An Antiwar Message Set in Stone

Irish stone sculptor James Horan created an antiwar series that takes on “man’s obsession with power, control, weapons . . .” The stone and marble golem figures grip outsize guns, straddle drones, and sit gaping at the imagined aftermath of throwing a grenade.

“Behold Man: Apes with Guns” will be on display in Pearse Museum Dublin May and June 2015.

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16 Articles That Expose How They Lied Us Into War in Iraq

Scott Horton, host of foreign policy radio show that boasts over 3500 interviews, tweeted a list of articles to mark for the anniversary of the start of the Iraq War:

For the full list, Dan Sanchez compiled all the links in this Medium post.




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Spring Rising: An Anti-War Intervention in DC

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Spring Rising: An antiwar intervention March 18-21, 2015

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EXTRA! U.S. Congress Notices Problem with Nuclear Weapons!

by Joe Scarry

. . . and this was just the subtle part of the NY Daily News front page

That a bunch of GOP senators are agitated about nuclear weapons is a good thing. (“Firestorm erupts over GOP letter challenging Obama’s power to approve Iran nuclear deal” – March 10, 2015 on Fox.)

Now we just need to re-direct their energy to where the real problem is.

So many exist, ready to be used . . . .
The world’s nuclear weapon
count (August, 2014): 16,400  

Iran and all the other countries in the world are confounded by the existence of thousands of nuclear weapons in US and Russian hands. They have practically no way to change that situation.

The possibility that Iran (or any other country) might obtain a nuclear weapon is significant in several senses — but the MOST significant sense is its ability to wake us up. (Witness the now-wide-awake GOP members of Congress.)

The trick now is to get Congress to pivot to the REAL challenge: getting the US to eliminate its nuclear weapons. Or — and this is where it gets really hairy — getting the US nuclear weapons out of the hands of our thermonuclear monarch.

Yes, that’s right. The real threat is a single person with his hand on the switch — able at any time to release the thousands of nuclear weapons already standing on alert and ready to go.

You want to talk Presidential power?


Sovereignty of the People?

Well then . . . let’s see you take on the king . . . .

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Elaine Scarry demonstrates that the power of one leader to obliterate millions of people with a nuclear weapon – a possibility that remains very real even in the wake of the Cold War – deeply violates our constitutional rights, undermines the social contract, and is fundamentally at odds with the deliberative principles of democracy.

(See Reviews of “Thermonuclear Monarchy: Choosing Between Democracy and Doom” by Elaine Scarry )

The choices are: (a) take back the power currently held by our thermonuclear monarch; or (b) shut up and pray. Those are the only two choices, and everybody gets to choose where they stand. The people in Congress who won’t step up to either of them are a nothing but a bunch of putzes.

(See Congress is a Bunch of Putzes )

There are three centers of power that will impact nuclear disarmament: the President, the Congress, and the people. One of them will have to make nuclear disarmament happen.

(See Countdown to U.S. Nuclear Disarmament (With or Without the Politicians) )

The decision about whether to live with the threat of nuclear annihilation is our decision. And that is why the entire country is mobilizing for mass action for nuclear disarmament in 2015. Are we capable of making sure the messengers — Obama, Putin, the other agents of government — hear their instructions from us clearly?

(See NEEDED: Heroes to Bring About Nuclear Disarmament )

How do you formulate a statement that can somehow convince the United States to eliminate its threatening nuclear weapons?  How do you formulate the 10th request? Or the 100th? Knowing all the time that the United States is in the position — will always be in the position — to say, “No” ?  At what point does it dawn on you that the United States will nevergive up its nuclear weapons, becauseit has the power and the rest of the world doesn’t?

(See 360 Degree Feedback in New York (2014 NPT Prepcom and How the World Views the United States))

It may be counterintuitive, but House Majority Leader John Boehner has actually done a good thing by inviting Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress.

(See Bibi and Boehner’s Gift to the Nuclear Disarmament Movement )

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Reverend Gil Caldwell on Vincent Harding and the visit of Benjamin Netanyahu to Congress

From Alan Gilbert

Gil Caldwell, a wonderful, eloquent minister and civil rights activist partly from Park Hill in Denver, thinks below, with Vincent Harding, our friend, about what Netanyahu’s corrupt visit means.  Vincent’s words are with us…


He calls to mind the great Rabbi Abraham Heschel, who marched with Gil in Selma, and said “When I marched in Selma, I felt my legs were praying.


He recalls traveling on a ship to a work camp in Denmark and being snubbed by Jewish “Whites.”


And of Netanyahu’s violation of protocol towards the President, he recalls: “if you are black, stay back…”


It is time to stop Israeli imperialism – its violence toward the Palestinians, its incredible warmongering and the vast US military aid to Israel.  It is time for the people of the world to force Israel to make peace with the Palestinians, to end the Occupation.


Even now, Barack – “my younger brother,” as Vincent sometimes wrote to him – is not moving strongly in this direction, though his goals against ISIS in the Middle East require some cooperation of/with Iran and Syria and he has stood up against the Netanyahu/Romney/Adelson war-mongering even in an election (the opposite of what ordinary American Presidents and Presidential candidates do; see my Must Global Politics Constrain Democracy?, ch. 1).


As among blacks, passing for White, despite near extermination under Hitler, is for Jews a choice.  Though it is nearly a  vocation among the would-be “kings” in Israel, it is way murderous and self-destructive.


I choose to be non-White and act up to that thought, as do many Jews who stand up against the “color line”  as in the South Africa anti-apartheid movement (and by the way, many anti-racist, that is self-aware and human Northern and Southern Europeans…).


Black folks at Yorktown during the Revolution (see my Black Patriots and Loyalists), in the abolitionist movement and the civil war, in the multiracial struggles of farmers and working people in the South (the Southern Tenants Alliance, the early Populist Party) and in the North (the CIO), and in the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s have been great leaders in shaping the cause and meaning of democracy for all of us, as they have shaped – spirituals and jazz – the greatness of American culture.


Netanyahu’s corrupt visit has fractured reactionary elite support of the worst in Israel (a cartoon in the Times suggests Netanyahu is planting an immoral settlement in Congress – seehere…).


The Israel Lobby, a real enough force, nonetheless does not command the allegiance of most American Jews, who were the second most enthusiastic group in voting for Obama after blacks, about 77%, and are 80% opposed to bombing Iran, that is, to Netanyahu’s and AIPAC’s theme song.


Furthermore, every helicopter the US provides for the Occupied Palestine is an Apache.  As Gil suggests, the basic cause of indigenous Americans and all people is a democratic one, opposed to settler colonialism and racism.


Rabbi Heschel rightly believed that King’s words on a mass, nonviolent poor people’s movement are the future of America.  That movement makes us all brothers and sisters in this vital, still young experiment in democracy, as Brother Vincent would say.


May we fight, with Black Lives Matter!, for a decent future here…


But despite the election of Obama, America has temporarily taken the opposite path, resulting in its decline as a decent place and threatening destruction of the world.  Israel is a nuclear power and Netanyahu and the corrupt bombing chorus in the US against Iran moves us and the Middle East closer to a wider regional war; a threatened Israel might use such bombs…

Radiation travels…. Continue reading

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There ARE Alternatives to War (A Personal Commitment to the World Beyond War Initiative)

by Joe Scarry

The present confrontation between “the West” (i.e. the US/NATO military alliance) and Russia over Ukraine is a case in point that illustrates what the thousands of people who have committed themselves to the World Beyond War movement are committed to. @WorldBeyondWar

“#Ukraine ceasefire deal agreed at Belarus talks”

There is no denying that there is conflict within Ukraine and there is no question that Russia is involved.

There is also no denying that Ukraine now sticks out like a sore thumb as a remaining contested space in a process of Western power creep that has been taking place in Eastern Europe since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

NATO’s eastward expansion — 1990 vs. 2009

The news in the US is full of Russia and Ukraine and Putin and Crimea, and I recognize in myself a curiosity and thrill at learning about this new, exotic part of the world. Unfortunately, this is a movie I’ve seen a growing number of times in the last decade — the U.S. dazzles the public with “foreign-conflict-as-entertainment,” and the public loses sight of the big picture.

The big picture — the forest for the trees — is that we have to de-escalate conflict, not engage in one-upsmanship. This is particularly true in the US-Russia relationship, where job #1 is theelimination of the two countries respective nuclear arsenals.

The World Beyond War initiative is aimed at encouraging everyone to stay focused on the key point: there ARE alternatives to war, and when we are able to proceed with those alternatives, we CAN succeed in achieving peace.

Four people who discovered the truth of this statement are François Hollande, Angela Merkel, Petro Poroshenko, and Vladimir Putin. When they met in Minsk and talked, they were able to achieve a ceasefire in Ukraine.

Peace is not a one-shot deal. It involves a continuous process. A process of choosing the alternatives to war.

There are already an AMAZING number of people around the US and around the world who have committed themselves to choosing these alternatives — and they’re doing so in more ways than you can imagine.  Over the days and weeks ahead, World Beyond War will be lifting up these alternatives and the way people are pursuing them, and encouraging everyone to #choosepeace.

Sign up at and tell others.

Like World Beyond War on  Facebook and join the conversation.Follow @WorldBeyondWar on Twitter and #choosepeace


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