Foreign Intervention Undermines the Rule of Law at Home

Let’s cut the crap: There is no doubt whatsoever that the recent overthrow of Mohammed Morsi’s government by the Egyptian military was a coup. None. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Bupkes.

A coup is “a sudden and decisive change of government illegally or by force.” That’s exactly what happened in Egypt. While there’s certainly room for differences of opinion as to whether or not the coup was justified, it was by definition  a coup.

So, why are US President Barack Obama and US House Speaker John Boehner refusing to use the word?

If Obama and Boehner admit that the coup is a coup, they have to stop sending money and toys (like the four F-16 jets due for delivery Real Soon Now) to the junta.

They’re refusing to call the coup a coup because it’s illegal to provide financial or military aid to a coup-installed junta, and Egypt receives $1.5 billion annually in US aid.

Instead of obeying the law or repealing the law, Obama and Boehner want to avoid the plain meaning of the word “coup” so that they can get away with breaking the law.

Of course, if the US minded its own business and kept out of other countries’ internal and international affairs in the first place, the fake “argument” over whether or not the Egyptian coup is a coup would be of less importance than, and less titillating than, the argument over whether or not what Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski did with each other was “sex” and what the meaning of “is” was.

This is not the first, last or most damaging instance of foreign policy insanity damaging the rule of law at home (as the persecutions of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden demonstrate). But it’s too blatant and unjustifiable not to at least take note of.

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2 Responses to Foreign Intervention Undermines the Rule of Law at Home

  1. skulzstudios says:

    Coup coup ka-chew on the disingenuous nature of Amerikan “foreign policy.” Wait, Amerika doesn’t have “policy” that comes close to reasonable. The Obama/Boehner discomfort with “rule of law” would be more commentary on our lawless Amerika.
    Maybe the Egyptian chaos is an engineered ‘humanitarian regime change’ motif that might be palatable by NOT using the “coup” dynamic.

  2. I’m glad you mentioned, even if indirectly, Bill Clinton’s impeachment. Contrasting the behavior of this present regime and the one before it to Clinton’s is instructive. It’s too late to impeach George W Bush, but Barack Obama has certainly committed real impeachable offenses … and his arming of al-Qaeda in Syria needs to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I am going to write to my senators and congressman and demand that they vote for and pass S. 1201 in the senate and H.R. 2492 in the house … and demand that a vote, in the house, for Obama’s impeachment and follow up in the senate if in fact Obama does arm al Qaeda, whether the “Protecting Americans from the Proliferation of Weapons to Terrorists Act of 2013” is passed or not. I vote in TX, all three of those ‘representing’ me belong to the republicrat crime family, and will no doubt be happy to impeach a rival, demoblican godfather.

    Looking back on the grounds for Clinton’s impeachment and contrating those with the outright torture, murder, and executions carried out by his successors testifies to the sorry state of house and the senate of the united states at present.

    I just want this damn series of aggressions and nation breakings to end. Real people lose their lives when these crimes are committed and real chaos is what’s left in their wake.

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