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Merciless US-NATO-UN Genocide in Somalia Brought Nairobi Shopping Mall Blowback!

by jay janson For Kenya, with a population about the same as California, the September shopping mall massacre must have been nearly an equivalent shock for Kenyans as the much deadlier 9/11 terrorist attack was for the much larger American … Continue reading

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US/NATO to Stop Killing Taliban in 2014 US Stopped Killing Vietcong in 1975

Chicago, May 2012 – NATO’s top military leaders, representing the now centuries old world rule by private investment banking, make a pathetic and pompous photo-op show of a supposedly tactical decision, to give up murdering Afghani citizens in their own … Continue reading

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Vets hurl their medals at the NATO ­ imperialist – leaders in Chicago

by Alan Gilbert of Democratic Individuality The occupy and anti-war movements swept together in Chicago to battle NATO. NATO is an agency of war in Afghanistan, and which takes some of the financial heat off American militarism. The news covers … Continue reading

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Obama’s Plan for Afghanistan NOT “Good Enough” #AfghanistanTuesday

Stolen directly from activist Joe Scarry’s Scarry Thoughts blog. Part of the campaign among U.S. elites to soft-peddle the failure of U.S. warmaking in Afghanistan in general and the latest Obama/NATO “solution” for Afghanistan in particular — which I’ve been discussing … Continue reading

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Kevin Zeese Talks #StopNATO on RT

Come Home America director Kevin Zeese on the upcoming NATO summit.

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by Joe Scarry The People’s Summit was held in Chicago this past weekend, and the message seems to be pretty clear: it’s time to dissolve NATO. Because NATO still resists nuclear disarmament. Because NATO thinks the answer to security comes … Continue reading

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by Joe Scarry We are planning an event for Monday, May 21, in Chicago to honor the memory of victims of #NATO violence. This is a realization of the #RemembranceDay2012 commemoration I proposed several days ago. We are inviting people everywhere … Continue reading

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