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The Cynical American Scapegoating of Korea as a Cover for Nuclear Terror

by Joe Scarry And they began to implore Him to leave their region.- from Mark 5:17 (the Gerasene demoniac) Barack Obama is in South Korea, as part of his Asia tour, and probably more than any part of his trip, … Continue reading

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So Now It’s a “Missile Crisis”

At least according to US Secretary of State John Kerry. And it can only be resolved by the North Korean regime giving up its atomic/nuclear weapons. No word on Kerry’s regime giving up its own arsenal, of course.

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Just Say “No!” to War with North Korea

Is war with North Korea inevitable? Some people are hinting that it can’t be avoided. CNN asked retired General James Marks to explain the military strategies likely to be used by North Korea and the United States in a conflict. … Continue reading

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