About the Book

ComeHomeAmerica.US is a compilation of essays resulting from an unprecedented gathering of unlike-minded people who are nevertheless united in their alarm about the destructive consequences of our country’s runaway militarism. The meeting, held on February 20th, 2010 included people from the right, left and radical center, from progressives and conservatives, and liberals and libertarians. It reflects the views of many Americans that not represented in the political dialogue in Congress or the White House, or the mainstream media.

Throughout American history there have been times when movements developed that were outside the limited political dialogue of the two major parties, such as the abolitionists, the Anti-Imperialist League, the Non-Partisan League, the Populists, Progressives and aspects of the Old Right and the New Left. Sometimes those movements have broken through and created paradigm shifting moments. Some of the materials in this book describe the Populist Movement of the late 1800’s to provide an example of the type of movement that can influence politics, even though it starts outside of the “acceptable” political spectrum.

Our hope is that this meeting and book will be the first steps toward building more effective advocacy against war and militarism which pulls in the majority of Americans who recognize that war should truly be a last resort limited to the real defense of our Nation. We seek to have Come Home America begin to close the divide between people of different political and philosophical persuasions who are working to make our foreign policy more peaceful, less expensive, and better for Americans and the world.

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