me that the global movement against drones is happening. I opened my computer this morning to see this image: Imran Khan addressing a massive crowd at the #PakistanAgainstDrones protest … Continue reading

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ORGANIZE! Build the National Network Against Drones

by Joe Scarry A two-hour block has been set aside at the upcoming 2013 CODEPINK Drone Summit “Drones Around the Globe: Proliferation and Resistance” (Nov 16/17) for the purpose ofbuilding and strengthening the US national network against drones (NSDSW – Network to … Continue reading

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The $1.5 Billion Bribe: Obama Buying Cover From UN Report?

by Joe Scarry I thought I could be sure about one thing: on Friday, October 25, when the United Nations takes up the two reports on U.S. drone killings, Pakistan would be a strong voice demanding U.S. compliance with the … Continue reading

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The Diogenes Project: Can Anyone Find an Anti-Drone Congressman?

Stolen directly from Joe Scarry’s Scarry Thoughts blog. It is said that the Greek philosopher Diogenes used to wander the market of Athens, shining a lantern in broad daylight, searching for an honest man. Recently, some of us have been … Continue reading

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Drones, Permawar, and the Problem of “Good Jobs”

by Joe Scarry of Scarry Thoughts blog. I’ve previously pointed to Executive Branch power holders and the financial trading elites as the primary beneficiaries of, and the primary stakeholders in,permawar. But it is time now to turn to the dirty secret of American life … Continue reading

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