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#PeaceDay 2015 – Ten Thoughts on Peace

by Joe Scarry Rainbow peace sign flag (Image: @fieldsforever58) Yesterday was the UN International Day of Peace. The day nudged me to think about what — if anything — I feel I really know about peace and the movement for … Continue reading

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360 Degree Feedback in New York (2014 NPT Prepcom and How the World Views the United States)

by Joe Scarry It’s sobering to sit in the UN meeting hall and hear country after country state in polite but urgent tones that the U.S. (and other nuclear states) must eliminate their nuclear weapons, in accordance with Article VI … Continue reading

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Heck, Why Not Just Make it the 51st State?

hubris, n. Overbearing pride or presumption First the US government decides it gets to run Iran’s nuclear power program. Now the US government claims veto power over Iran’s appointment of an ambassador to the United Nations. Next week: US John Kerry flies to Iran to … Continue reading

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If You Want More of Something, Subsidize it

“Israel promotes plans for 2,372 settler homes in the West Bank” — Global Post / Reuters “U.N. wants international courts to look into Israeli settlements” — United Press International “Abbas Demands Release of Key Palestinian Prisoners” — International Middle East … Continue reading

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So, Why Is It …

… that the Obama regime, which has been an instigator rather than peacemaker in Syria,  insists that Iran — a regional power sporting long-term associations with two of the major players (the Assad regime and Hezbollah) — participate in peace … Continue reading

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