Looking in The Mirror: How the US Only Sees Itself in Its Putin Propaganda

by Dr. Bill Wedin

Who benefits?

Who benefits?

Yes.  In the famous words of Pogo:

“We have met the enemy.  And he is us.”

That’s how paranoia works.  We project onto a feared “other” our own unacceptable desires.  In Putin’s case, it’s our unacceptable wish to incinerate him and all Russians with him that we may rule the world.

Not out of avarice, mind you.  Or so the noble lie goes.  But out of our selfless compassion. Our Christian compassion, if that floats your boat.  Yes, indeed.  We selfless, exceptional Americans are willing to bear the heavy burden of world hegemony–not for all the power and wealth it brings us.  Perish the thought!  But for the peace and prosperity our rule will bestow on all the colored peoples of the earth–drop by drop–beneath us.

That’s what our leaders tell us.  And that’s what the mainstream media echo back to us–again and again and again.  That we’re the best.  The greatest.  The goodest.  The purest.  We act always only for others.  Our motives can never be questioned.  For Americans alone can judge what is good and what is evil.  We’re like God in that way.  That’s why Americans ate so much from the Tree of Knowledge in the first place! 

We weren’t always so proud of ourselves.

The US exports Death.

The US exports Death.

I have lived under 13 US Presidents–from Roosevelt to Obama.  And I can remember when the press was honest.  And it turned my stomach.  It turned many stomachs.  For there was a time when our nation was a democracy.  At least a partial democracy.  And when our nation did evil deeds, we sometimes saw those deeds.  And reporters recorded the cries of the  suffering and the dying.  And we demanded as Americans that these terrible evils end.

And for awhile our rulers listened.  And then they shot us, instead.

Kent State: Has anything changed after 46 years?

Kent State: Has anything changed after 46 years?


And that’s when our great democracy died.

Like those dead college kids protesting the Vietnam War, we never knew what hit us.

Neither did the press.

One day the press was largely free.  Witness these [aptly described] “iconic” photos of  American evil.  And then–SHAZAAM!  A day came when our free press vanished.  We know not where it’s gone.  And a corporate-controlled propaganda machine was there in  its place–designed to corrupt our souls.  As the Newsweek cover shows.[1]

That Newsweek cover was created just after a Malaysian airliner was shot from the sky over Ukraine.  And every paid pundit pointed to Putin as a Monster of Evil.

CUI BONO?”  Putin’s puppy asks in Latin.  “Who benefits [from this crime]?”  [You thought Russian dogs were dumb?]

Precisely, puppy.  “Who benefits?”  Putin?  In being blamed for this horrific crime?  Or Obama?  In using this atrocity to shock the Europeans into imposing senseless sanctions on Russia and preparing for possible war?

The Emperor.

The Emperor.

It’s not like the US is averse to shooting down civilian passenger planes. Take the shoot down of Iran Air Flight 655 over Iranian waters by a US missile cruiser in 1988, as the airbus was climbing towards its normal cruising altitude on an established commercial air route from Tehran to Dubai at its regularly scheduled time–which the Navy well knew.

Yet the US never apologized for killing all 290 people aboard–claiming that the Navy cruiser “innocently” mistook that mammoth, ascending airbus for a small, diving fighter.  In fact, the captain of the cruiser was actually awarded a prestigious medal for extraordinary “valor” by Obama’s much admired predecessor, Ronald Reagan.

This–on top of our sending chemical weapons to our one-time friend and puppet, Saddam Hussein, to use on Iranian troops in the Iran-Iraq War which Saddam had started at our behest to bring “regime change” to Iran.

And then we hung him?!

Of course!  We can do as we like.  Because we act in God’s behalf.  Like ISIS.  Which we created too.

Cui bono, baby!

As for Fires of Hell we see reflected on Putin’s shades, I recently encountered an idea put forth by the Orthodox theologian, Theophanes of Nicea, that I’d like to share with you.  And that is the concept that the Fires of Hell are, in fact, the Loving Light of God reflected and rejected by the damned.  Or so I understand what Theophanes is saying.

That too agrees with the thesis of this article: that the US only sees itself in its Putin propaganda.  If that is so, then the Fires of Hell we see shining on the Son-glasses we now wear–not Putin–to block the Son from our eyes–are, in truth–God’s Truth–the Very Light of God–the Loving Light of God–the Tabor Light of God–that flows from the Redemptive Font of  Russian Orthodoxy.  That we reflect and reject as Evil in our own Satanic pride as a nation.  A nation that is only “exceptional” in its utter depravity.

And that is our damnation.



[1] The Wikipedia entry, Inverted totalitarianism, is well worth reading in this connection.

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