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Christmas in Damascus! — Yes, Damascus Syria!

By Bill Wedin What a joyous Christmas season for all these Syrian Christians!  With young, white-bearded Santas, just back from battling Muslim terrorists, blowing their shiny trumpets and banging their brightly-colored drums, while Christ’s beloved, brown-eyed children are so filled … Continue reading

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Where Does ISIS Get Those Wonderful Toys?

by Dan Sanchez In the 1989 film Batman, after the caped crusader rescues a damsel in distress from the Joker using a fancy zipline gun, the clown prince of crime, played by Jack Nicholson, asks in bewilderment: “Where does he … Continue reading

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Gas, Gas, Gas!

That’s way we were trained to say in the Marine Corps in the event of a chemical attack — after donning and clearing our masks, of course. And that’s what “activists” [read: Supporters of the rebellion against Syria’s Assad regime] … Continue reading

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