Your Local Chapters

Contact the Organizers in Your Area

Alex Peterson
Concord, New Hampshire
cell #: 603-361-3899
email address: alex.h.peterson AT gmail dot com

Colleen Rowley, Phil Wilkie, Niklas Ludwig
cell #: 952-465-2866

Doug Fuda

Darren Wolfe
Philadelphia / Southeast Pennsylvania / Southern New Jersey / Northern Delaware.
land line #: 484-932-8395
email address: focusonpeace AT Hotmail dot com

Dennis Marburger
Metropolitan Detroit / Southeast Michigan
mobile phone #: 248-891-2785
email address: hadji1954 AT Hotmail dot com

Odis Ellis
North Texas
email address: AT Yahoo dot com

Jayel Aheram
Palm Desert, CA
email address: jayel AT aheram dot com

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4 Responses to Your Local Chapters

  1. Dimitri C&G Stoupis says:

    A lady friend forwarded your site and I started studying your combined wisdom.
    Trying to find support for a docu-drama on the Angel of Philanthropy Jane Addams
    and you can imagine my emotion when I saw her in your logo!
    Thank you for all your efforts to protect and preserve our Constitution, the people
    of the US and the world from war profiteers’ annihilation.
    Health wishes – best regards.

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  3. Joe Lovett says:

    American Painter Joe Lovett Completes Historical Masterpiece Stretch The Strangle Hold

    American Painter, Joe Lovett, announces the completion of Stretch the Strangle Hold a historical painting protesting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    American Painter, Joe Lovett completes painting of historic magnitude, Stretch the Strangle Hold is a painting that captures an emotional response to the lie of war.

    After witnessing daily news reports exposing the political lies and the senseless death of our young American soldiers and innocent Iraqi and Afghani civilians, I was spurred into action to protest these wars. I began Stretch the Strangle Hold in 2004 and to date it has been my greatest artistic endeavor, not only in scale but also the magnitude of its subject matter, solidifying my artistic activist role.

    Stretch the Strangle Hold, a new painting by American Painter Joe Lovett, a work spanning seven years from 2004 until its completion in 2011 protests the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. For more information about Stretch the Strangle Hold please visit

    About Stretch the Strangle Hold
    Stretch the Strangle Hold is my response to the lie of war, my mission is to convey a visual message for the general public as well as a visual reminder that we as a global society have a responsibility to speak out against inhumanity, I seek the truth through artistic activism.

  4. Great web site you have got here.. It’s difficult to find
    quality writing like yours nowadays. I honestly
    appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

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