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What war is: Captain Dan Quinn stands up to American crimes

by Alan Gilbert Against administration policy, Captain Dan Quinn stood up to the sexual abuse of boys by “allies” on an American military base in Afghanistan.  He cares about something, aside from getting home alive.  He could not stand the sick feeling … Continue reading

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Video: War is Some Bad News

In this 90 minute class offered through Liberty.me, Antiwar.com veterans Angela Keaton and Scott Horton cover the basics of the horrors of war and the abhorrent politicians who make it. Angela Keaton is Operations Director for Antiwar.com. Follow her on … Continue reading

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Jeremiah Bannister Discusses Drones and U.S. Lies

“In this powerfully moving segment, Jeremiah Bannister reflects on the current U.S. drone attacks in Syria, recalling a 2008 episode of PaleoRadio wherein he detailed the U.S. denial of what became known as the Azizabad Massacre.”

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What to Do after 11 Years of War? How About Occupying Your City Council?!

By Coleen Rowley with Nathan J. Ness While electoral politics tends to suck the oxygen out of the room (and apparently out of many people’s brains) in these last few weeks before an election, a number of U.S. citizens committed … Continue reading

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America Put Thousands of 9/11s on Defenseless People Overseas that Remain Unavenged

By Jay Janson Vengeance seekers of victimized countries without weapons to defend themselves from collateral murder of their families, blow up their bodies among the families of their persecutors and point out that the citizens of all countries are ultimately … Continue reading

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Out of Afghanistan: Now! We lost!

by Daniel Riehl No matter how you cut it, we lost the war a long time ago.  The world’s richest and most powerful country fighting one of the poorest countries in the world for 11 years and we lost the … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Is A Time To Mourn the Dead … Let’s Not Glorify War

Bombers flew over the Atlantic, as we watched from the shore. Jet fighters dove through the sky above us. The veteran standing beside me trembled, as the ear-piercing sound of the planes overhead evoked an agonizing memory of war. The … Continue reading

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