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UN Drones Over the Congo: BAD IDEA

by Joe Scarry Ban Kyi-moon announced United Nations plans to acquire drones several months ago. There are now reports that the UN has deployed drones in the Congo, in the area near Rwanda. (See Reuters, U.N. forces use drones for first time, … Continue reading

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Is Germany the Key to Resisting AFRICOM’s Africa Takeover?

by Joe Scarry I’ve written about how the United States is embarking on a whole new chapter in its history of waging perpetual war –this time in Africa. So I wasn’t surprised to be reminded about some of the African … Continue reading

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Secret bases and secret wars in Africa

If you were wondering where in the future would America send its sons and daughters to fight in expensive and needless wars, look no further than the so-called “Dark Continent” of Africa. TomDispatch investigative reporter Nick Turse reports: Unbeknownst to … Continue reading

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Has Obama Just Kicked Off Another Oil War — This Time in Africa?

That’s what tireless antiwar activist Steve Horn is asserting at Alternet.

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