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Hilary Putnam: compassion and questioning as a guide to life

[Editor’s note: Mathematician and philosopher Hilary Putnam died last month. Dr. Putnam was an open critic of the Vietnam war. His fields of knowledge so wide ranging and eclectic, they deserve an obituary equally so. Below is Alan Gilbert’s essay … Continue reading

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Why Michael Hayden, “The Case for drones” John Brennan and unfortunately, Obama and Clinton are guilty of war crimes

by Alan Gilbert The letter to the Times from FAISAL BIN ALI JABER should break our hearts. His brother-in law, an imam, who preached against hateful Al-Qaida was taken out by a drone. This is a common experience he relates. … Continue reading

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The danger of renewed Cold War with Iran

by Alan Gilbert The 5+1 Treaty with Iran was a major victory – a step forward – for cooling down tensions in the Middle East and achieving world peace.  It was a break by Obama with past American belligerence and … Continue reading

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Obama’s speech on the Iran Nuclear Treaty – we all should support this

by Alan Gilbert Last Wednesday, Obama gave the most important and well-argued foreign policy speech of his Presidency, a speech which follows two years of long and hard diplomacy, and put together a diplomatic agreement to bar Iran from seeking … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Obama’s direction away from war and the neocon alliance with ISIL

By Alan Gilbert Some thoughts on Obama’s direction away from war and the neocon alliance with ISIL Neocon foreign policy, far into the “establishment” including Democratic “humanitarian interventionists” (neo-neo cons) in the Obama administration, has played a murderous and, for … Continue reading

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Reverend Gil Caldwell on Vincent Harding and the visit of Benjamin Netanyahu to Congress

From Alan Gilbert Gil Caldwell, a wonderful, eloquent minister and civil rights activist partly from Park Hill in Denver, thinks below, with Vincent Harding, our friend, about what Netanyahu’s corrupt visit means.  Vincent’s words are with us… *** He calls … Continue reading

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What Leo Strauss set in motion: from invading Cuba to efforts to bomb Iran

by Alan Gilbert What Leo Strauss set in motion: from invading Cuba to Boehner/Netanyahu efforts to bomb Iran Robert Howse has written a new book on Leo Strauss: Man of Peace. Rob acknowledges some of Strauss’s authoritarianism and imperialism, i.e. in the … Continue reading

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