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War “Hero” John Kerry is an Ass

by jay janson During the CNN Democratic Presidential Debate, earlier this week,  millions of simple-minded Americans listened to the now time worn touting of various candidates as heroes, for having “fought for their country in Vietnam.” Here is what former … Continue reading

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At UN Syria Fails to Call for Nuremberg Prosecution of US and Allies Funding/Organizing Terrorist Invasion

by Jay Janson “Assad Must Go, Obama Says,” Washington Post, August 18, 2011, Four years later the United States is still openly funding various organizations committed to this purpose, most of which consists of armed invaders of Syria, all the … Continue reading

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Iran and Appeasement at UN General Debate also No Call for Justice via Nuremberg Prosecution of US

by jay janson This article is in regard to the address of  President Hassan Rouhani of Iran before the United Nations General Assembly during its 2015 General Debate (9/28/2015), the general atmosphere of appeasement during the debate, and an unwillingness, … Continue reading

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What If UNICEF’s Djokovic-Novak Said Survivors of US Bombings Deserve Justice and the Guilty Punished?

by jay janson What a bombshell it was when Martin Luther King called his government “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world!” – large bold headlines in every newspaper all around the world. Now, nearly a half century later, … Continue reading

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Left Progressives Collaborated As Investors in Genocide Owned CNN CIA US Gov & NATO Destroyed Libya

by jay janson After Colonel Gaddafi overthrew Libya’s colonial King in a bloodless coup, he transformed his country from the poorest nation in Africa to the wealthiest per capita with a UN Quality of Life Index higher than that of … Continue reading

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Did Muslim Murder 4 Marines in Payback for Iraq Libya Syria Somalia Afghanistan?

by jay janson Muslim gunman shot and killed by police after he kills four Marines at Tennessee military centers, Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM),7/17/2015). New York Times reports killer was a 24 year old Kuwait born American citizen. Another killing of … Continue reading

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USA Celebrates Profitable Genocide 1776 Enslaving Africans to 2015 Destroying 6 Muslim Nations!

by jay janson Independence Holiday in the USA becomes a time when citizens tend to reflect on the nations two hundred and thirty-eight year history. It is a history typical of six European empires in the areas of genocide and … Continue reading

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