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G8 … G7 … “You Sank My Battleship!”

The Obama administration’s attitude in its early days was best summed up by then White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel: “No crisis should go to waste.” That attitude has been carefully refined over the years to its current edition: … Continue reading

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A Sentiment With Which I Heartily Concur

“F**k the EU,” that is. Not because I support US meddling in Ukraine’s internal affairs (the US is widely, and credibly, reputed to be a key player in the whole “color revolutions” phenomenon) or Ukraine’s relations with the European Union … Continue reading

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Is Germany the Key to Resisting AFRICOM’s Africa Takeover?

by Joe Scarry I’ve written about how the United States is embarking on a whole new chapter in its history of waging perpetual war –this time in Africa. So I wasn’t surprised to be reminded about some of the African … Continue reading

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To End All Wars, by Adam Hochschild, A Quickie Review

Last year, I read To End All Wars, by Adam Hochschild.  It’s a history of the British anti-war movement prior to and during World War I.  I’ll keep this review short, and cut to the chase.  Read this book, ASAP! … Continue reading

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Obama’s Plan for Afghanistan NOT “Good Enough” #AfghanistanTuesday

Stolen directly from activist Joe Scarry’s Scarry Thoughts blog. Part of the campaign among U.S. elites to soft-peddle the failure of U.S. warmaking in Afghanistan in general and the latest Obama/NATO “solution” for Afghanistan in particular — which I’ve been discussing … Continue reading

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