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Libertarianism For and Against War

This is an excerpt of an article by Cory Massimino, May 06, 2015 Libertarian Reasons Against War (in no particular order): 1. War requires aggression. It’s simply irresponsible to speak of war without innocent casualties. Given the weapons, tactics, and … Continue reading

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Road to Damascus… and on to Armageddon?

Syria is the next Libya, or so we are told by the mindless pundits. But while these same talking heads fail to report on the carnage and aftermath of the American led regime change in Libya, they also prove their … Continue reading

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The Humanitarian Touch

By Kevin Zeese Eight hundred more U.S. military trainers will be sent to Afghanistan by March to help with logistics, maintenance, medical care protecting opium/gas routes and other areas in which the Afghan army is short on skills, Lt. Gen. … Continue reading

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Libya: Some Victory!

Doug Bandow writes in today’s Huffington Post that “When President Barack Obama intervened in Libya’s civil war he could point to no discernible American security interest. Moammar Gaddafi was an unpleasant dictator, but until March he had been feted by … Continue reading

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