Katy Perry’s Killer Propaganda

by David Montgomery









There is no agony like heartbreak.

This truth is the basis for the most effective and most subversive piece of government propaganda I have ever seen.

I am referring, as inconceivable as it may seem, to a Katy Perry music video. It’s titled Part of Me. The video has been watched over 313 million times on Youtube alone. The TV broadcast stats are likely just as staggering.

The song itself is a power pop track with a driving chorus. It’s a breakup anthem about turning the pain of relationship betrayal into perseverance and inner strength.

But the song’s incarnation as a music video is a cold-blooded masterwork of emotional manipulation. The video transmogrifies the song into military propaganda par excellence. We witness a sweet and vulnerable young woman find personal salvation by transforming into a professional killer. Continue reading

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TIME FOR A NUCLEAR BAN? On the 70th Anniversary of Hiroshima/Nagasaki

by Joe Scarry

Let’s dedicate June, July, and August this year to recognizing the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (August 6 and 9, 2015) . . .
 . . . AND let’s do something about it:make a nuclear ban a reality.

Continue reading

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In Whose Machine Will YOU Be a Cog?

by Joe Scarry

When I was a college freshman, I rowed on the crew team for a brief time.

Before long, I realized that I couldn’t memorize thousands of Chinese characters and plumb the depths of the writing of Flannery O’Connor and also exhaust myself every day out on the Charles, and the rowing went away. But before that happened, I developed a memory in my body of being in a boat with seven others rowers, doing everything I could to keep my oar moving in unison with theirs and also pulling for dear life against the water that felt thick and immovable as concrete.

Rowers in a shell move forward and backward with the movement of the boat on sliding seats; they wield long oars that have to move in unison in order to avoid colliding with each other. You don’t just pull with your arms; it’s a coordinated thrust of your entire body. The shell doesn’t just move forward; if surges up out onto the surface of the water with every stroke, gliding at top speed. Continue reading

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What We Should Really Remember On Memorial Day

by  Braden Avant

smedley On Memorial Day, we hear countless repetitions of something like “Let’s remember what this day is about.  God bless the troops.  Thank you for giving us our freedoms.” As many people repeat these knee-jerk reactions on government holidays like this one, let’s consider some other points.

First, Memorial Day technically is about remembering fallen troops.  I point that out because these days, most government holidays have devolved into the same thing – some vague government glorifying holiday where we all get together, eat hot dogs, wave flags, and praise all things military.

On this day, we really should remember fallen troops.  It should be about remembering and paying respect to the men and women who have lost their lives while in the military.  These are people’s loved ones, friends, parents, and children.  I think military men for the most part are well-intentioned.  They’re doing what they think is best.  They’ve found a way to start a life and gain skills.  They love their families, their hometowns, and are doing what they’ve been told is the best thing to preserve and honor these things they love.  Individual servicemen don’t make the big decisions, don’t decide to start a bombing campaign, or to overthrow a government.  They are just following orders and “serving their country”.  And I get that. But should we respect it? No. Continue reading

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Memorial Day! Americans Honor Military that Slaughters Children

[This isn’t meant to be a feel good piece. It’s controversial. If you have a different anti-war opinion you would like to be published, contact me at akeaton@antiwar.com.]

by jay janson

Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark in his book The Fire This Time – US War Crimes in the Gulf wrote, and has since kept repeating, “the greatest crime since World War II has been US foreign policy.” America’s most famous defector from the war establishment would of course would be gratified to hear this spoken of by activists who present themselves as anti-imperialists and protest their government’s ordered deadly use of the America’s Armed Forces on innocent populations overseas.

Crimes are meant to be prosecuted, and criminals made to pay for what they have done! Otherwise, how on earth will the US-led Western speculative investors in profitable genocidal crimes against humanity ever stop their investing in the massive murdering of millions of children in their own beloved countries, often as not, in their own homes in Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Congo, Guatemala, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Lebanon, Panama, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, and Syria, just to name some of the nations in which lives have been taken to a total of tens of millions in order to maintain, as Martin Luther King cried out, “unjust predatory investments.” Continue reading

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Straight From Uncle Sam’s Mouth: ISIS To Be Used As U.S. Strategic Asset

Every so often, a snippet of what the enlightened lords and ladies who comprise our ruling elite discuss amongst themselves in plain, unambiguous terms slips out into full view of us peasants and peons. Unfortunately, not enough of us notice.

In case you missed it, Judicial Watch recently obtained more than 100 previously classified documents from the U.S. departments of State and Defense as a result of a FOIA lawsuit they filed back in May of 2014. Most of the media coverage of these documents has been devoted to details related to the September 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. Brad Hoff, however, has recently written at Levant Report that one 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency document that made the rounds with various U.S. intelligence and other government agencies made a rather prescient prediction coupled with an astonishingly straightforward admission:

Continue reading

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MEMORIAL DAY 2015: Can We Write Our Own Story?

By Joe Scarry

In past years, I’ve reminded people that Memorial Day is a day, most of all, to renew our commitment to NOT waging war.

In 2012, in particular, I was thinking about this in the wake of the NATO Summit in Chicago:“THIS Memorial Day, Honor the Fallen: STOP Drone Killing!”

Instead of waiting for Memorial Day to come, and silently lamenting the useless loss of life and the fact that the world isn’t turning toward peace, shouldn’t we be publicly putting forward the headline we want to see on Memorial Day?

Here’s mine:

The Memorial Day 2015 we want:
Obama, Putin in Direct Talks to End Nukes; “A Share Obligation to Prevent Disaster”
OBAMA: “We’ve heard the rest of the world loud and clear. It’s time for us to disarm.”
PUTIN: “We’ve heard the rest of the world loud and clear. It’s time for us to disarm.”

What headline would YOU like to see on Memorial Day 2015? (Add comments below!)

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