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A Christian Christmas in Snowy Iran

by Bill Wedin   Yep. That’s is Tehran, Iran you see buried in snow in the upper left photo there.  That’s the Hub of Human Evil. According to American hate radio, anyway. Snowy Tehran on a peaceful winter day. Makes … Continue reading

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Christmas in Damascus! — Yes, Damascus Syria!

By Bill Wedin What a joyous Christmas season for all these Syrian Christians!  With young, white-bearded Santas, just back from battling Muslim terrorists, blowing their shiny trumpets and banging their brightly-colored drums, while Christ’s beloved, brown-eyed children are so filled … Continue reading

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Why I Became a Peace Activist

by Daniel Riehl My father voted only once for president, was fooled and never again voted in a political election.  A wise decision. He had voted for Woodrow Wilson because he promised to keep the U.S. out of the war in … Continue reading

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Raising the question of peace outside churches of all faiths

From John Dear, S.J., at the National Catholic Reporter: Last summer, 85-year-old Mennonite peace activist Peter Ediger decided to take his passion for peace to the churches in Las Vegas, where he lives. Peter works for Pace e Bene, the … Continue reading

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Christmas Peace Mass in Zuccotti Park

Here’s a message from Christian peace activist Jay Janson: There will be a Christmas mass in Zuccotti Park, the birthplace of the Occupy Wall St. movement (and renamed to ‘Liberty Park’ by the Occupiers), from midnight Christmas eve all through … Continue reading

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