Please Sign The Letter Below

Dear President Obama and Members of Congress:

The wars in which the United States is currently engaged–in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Libya–are harming U.S. national and economic security, degrading the standing of the United States in the world community, fueling hatred abroad for Americans and undermining the rule of law. These unconstitutional wars have been justified on false premises, and most recently in the case of Libya there was not even the pretense of a congressional declaration of war, making it an impeachable offense. We urge you to end the current illegal wars and start a national dialogue about shifting U.S. foreign policy away from dominance through military might, and toward being a member of the community of nations.

It is time to end all of these wars. It is time to initiate a fundamental shift in U.S. foreign policy away from domination of others through military strength and damaging sanctions. As a first step we urge a major withdrawal of soldiers from Afghanistan–as candidate Obama promised in 2008. This withdrawal should be at least as large as the 63,000 troop escalation the President put in place early in his presidency. This withdrawal should be defined as a clear first step to a complete withdrawal of all soldiers and private contractors from Afghanistan by the end of 2011. It is time to return to our Founders’ declared conception of the United States as a democratic Republic and not an Empire.

The people signing this letter come from all segments of the political spectrum. We are conservatives and progressives, liberals and libertarians, from the right, left and center. We are Democrats, Republicans and independents. We represent a healthy and still vital American tradition, indicated by the fact that the majority of Americans want the United States to bring the soldiers home from these counterproductive and avoidable wars.

The U.S. needs to normalize relationships with countries around the world, especially in the Middle East. We recognize that there are important natural resources in these areas. But we can achieve a sustainable economy in more effective ways than war and empire. The United States clearly has the wealth and knowledge to make this transition, and showing how it can be done would be an unparalleled service to our people and the world.

This is the time for a profound shift in foreign policy. A perfect storm has demonstrated the urgent need to reconsider militarism and promiscuous interventionism:

– The U.S. economy can no longer sustain a bloated military that spends as much on weapons and war as the rest of the world combined.

– The U.S. economy is in dangerous straits with mass debt fueled in large part by military spending that makes up 55% of federal discretionary spending.

– In war after war the US military has found that it cannot defeat people who seek to protect their countries and reject foreign domination, the very lesson of our own American Revolution.

– Documents published by Wikileaks have added fresh evidence discrediting the idea of the U.S. being the “good cop of the world.” Instead the world increasingly sees the U.S. government as one that dominates through threats, violence, bribery, spying and illegal actions, and is all too willing to use military force to achieve its ends. That is not the polity which the majority of Americans wish.

– The rule of law has been undermined by ignoring Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, which specifically states that Congress has the authority to declare war, not the president. Tactics used in recent wars, including torture and widespread abuse of prisoners, further undermine the rule of law.

– Even with the raid on the Osama bin Laden refuge, the growth of stateless terrorism will not abate as long as the United States continues waging wars which commonly feature torture, midnight raids on families and the killing of innocent civilians.

– War brings suffering on a massive scale and unnecessary war brings pointless suffering. Reliable reports indicate more than one million war dead in Iraq and millions more becoming refugees. There are constant reports of civilian deaths in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Libya.

Mr. President and members of Congress, you have a historic opportunity to redirect U.S. foreign policy down the pathways of peace, liberty, justice, respect for community, obedience to the rule of law and fiscal responsibility. George Washington urged Americans to “cultivate peace and harmony with all” and to “avoid overgrown military establishments,” which are “hostile to republican liberty.” It is time for Americans to reject fear and militarism and embrace the highest, noblest aspirations of our heritage. It is time to come home, America.


[Please add your signature and hometown in the comment section below or write to akeaton at with “Please Add Me” in the subject line.]

Elliot Adams, President, Veterans for Peace

I. Dean Ahmad, President, Minaret of Freedom Institute; President. Islamic-American Zakat Foundation

Lisa Albrecht, Professor, Social Justice, University of Minnesota

Larisa Alexandrovna, Editor-at-Large, Raw Story

Maria Allwine, Fund Our Communities, Steering Committee,

James Babb, Co-founder, We Won’t Fly

Jim Babka, President,, Inc.

Michael Badnarik, Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee 2004

Margo Baldwin, President & Publisher, Chelsea Green Publishing

Jack Balkwill, Editor, LUV (Liberty Underground of Virginia) News

Doug Bandow, Former Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan

Paul Barrow, Director of Policy and Communications, United Progressives

Rosalyn Baxandall, Distinguished American Studies Prof., Chair SUNY Old Westbury

Jonathan Bean, Research Fellow, The Independent Institute

William O. Beeman, Professor and Chair, Department of Anthropology, University of Minnesota

David Beito, Professor of History at the University of Alabama

Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK, co-founder

Phyllis Bennis, Director, New Internationalism Project, Institute for Policy Studies

Bruce L. Benson, Professor and Chair, Department of Economics, Florida State University, Vietnam War combat veteran

Walter E. Block, Professor of Economics, Loyola University

Leah Bolger, CDR, USN (Ret), National Vice-President, Veterans For Peace

Scott Bonn, Author and Assistant Professor of Sociology, Drew University

Samuel Bostaph, Professor Emeritus of Economics, University of Dallas

Elaine Brower, anti-war military mom, National Steering committee, World Can’t Wait

Paul Buchheit, and

Paul Buhle, Emeritus Senior Lecturer, Brown University

Tim Carpenter, Director, Progressive Democrats of America

Kevin A. Carson, Research Associate, Center for a Stateless Society

Gary Chartier, Associate Prof. of Law and Business Ethics at La Sierra University

David Cobb, Green Party 2004 Presidential Nominee

Jeff Cohen, Author, media critic, journalism professor, co-founder,

Catarina Correia, Coordinating Committee, National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance

Robert Dickson Crane, Richard Nixon’s principal foreign policy adviser, 1963-68, Deputy Director for Planning, National Security Council, 1969

Doug Craig, Libertarian National Committee, US Navy, Gulf War vet

Ellen Davidson, Steering Committee,

Nicolas J. S. Davies, Author of Blood On Our Hands & Local Coordinator, PDA Miami

Joseph Dobrian, writer, Libertarian Party candidate for Mayor of New York City, 2009

Karen Dolan, Fellow, Cities for Peace, Institute for Policy Studies

Jim Douglass, Author, JFK and the Unspeakable

Jake Diliberto, Co-founder, Veterans For Rethinking Afghanistan

Gus diZerega, Founding Editor, Studies in Emergent Order, author

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, professor emerita, California State University

Sibel Edmonds, Founder & Director, National Security Whistleblowers Coalition

Carolyn Rusti Eisenberg, Professor US Foreign Policy, Hofstra University

Ivan Eland, Senior Fellow, The Independent Institute

Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers whistleblower

Lucas M. Engelhardt, Assistant Professor of Economics Kent State University

Jodie Evans, CODE PINK, co-founder

John Feffer, Co-director, Foreign Policy In Focus, Institute for Policy Studies

Joy First, Convener National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance

Margaret Flowers, MD, Single Payer Health Care Advocate

Glen Ford, Executive Editor, Black Agenda Report

Four Arrows, aka Don Trent Jacobs, Prof. of Education, Fielding Graduate University,co-founder Veterans for Peace Northern Arizona chapter and American Indian author

Russell Arben Fox, Associate Professor of Political Science, Friends University

Bart Frazier, Program Director, The Future of Freedom Foundation

Doug Fuda, Come Home America

Eric Garris,

Dave Garthoff, Department of Economics, The University of Akron

Alan Gilbert, Professor, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, Univ. of Denver

Philip Giraldi, Former CIA Operations Officer

Paul Glover, social entrepreneur and consultant

Nate Goldshlag, National Treasurer, Veterans For Peace

Charles Goyette, Author, The Dollar Meltdown

Anthony Gregory, Research Editor, The Independent Institute

Marc Guttman, MD, Editor, Why Liberty-Personal Journeys Toward Peace and Freedom

Jane Hamsher, Founder and Publisher,

Roger D. Harris, Vice President, Task Force on the Americas

Sharon Harris, President, Advocates for Self-Government

Cole Harrson, Co-coordinator, UFPJ Afghanistan Working Group

Holly Hart, Secretary, on behalf of the Green party of the U.S.

Howie Hawkins, Co-Chair, Green Party of New York State

David R. Henderson, Research Fellow, Hoover Institution

Mark W.A. Hinkle, Chairman, Libertarian Party

Connie Hogarth, Dir. Center for Social Action, Manhattanville College, Purchase, NY

Sage Holben Metropolitan State University, St. Paul

Will Hopkins, Board, Veterans for Peace, Executive Director NH Peace Action

Jacob Hornberger, President, The Future of Freedom Foundation

Jeffrey Rogers Hummel, Associate Professor of Economics, San Jose State University

Lou Jasikoff, Chair Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania

Rob Kall, Publisher,

Tarak Kauff, Veterans for Peace

Bill Kauffman, Author, Ain’t My America

Angela Keaton, Former member, Libertarian National Committee

Nada Khader, Executive Director, WESPAC Foundation

The Rev Michael Kinnamon, Ph. d General Secretary, National Council of Churches

Stephan Kinsella, Senior Fellow, Ludwig von Mises Institute

Adam Kokesh, Executive Producer and host of ADAM VS THE MAN, Iraq Veteran

Karen U. Kwiatkowski, Lt Col, USAF (ret.)

Judith LeBlanc, Field Director, Peace Action

Rabbi Michael Lerner, Editor, Tikkun Magazine, Chair, The Network of Spiritual Progressives

William S. Lind, co-author (with Paul Weyrich), The Next Conservatism

Carroll Long, UN, World Bank (ret.)

Roderick T. Long, Professor of Philosophy, Auburn University; President, Molinari Institute

Bartley Madden, Professor of Economics at Mercatus, George Mason University

Tom Maertens, Former Director, National Security Council under Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush

Ben Manski, Liberty Tree, Executive Director

Daniel McCarthy, Editor, American Conservative

Robert W. McChesney, Gutgsell Endowed Prof., Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Raymond L. McGovern, CIA Analyst (ret.)

David McReynolds, Socialist Party presidential candidate, 1980, 2000

Jeffrey Miron, Department of Economics, Harvard University, Senor Fellow, The Cato Institute

Robert P. Murphy, Lecturer, Ludwig von Mises Institute

Nancy Murray, Human Rights Activist, Boston, MA

Ralph Nader, Consumer advocate

Robert Naiman, Policy Director, Just Foreign Policy

Anthony Noel, Facilitator, New Progressive Alliance

Jeff Norman, Director, U.S. Tour of Duty

Jim O’Brien, co-chair, Historians Against the War

George O’Neill, Jr., Come Home America

James Oaksun, National Chair Outright Libertarians

Michael D. Ostrolenk, National Security Consultant

Charles V. Peña, Senior Fellow, The Independent Institute; Foreign Policy Advisor, Ron Paul for President 2008

James Peron, President, The Moorfield Storey Institute

Jeff Paterson, Project Director, Courage to Resist

Dan Perkins, political cartoonist Tom Tomorrow

George Phillies, Editor, Liberty for America

Larry Pinkney, Editorial Board Member & Columnist, The Black Commentator

Udi Pladott, Steering Committee,

Murray Polner, Editor and Writer

Margaret Power, Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology

Vijay Prashad, author, The Darker Nations: A People’s History of the Third World

Sharon Presley Ph.D., Executive Director, Resources for Independent Thinking, author

Mike Prokosch, New Priorities Network

Justin Raimondo, Editorial Director,, author

Ted Rall, author and political cartoonist

William Redpath, Treasurer & Immediate Past Chairman, Libertarian National Committee

Ward Reilly, Steering Committee,

Sheldon Richman, Free Association Blog

Mik Robertson, Past-Chair, Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania

Marakay Rogers, Esq, Libertarian Nominee, Governor of Pennsylvania

Matthew Rothschild, Editor, The Progressive

Coleen Rowley, Former FBI Agent and one of TIME’s 2002 Persons of the Year

Thaddeus Russell, Historian and author of A Renegade History of the United States

Linda Schade, Founder, VotersForPeace

Lisa Schirch, Director, 3P/Partners Advancing Human Security

Joseph E. Schwartzberg, Distinguished International Emeritus Professor, University of Minnesota

Kim Scipes, former Sgt, USMC (1969-73), member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War

Butler Shaffer, Professor, Southwestern University School of Law

Daniel Shea, Board of Directors, Veterans for Peace

Cindy Sheehan, National Director of Peace of the Action

Robert Shetterly, artist, Americans Who Tell the Truth

William F. Shughart II, Senior Fellow, The Independent Institute; J. Fish Smith Professor in Public Choice, Utah State University

Lisa Simeone, Steering Committee

Sam Smith, Editor, Progressive Review

Brad Spangler, Director, Center for a Stateless Society

David Swanson, Author, War Is A Lie

Alexander Tabarrok, Research Director, The Independent Institute;

Bartley J. Madden Professor of Economics at Mercatus, George Mason University

Jeff Taylor, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Jacksonville State University

Dennis Trainor, Jr., October 2011 Steering Committee

Rachel Treichler, Green Party (NY)

Laurence M. Vance, Francis Wayland Institute

Dave Wagner, Tempe, Arizona

Jesse Walker, Managing Editor, Reason

John V. Walsh, MD, Professor, Univ. of Mass. Medical School; Come Home America

Bernard J. Way, Associate Professor, Political Science and Economics Department, Christendom College

C. T. Weber, State Chairperson , Peace and Freedom Party of California

Linda Wiener, Steering Committee,

James Matthew Wilson, Assistant Professor of Literature, Villanova University

Darren Wolfe, Founder, Focus On Peace

Emira Woods, Co-Director, Foreign Policy In Focus, Institute for Policy Studies

Tom Woods, Senior Fellow, Ludwig von Mises Institute

Steven Woskow, Ph d,Consultant

Ann Wright, US Army Colonel (ret.) and former US diplomat

R. Lee Wrights, Editor and publisher of Liberty For All, US Air Force Veteran

Kevin B. Zeese, Come Home America

*Organizational affiliations for identification purposes only

811 Responses to Please Sign The Letter Below

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  2. CE says:

    To the point and exemplifies the feelings of all people I know!

    • CE, please consider signing.

      • Craig Mann says:

        Please stop the wars

      • Ingrid says:

        Ingrid Buckner

      • erga shelley says:

        its up to each and everyone of us to effect a change

      • Peter Landy says:

        Bring them Home!
        Peter Landy
        Schenectady, NY 12309

      • Anne Heath says:

        End the lies!

      • Ellen Cantarow says:

        I’m in complete agreement EXCEPT for the paragraph beginning “Even with the raid on the Osama Bin Laden refuge…” The raid itself was a flagrant act of state terrorism and one of the US’s nastiest violations of the Nuremberg Charter. It was an act of war; an invasion with no provocation by Pakistan. Assassinations without provision for trial are violations of international law. The US runs rampage not only in its wars but in its presumption that it owns the world and therefore it can invade any country for whatever purposes, with impunity. The Nazis were tried in Nuremberg for the same crimes. I have read only one good article on tthis, he war crime constituted by the “raid” and asssassination of Bin Laden (along with family members): by Noam Chomsky. You can sign my name, but please, with this comment beside it. I am Ellen Cantarow of Medford, Massachusetts. I am a journalist and activist.

    • Jibril Hough says:

      Pres. Obama has shown no change in our foreign policy with regards to the endless wars. He has even beat Bush with countries he has dropped bombs/continued war. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq, Yemen….the list is growing. Our Nation is being bankrupted both financially and spiritually with these illegal and endless wars.

      • Judith A Bradley says:

        So well said. My blood boils when I hear from Obama and the rest of our elected inept officials about corruption in foreign lands , yet in our country they have taken money off the backs of hard working americans squandered it and they in the name of politics condone this for power and greed and re- election . I am appalled americans are not surrounding the white house asking for everyone to step down ….This is a sad state of affairs for this nation.. American looks weak and I’m afraid we will never be the american so many have given there lives for. Shame on the whole lot of them ……..

    • Rodney M. Burton says:

      We need the billions of dollars spent on the Wars, the military, foreign alliances and clients to be invested here at home in our people. A huge segment of our population has been left out of innovation, technology, education and development. Not to mention trade relations with countries such as Haiti and Africa. End the war, PLEASE.

    • I wish alot more would change, but this is a sobering start. Im voting for Ron Paul even IF we losing the primary election!

    • Joseph Bacon says:

      I second this motion, way overdue. Joseph Bacon

    • Judith A Bradley says:

      Bring our men and women home and stop the bloodshed, our men and women are in foreign lands fighting losing there lives getting badly injured and why ? For Liberty and Freedom while we are losing our Liberty and Freedom in this country as I type. Our military deserves to have a sound government not one who is corrupt and inept. Bring our men and women home now.

    • Cathy Higgs says:

      Cathy Higgs Wheeling, WV

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  4. tom booth says:

    bring them home – all US foreign bases

  5. Dennis Mitchell says:

    Dennis Mitchell, host, “Breakfast With The Beatles,” Las Vegas NV

  6. Steve Krulick, Ellenville, NY
    Senior Civics Columnist, Shawangunk Journal
    Please Add Me.

  7. Rob Alexander, Republican Liberty Caucus of Utah adviser, U.S. Air Force veteran

  8. Sean Reynolds says:

    Sean Reynolds, Chicago IL

  9. Thomas Hill says:

    Thomas Hill – Region 8 Coordinator (NC) Campaign For Liberty. Chair, Libertarian Party of Cabarrus County.

    Please Add Me

  10. Amy Casada says:

    Amy Casada, Dayton OH

  11. Kathleen Salerno says:

    Bring them home now.

  12. nancy7cy says:

    Nancy Feraldi, Fort Myers, FL
    Adjunct Instructor, Kaplan University

    Bring the troops home and give them meaningful work creating our alternative energy infrastructure, so we may live together in peace mitigating global effects of failed militarism.

  13. Deceasing our military spending = decreasing the U.S. debt

  14. Robert Mayer says:

    It’s great to see so many organizations with diverse views come together on such an important issue. Bring the troops home now!

  15. Richard Heckler says:

    War is wasteful and not good foreign policy. American interests aka corporate interests are simply no reason for military action. When american corporate interests invest abroad they must assume the risks pure and simple.

    War is an excellent reason to reduce our demands for oil.

  16. Tom Yohannan says:

    Thomas Yohannan
    Haddam, CT

  17. Michael Acree says:

    Michael Acree, Walnut Creek, CA

  18. Josephine Girardin says:

    Our efforts and dollars are needed here, at home!

  19. Kenny Rodgers says:

    Please add my name to the letter to President Obama and Congress to end America’s militarism. Thank you.

    Kenny Rodgers
    Broad Run, Virginia 20137

  20. Michael P. Weinheimer, Vernon, NJ

  21. Ileana Santamaria says:

    Ileana Santamaria, West New York, NJ

  22. Sophia Heidler says:

    Nation building is a domain of the nation which believes it is due for building.
    USA has NO reason to be doing any nation building anywhere except in USA
    which is is sore need of RE building. Troops are trained to do just that
    Stop the killing of innocents and bring our skilled kids home to do the work
    here. 🙂

  23. Brett says:

    Brett M Bloxsom
    Stamford, CT

  24. tibetsun says:

    This imperialisic-attitude towards other nations, must end NOW!!! We are no longer the once-respected country the WH claims us to be. We have few allies, and Israel should NOT, be included, but we are staunch supporters of their Zionist-regime. Our worst terror-threat, is right here at home. We have spent trillions on these unjustified wars, and murdered millions, for oil and access to the pipeline to the oil. We have invaded these countries, not to protect us from terrorists, but for the commodities that we want to control. This must end NOW!!!!!

  25. Noah Libby-Haines says:

    Noah Libby-Haines, Weare, NH

    add me

  26. dakotahgeo says:

    Exactly my stance.
    George M Melby, Pastor/Chaplain
    Raytown, Missouri

  27. rodney says:

    When a country spends more on weapons and war then all other countries in the world, combined, then the people need to take action, replace our politicians and clean house in Washington DC.

  28. Gary Kline says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself

  29. Dorothy Hoobler PEN says:

    Dorothy Hoobler, New York, New York

  30. Ethan says:

    Ethan Hunt – Santa Rosa, CA

  31. Jeffrey A. Yerkes says:

    I served in the US Navy ’76 – ’84 to guard the sea lanes for my country. I soon discovered this was not the case–too many bases and too many companies.

  32. Ted Radamaker, Claremont, Caliornia says:

    The U.S. is bankrupt and that will stop its imperialism.

  33. Ziaullah Khan says:

    Bring them home and stop this bloodshed on both sides, there’s no need for it!

  34. RALPH E. FISLER says:

    North Canton, Ohio

  35. Kathy McConaghie says:

    Kathy McConaghie, El Paso, Texas.

  36. There is no “good” war


  37. Miriana Demas says:

    Miriana Demas, New York, NY

  38. Dennis Marburger
    Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
    Member – Campaign for Liberty and Tenth Amendment Center
    I endorse this message.

  39. Mike Gustine says:

    Mike Gustine, State College, PA.

  40. HF Pirson says:

    drs. Hubertus F Pirson
    City: Amersfoort
    Country: Netherlands

  41. Richard B. Wilkey says:

    We are becoming the very thing we have always supposedly been against. It must stop. I want my country back! I want to be able to respect my country and my government again! I want our “defense” department to quit killing innocent people with robots! I want an end to our support for the racist state of Israel and its abject racist imprisonment and abuse of the Palestinians which is bringing pain and suffering to millions of innocent people and instability to the world. We do not need 700 bases around the world to provide our “homeland” security. We are bankrupt but the Pentagon and military-industrial complex wants MORE, MORE, MORE. Well, ENOUGH, ENOUGH, ENOUGH. Cut their budget, tax the corporocrats, bring sanity back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. jerry hlava says:

    One day you will be juge.In your hart you know you are wrong and serve to wrong master.
    Stop now and be honorable man.Thean you can call your self American.

  43. The real purpose of the military-industrial complex is to make certain individuals wealthy. G. W. Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” was sadly quite true; those who make fun of it simply don’t realize what mission was accomplished.
    This madness must end. Unfortunately, I hold out little hope of its ending until the USA implodes, financially collapses.

  44. Think of all the positive things we could have done. Bring the troops home!

  45. Brian Singer says:

    Brian Singer, Veteran, Copperas Cove, TX

  46. sara e. greene says:


  47. Helen Marshall says:

    Marshall Carter-Tripp
    Foreign Service Officer (ret)

  48. Tom Blanton says:

    Please add me!

    Tom Blanton
    Richmond, VA

  49. Helen Marshall says:

    Marshall Carter-Tripp
    Foreign Service Officer (ret)

    Please add me

  50. Helen Marshall says:

    Marshall Carter-Tripp
    El Paso, Texas
    Foreign Service Officer (ret)

    Sorry, left out the hometown!

  51. Steve says:

    Steve Hayworth, Portland, Oregon

  52. Simon MacArthur says:

    Solve all the world’s ills in one go – end America’s revolting empire (no better or more moral than any past empires) -use the money to educate, to cure hunger, to heal the environment, promote clean energy, to cure diseases worldwide. Just a small portion of what America spends killing people all over the world could be better used in any of these ways and yet there are those whose sole interest is in making sure that the US remains a brutal force AGAINST democracy. It’s such a waste and now we see how badly it affects the US at home as the economy falls apart and the education system fails the children. America is on a steep downward slide into less-than-third-world status. End the wars.

  53. Nancy Zardeneta says:

    Please add me.
    Nancy C. Zardeneta, Teacher
    West Covina, CA

  54. Martin Hoffman says:

    Martin Hoffman, Brooklyn, NY

  55. Benjamin Sippel says:

    Please add my name to the list of your supporters.

  56. Bruce Macdonald says:

    it’s about time

  57. Paul Stokes says:

    Pls add me.

    Paul Stokes
    Former Nuclear Inspector, Iraq
    Corrales, NM

  58. Owen Whitman says:

    Many of us believed your words, despite our political skepticism, and crossed party lines to vote for the “Change” you promised. Perhaps we misunderstood? As the national debt soars to incomprehensible amounts, and Washington’s deadly, costly, brutal and immoral wars rage on, and even expand into Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, and the “Drug Wars” of Mexico and Central/South American, you can perhaps appreciate our horror, displeasure and feelings of betrayal? If you truly do believe in something, anything at all, Mr. President, dig in your heels and take a forthright and manly stand. If your words on the campaign trail meant anything at all, and weren’t merely empty campaign rhetoric, then many of us still believe that you will choose the proper stand to take.

  59. Chris Horton says:

    At times I feel hopeless at how out of control, how arrogant, how well shielded by the lapdog corporate media the rulers of our Empire are, and how futile our efforts to elect a responsive government have been. Then I come across a petition like this and I see signatures of all the people from so many movements and so many walks of life and my courage returns and my heart soars. Yes we have a chance. Yes, we can end this madness. There are so many of us with our hearts and passion engaged, and so few of them that are doing more than following orders for a paycheck. Yes, here is my signature, my heart and hand on this!

  60. jan pflimlin says:

    American policy has created a corporate-military society. Get out of Afghanistan quickly.

  61. Why are we in any of these non-wars as you call them? People are dying because of this militerism and this nonsense must stop NOW. Have you ever worn the uniform? It is about time you did if for no other reason to get a taste of hell.

    Fred Shoemaker SFC, Retired

  62. Thomas Cook says:

    All this the sooner the better, for all.

  63. The survival of the human species is threatened by the excessive and abusive negative impacts of man on our special life bearing particle floating in a vast ocean of space. To have a future that is sustainable we have to redirect our energies to be more sensitive to the ecological balance within the thin ecosphere layer on the surface of Mother Earth. The military industrial complex with power hungry leaders who take the Western powers on geopolitical resource wars and expose us to ecological disasters such as Fuchishima make recovery extremely difficult. A path of peace and cooperation is necessary for the survival of our species. Please lets have peace.

  64. Peter Paget says:

    Let U.S. be at peace.

  65. Mary Saunders, Portland, Oregon.

  66. Polly Miller says:

    Please add my name.

    Polly Miller, Morro Bay, CA, Long time organizer and peace activist.

  67. Tim Nolan says:

    America’s war of drugs is the problem. America’s invasion of Afghanistan attempts to control and protect the CIA drug cartel trafficking.

  68. Shannon Piesinger says:

    a Democratic Republic, not an Empire.

    Shannon Piesinger, San jose, CA

  69. Kyle says:

    Kyle Umphenour
    Springfield, MO

  70. Brian Logsdon says:

    please add me.
    Brian Logsdon, Charlotte, NC
    Libertarian Activist

  71. Ted Brown says:

    Ted Brown
    Small Business Owner
    Past Chair, Libertarian Party of California
    Pasadena, CA

    please add me

  72. Tim Nolan says:

    ADD ME Tim Nolan editor of GLOBAL PEACE

  73. Wishful thinking on a most necessary goal. There is no way we can shake these Elite off just by telling them to be good. Just as we speak not only does the US economy continue to be trashed at the expense of the tax payer but Halliburton and the like continue to make money for the Elite. I think we need a unified leader to stand up on behalf of us aware and outspoken individuals and demand that the Elite be dismantled or else both on the human and divine level. There is no way such sites w/ even billions of signatures and sites like ‘charter for compassion’ will shake these war and money mongers. We need to be stern and physical against them behind a leader that will stand up for the rights of all people.

    We of different backgrounds in religion, nationality, ideology and the like can even unite under one and the same leader because we have common enemies, the Elite of all societies, and the desire for justice and peace for all. The fact that we differ on our methods, so long as they are peaceful towards the peaceful and give warning and exert action against those who harm and use the innocent, are not important. This means we can all achieve peace and justice by tools and methods common to all of us and in return remain in our respective way of life.

    I urge you to think about this because it is very elementary. It is the one integral element that has been missing in most if not all resistance against Elites of the past and present. This is what the US presidents claim, that they will justly rule over us allowing us to be and do as we please, but the only thing about them is that not only do they lie but they are hypocrites in their own actions towards peace. We the average people need to rise up and be supportive and vocal towards our demands under one leadership.

    Imagine what impact we could have had since 911 if we all had one unified leader, a leader that could not be discredited for anything because all their life was honest to society and all their resistance just. That leader could have been you, me, Ron Paul, or nearly anyone so long as they where supported by the vast majority of us who think of peace day and night.

    [apologies for any writing or idea mistakes]

  74. Jay P Haileu says:

    Please add me

    Jay P Hailey – Cab Driver, Spokane, WA

  75. T Bach says:

    Stop the ILLEGAL/UNCONSTITUTIONAL wars and evil or killing others to further the elite.

  76. Mark McClelland says:

    Mark McClelland
    Woodland Hills, CA

  77. Terry Hulsey says:

    As Ron Paul has said, no elaborate plan is needed to begin withdrawal of U.S. troops from the Middle East — simply put the personnel on ships and bring them home now.

  78. Martin Melkonian says:

    WE will survive only if we trans form from a military s ociety to a country of peace.

  79. james withers says:

    James Withers
    Grand Rapids, MI

  80. Christian Rix says:

    Christian Rix
    St. Louis MO

  81. In good company,
    Terry McClain
    Delvin Shade Music
    Albany, NY

  82. Bill Sorem says:

    Please stop the killing and bring our troops home, now!

  83. Arnold says:

    It sure sounds logical. Add my name.
    There must be some pretty powerful people doing something to make sure the obvious does not happen.
    Arnold Gore
    New York City

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  85. Chuck Puckett says:


  86. Please add my name to the list.

    Darryl W. Perry
    Chair Boston Tea Party National Committee
    Owner/Managing Editor Free Patriot Press
    2016 candidate for President of the United States of America

  87. Ruth E. Kastner says:

    End these counterproductive wars of choice. It’s un-American to start wars. Defending our country is one thing–none of these wars ever served that purpose.

  88. War is counterproductive to human evolution.

  89. End the madness and greed and save the world endless trauma and ruin.
    Patti Woodard
    Portland OR

  90. dmaak112 says:

    It is time to return our country from trying to control others to that of living with them.

  91. Robin White says:

    America was a good idea with friendship toward all and entangling alliances with none. You should try it. To create peace, just stop occupying and killing.

    Robin White, Libertarian Congressional Candidate, CO 1st Dist, 1982; VP, Residents of Rio Rico (AZ)

  92. Jim O'Connor says:

    Jim O’Connor
    Kenai, Alaska

  93. Steve Goodmuth says:

    The United States of America needs to lead by example, not by force. Stop the wars, stop the violence, respect the rule of law and bring the troops home now.

    Steve Goodmuth, Granite Maryland

  94. David Soori says:

    ”The power of non violence, no force in the world to over throw it”david soori a committed pacifist

    • Laszlo Veres says:

      You don’t have to be a pacifist or anything else to support this letter.. It’s 100% the truth, and I gladly stand by it .

  95. Bruce Mackintosh says:

    Bruce Mackintosh
    Pittsburgh, PA

  96. Wat says:

    Wat Stearns
    Brattleboro, VT

  97. Sidney Bunch says:

    Sidney Bunch
    Pittsburgh, PA

  98. Rose McConnell says:

    Stop the killing in the name of peace.

  99. vogateer says:

    Michael Vogt
    Norman, OK

  100. Ricardo R Barron says:

    These wars are illegal, immoral and must be ended at once! They serve only the corrupt and priveleged few.

  101. Laszlo Veres says:

    I am neither a pacifist or anything else you may consider “extreme” by any interpretation..However, I love standing by truth, common sense, as I know it, and that defines this letter. No trouble standing by you on this 100%.

  102. We can stop the flow of trillions of dollars down various DOD rat holes NOW. Not one of our crying needs in the US gets done without money, and that’s everything from rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure to solving environmental problems and educating the next generation. Mr. President, do the right thing.

  103. Marc Mayo says:

    Marc Mayo
    Cincinnati, OH

  104. Jim Keller says:

    Please end these destructive wars!

  105. Ralph M McKibbin says:

    Ralph M. McKibbin
    Duncansville PA

  106. ZachNirich says:

    Zachary Nirich Indianapolis, IN

  107. Bryan says:

    Bryan Cowell, Carson City, NV

  108. Ilish says:

    Cindy Newman Los Angeles California

  109. Joel Richard Huschle says:

    Violence is dumb.

  110. Tina Piccirello says:

    Dear Mr. President,
    Bring our troops home now!

    Tina Piccirello and Jay Williams, Saugerties, NY

  111. Gene Trosper says:

    Gene Trosper
    Former Chairman, Libertarian Party of Riverside County, CA

  112. Gabriel Hein says:

    Bring our troops home please LIKE YOU PROMISED!

    Gabriel Hein
    Missoula, MT

  113. says:

    With such a long list of influential people opposed to War I am somewhat more hopeful in the cause for PEACE……

  114. Barbara Riley says:

    Columbus, OH

  115. Mary Elderton says:

    Denver, CO

  116. Ranjit Mani says:

    Please add me to the list of signatories.

  117. If the United States does not end war and act as an agent of peace promoting “soft power” rather than military might, then the U.S. leadership will be diminished and the country will become a pariah state in the world community. Act now!
    Bill Freeman, Canadian writer

  118. Marcel Lamothe
    Raymond, NH

  119. Gene Mayes says:

    Gene Mayes
    Sumner, ME

  120. Nina Hausman says:

    Nina Hausman, Oakland, CA

  121. Kathy Leigh-Johnson says:

    Please add my name
    Kathy Leigh-Johnson
    Staten Island, NY

  122. Kevin Burns, Dillon, CO

  123. Art Spencer says:

    The American people need to restore their involvement in their own governance and let themselves be guided by evidence rather than the self-interested claims of those who hold political, economic, and social power in this country. If that involvement had been there in 2002, we never would have invaded Iraq.

  124. Ernest J. Smith says:

    For God’s sake, END THE MADNESS. Today, saw news item suggesting that
    now is the time to be thinking about ‘containing China’!
    Ernest J. Smith,
    Long time retiree; Navy Vet of WW2.

  125. Emily Richman says:

    Emily Richman, Little Rock, AR

  126. george ashmore says:

    The nation can’t pay for it & it is strangling our rights

  127. The founders of our country had it right. We have been off the track for over two
    hundred years. We have not fought a war since the revolution that was necessary.

  128. Bill Bushnell, President, EcoArte Foundation says:

    It is past time for U.S. troops to be brought home from Iraq and Afghanistan. It is past time for the U.S. to change its foreign policy from being an Empire to being a Caregiver to its own people and to has many other people in the world as we can afford. But, we must take care of our own people first. We are not doing that. If we don’t make an abrupt change in the way we live, we will pay a horrendous price in the years ahead.

  129. Citizen Michael John Keenan says:

    My 4th of July speech “Our Military Burden and Its Threat to Our Liberty and Republic ,” recieved many “thank you that was a great speech” and a welcome response from my fellow citizens yesterday.

  130. John Jay Myers
    Dallas Texas

  131. You campaigned as an agent for hope and change, a change in the aggressive, immoral, and treasury draining, foreign policy of George W. Bush. Please honor your mandate by ending these wars and bringing the troops home.

  132. Joshua Thomson says:

    Joshua Thomson
    Somerville, Massachusetts

  133. peter seiler says:

    “Boycott Greece!” Moses says “..let my flotilla go.”

  134. Mark James Pupillo says:

    Jordanville, NY

  135. If we stopped waging war, we could solve the myriad problems we have at home.

  136. Rob Guttman says:

    Rob Guttman, Stamford, CT

  137. shaun lee says:

    Shaun Lee

    Kansas City, MO

  138. Joseph Lowndes says:

    Joseph Lowndes, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Oregon

  139. I hereby endorse the contents of this petition, on July 5th, 2011.

    Kevin Riley O’Keeffe of San Jose, Northern California

  140. Leanne says:

    Leanne Kunze, Minnesota

  141. T. Ruane M.D. says:

    It’s about time we end the empire. It’s never happened peacefully before throughout history. Please pray that we can be the first!

  142. Eric Moldenhauer says:

    Eric Moldenhauer, Colorado Springs, CO

  143. Sasha Matt says:

    “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom.” MLK Jr.
    Sasha Matt Toledo, OH

  144. Sandra Dahar Matt says:

    Sandra Dahar Matt
    Toledo Oh

  145. Bill Martin says:

    Bill Martin
    Worth Township, Boone County, Iowa

  146. Rick Raymond says:

    Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

  147. freedonnow says:

    An impressive list that the FBI will use to arrest us all one day. But at least its politically balanced.

  148. Sergey Gerstein says:

    Sergey Gerstein, Old Bridge, NJ

  149. Dear President Obama and Members of Congress:

    The wars in which the United States is currently engaged–in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Libya–are harming U.S. national and economic security, degrading the standing of the United States in the world community, fueling hatred abroad for Americans and undermining the rule of law. These unconstitutional wars have been justified on false premises, and most recently in the case of Libya there was not even the pretense of a congressional declaration of war, making it an impeachable offense. We urge you to end the current illegal wars and start a national dialogue about shifting U.S. foreign policy away from dominance through military might, and toward being a member of the community of nations.

  150. Jay says:

    Jay Polk
    Chair, Libertarian Party of Tennessee

  151. Erica Dabose says:

    beautiful, well done.

  152. Rabidabbey says:

    I agree wholeheartedly.

  153. Kyle Trowbridge says:

    I agree.

    Kyle Trowbridge, Discourses on Liberty blog, Indianapolis, IN

  154. Brad Smith says:

    Just a simple US Army Infantry Vet with multiple deployments.

    Add my name to the list.

    5/21 2/75 7th SFG

    Bradley Greig Smith

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  156. M. Allen Evans says:

    M. Allen Evans, Louisville KY
    Wal-Mart, 3rd Shift Instock Team

  157. Brian Cantin says:

    It should be noted that we don’t have to reform our energy economy in order to end the wars in the Middle East. While the wars may benefit the oil companies, they do not benefit the American people. The American people will end up paying world market prices for oil no matter who controls the source.

  158. Gary Alderette says:

    Over 700 military bases in over 100 separate nation?Really?Is this what the founding fathers envisioned when they said we should have no standing army?This is insane.

  159. Brad Peterson says:

    Brad Peterson, Philadelphia PA

  160. Please don’t let the War Lobby continue to take money America doesn’t have. Take a cue from Switzerland and Japan, by stopping fighting, and starting talking.

    While lies and threats are no way for Libya’s government to rule, it is not our place to intervene, and we are only providing basis for propaganda by doing so.

    By holding peace in Iraq by military force, we are only telling them that military action is the answer, not due process and finding common ground.

    By staying in Afghanistan we are becoming the primary recruiting method for insurgents and terrorists, derailing their peace process.

    All of our interference in the middle east is being used by opportunists in the Palestinian Militant extremists to fuel their support and justify their actions. The Israeli Militant extremists are utilizing that very growth in Palestinian Militants to do the same. Because of this, discontinuing major military operations in the Middle east will help reduce the Israeli conflict.

    Overall US Military intervention has led to a less safe, less secure, and less peaceful world, at the cost of our National Identity, Economy, and Security. The only people who have profited are Military Contractors and others involved in producing and selling arms and other military supplies. Please consider a person’s associations and investments with such business before taking any advice from them. Think of what they have to gain from the action, and why their advice might be tainted by that. People can use misleading information to justify anything they want to do but the results speak louder as to the truth.

  161. Blake Burkhart says:


  162. Monica Dean says:

    This is an endless war. You cannot win a war on ideals. They are always going to be around. We need to protect ourselves and our beautiful nation. I swore to protect my country and the constitution. STOP THIS NOW. I, and many others, WILL NOT stand by and let you run this nation into the ground. Work with us and we will work with you to help heal our gaping wounds of debt by private sector job stimulation and repeal of senseless laws.

  163. Clarence Gardner says:

    Clarence Gardner, Walnut Creek, California

  164. Mary Devitt says:


  165. Sam Lenser says:

    Sam Lenser
    Madison, WI

  166. Mike Cormany says:

    We have become the evil empire. We are invading people’s homeland, killing civlians every day and it accomplishes nothing for us or them. Wall Street, the MIC, Big Business and our politicians have become murderers because it is profitable. The people here are sick of seeing people in the Middle East killed as “collateral damage”. No more endless, imperialistic wars!
    Michael Cormany
    Aurora. IL

  167. Sean Fitzthum
    Massapequa, NY

  168. Jayel Aheram says:

    Sgt. Jayel Aheram, USMC
    Palm Desert, California

  169. Teresa Dixon says:

    I Have A Dream

    One day a soldier woke-up, he said to his commander
    I am not going to kill for you anymore, and his commander
    said “What the BLEEP……..”
    The soldier’s comrades stood up and dropped their guns and
    said ‘No Man Woman or Child shall we ever harm again”

    The whole unit dropped their weapons
    Soon all the units dropped their ammunition and DU weapons

    And all the US INVASIONS and OCCUPATIONS ended
    And all our soldiers came marching home… Hooray !!!

    The President asked how did this happen?
    It happened because “We The People ” … ..Visualized World Peace
    We also visualized a reinstating of the Constitution, and all of us, including
    public servants where held accountable to the original law of the Land

    The President said ‘you can’t do that’, and the People said
    “YES WE CAN”

    God in turn decided to reward us in 2012
    and we all lived happily ever after.

    You have the power to change the world through Creative Visualization
    Let’s dream together

    I am so happy that you are alive !!!

    Teresa Dixon NY

  170. cbennett says:

    Peacemongers UNITE! Stop the violence, stop the aggression,stop the madness, stop the WARS!

    Chris Bennett
    Springfield, IL

  171. John Scalise says:

    “War! It ain’t nothing but a heartbreaker
    War! Friend only to the undertaker
    War! It’s an enemy to all mankind
    The thought of war blows my mind”
    Edwin Starr 1969

  172. B.E. says:

    I thought you were different, I was wrong. I thought you had backbone, you are a sellout and a shill. You are a very shrewd and intelligent man, but I never took you as heartless. I wish you better than what those in the countries we occupy are receiving. Do something just, and noble, stand up; I know you won’t, but know that it is never too late to have soul. As Neil Young said “Even Richard Nixon has got it.”

  173. Robert Noval says:

    Just one more, but this cannot have enough signatures. Here in Miami, we hold a monthly anti-war protest. It gets a good reaction, but not enough participation…

  174. james priest says:

    James S.C. Priest Los Angeles, CA


  176. heather tickner says:

    Heather Patricia Tickner

  177. brschuck66 says:

    My grandfather trained pilots in the U.S. Army Air Corps in the early 20th century. My father was a fighter pilot in World War II. I served this country as an officer in the US Naval Reserves. My grandfather was a conservative Republican, and my father was a liberal Democrat. If they were alive today, they would be as horrified as I am at what this country has become. Regardless of which party is in power, we go to war first and ask questions later. We can find literally trillions to waste on endless, counterproductive wars and empire (billions of which the Pentagon can’t even account for), but we have no money to help out our schools, or to create jobs, or to keep social safety net programs going, or to rebuild our decaying infrastructure, or to seed innovative green technologies, etc., etc., ad nauseum. We are letting our own country collapse while we go abroad in search of chimerical monsters to destroy.

  178. brschuck66 says:

    My grandfather trained pilots in the U.S. Army Air Corps in the early 20th century. My father was a fighter pilot in World War II. I served this country as an officer in the US Naval Reserves. My grandfather was a conservative Republican, and my father was a liberal Democrat. If they were alive today, they would be as horrified as I am at what this country has become. Regardless of which party is in power, we go to war first and ask questions later. We can find literally trillions to waste on endless, counterproductive wars and empire (billions of which the Pentagon can’t even account for), but we have no money to help out our schools, or to create jobs, or to keep social safety net programs going, or to rebuild our decaying infrastructure, or to seed innovative green technologies, etc., etc., ad nauseum. We are letting our own country collapse while we go abroad in search of chimerical monsters to destroy.

    Brian R. Schuck, Flagstaff, AZ

  179. Susan C. Macksey says:

    Please add my signature: Susan C. Macksey, Los Angeles, CA

  180. Andrew Mason says:

    Andrew Mason. Bakersfield, California

  181. John H. Anderson says:

    Add my name!

  182. Donald Saunders says:

    As a long concerned British citizen – so many of us are completely disillusioned by US actions in the years since 1945. Our Governments have sadly appeared to have been tied to American policies and we do not agree with them. Please, US , make dramatic changes towards Peace and Justice.

  183. Thomas R. Trout says:

    Thomas R. Trout, New Albany, MS

  184. Catherine Clement, MA, LPC, SPHR says:

    Please add my name.

  185. John M. Shubert says:

    I completely agree with all these eloquent comments which have been posted.

  186. Keep up the great work for Peace, as Peace the only way to Freedom!

  187. Joan Livingston says:

    Too many wars, none of them ‘good.’ The military-like the VA-is overextended, & there seem to be no plans for serious troops withdrawals. Make some.

  188. I S Vawda says:

    Enough of war, misery,famine shttered lives and growing hatred.

  189. Randall Koch, East Calais, Vermont

  190. Mariana Evica, activist and author, Hartford, Connecticut

  191. Wendy McElroy of, says:

    Wendy McElroy of,

  192. Emmett Harris says:

    Emmett Harris, Root Striker at and former US Marine

  193. Alice Hadley says:

    Alice Hadley
    Guam, USA

  194. J. Buzz Webb says:

    J. Buzz Webb, State Chair, Outright Libertarians of New Hampshire

  195. Dan Norton says:

    Dan Norton, Winona Lake, IN

  196. Chuck Turchick says:

    Chuck Turchick
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

  197. Austin Sadler says:

    Austin Sadler, Charleston, SC

  198. Fred Church says:

    Fred Church, Los Angeles CA

  199. Jeff Fielder says:

    Jeffery W. Fielder , Townsend, DE.

  200. Rick Jones says:

    Rick Jones
    Redondo Beach, CA

  201. Gloria Picchetti says:

    I want my taxes spent on me not someone else’s desert.

  202. Ellen Eades says:

    Ellen Eades, PA-C, Seattle, WA

  203. St John Kelliher says:

    St John Kelliher
    Efland, North Carolina

  204. Marianne Hart — just an 81-year-old woman who remembers when America was much closer to being what the founders intended. It’s time we turned back to being America.

  205. Atkins Trout says:

    Atkins Trout, New Albany, MS
    via Kudoyama-cho, Japan

  206. Chase Madar
    Brooklyn, New York

  207. Jon says:

    Jonathan C. Gillis
    Baltimore, MD

  208. Brian Irving says:

    Brian Irving
    Capt, USAF (ret)
    Cary, NC

  209. Joe Golowka says:

    Joseph R. Golowka
    Binghamton, NY

  210. Kuppusamy Ravindran says:

    K Ravindran
    San Francisco, CA via Munich, Germany

  211. Robert R. Smith
    Veteran, U.S. Navy
    Private Citizen, Richfield, MN

  212. Kathy Johnson says:

    Please put my full name on this letter. I want them to know exactly who I am!

    Kathy Lee Jennings-Johnson
    Knoxville, Tennessee

  213. pedro anillo guevara says:

    Peace Is not the only way; IT Is the WAY !

  214. Brendan Trainor says:

    Brendan Trainor
    Founder, Washoe Co Antiwar Coalition
    Former State Chair, Libertarian Party of Nevada
    Bring them Home!

  215. Brian says:

    Brian Hannon
    Boston MA

  216. Paul Zimmerman says:

    Signed –
    Paul Zimmerman
    Anderson, Indiana

  217. Kurt Eckstein says:

    Let the United States lead the world by example, not fear and dread.
    End all military action NOW!
    Kurt Eckstein
    Flagstaff Arizona

  218. Matt Kososki says:

    Matt Kososki
    Downers Grove, IL

    Prove to the world you deserved that Nobel Peace Prize, Mr. President.

  219. Debra Myers says:

    Debra Myers, Trail OR
    Impeach Now – before it’s too late

  220. Renee Vorbach says:

    With the millions of dollars we spend a day for wars, we could take care of all of our domestic problems. Let’s bring all our troops home immediatey, and the mercenaries we have in all the mid-east countries. No one mentions bringing the “hired soldiers” home.

  221. Richard Moody says:

    Bring the troops home NOW.

  222. Well written and to the point. Maybe the spectrum is at last getting focused.

    Ted Christian

  223. Eric Bell says:

    Please add me

    Eric Bell, Valdosta, GA

  224. Brian Riepen says:

    Brian S. Riepen

    Dallas, Texas

  225. War is the opiate of the elite!
    Jonathan Carriel, New York City
    Author, The Thomas Dordrecht Historical Mystery Series

  226. William Broderick says:

    William Broderick, New York, NY

  227. Robert Joens says:

    Robert K. Jones, Author “Secure The Blessings of Liberty: A Guide to Understanding the Constitution”

  228. Robert Scofield
    Woodland, CA

  229. S. R. Lester says:

    Every year the war lingers we see the truth of the following quote:
    “Force always attracts men of low morality.”
    ~Albert Einstein

  230. Branko Radosavljevic says:

    Branko *.* Radosavljevic &$\*., Chicago, IL

  231. Marianne Hart
    Earlysville, VA

  232. Larry Davis says:

    The cycle of violence must be broken.

  233. Joel S Henderson says:

    Please add my signature:

    Joel S. Henderson
    Somerville, MA

  234. Marc Joffe says:

    I support this letter and am pleased to see people from across the political spectrum uniting on this important issue.,

  235. makheru bradley says:

    Massive antiwar protests should be planned for the Republican and Democratic conventions in 2012.

    Makheru Bradley, Charlotte, NC

  236. Jason Blohm says:

    Jason Blohm
    Adrian, MI

  237. Cathy Miller says:

    Cathy Miller
    Carlsbad, CA

  238. Jill Pyeatt says:

    I heartily endorse this letter.

    Jill Pyeatt
    Monrovia, CA

  239. Robert G. Hill says:

    Robert G. Hill, musician, Ben Wheeler, TX

  240. William Waugh says:

    Add my name to the letter, please
    Dr. William Waugh
    Bellevue, Washington

  241. Nancy Jakubiak, Clarksville, IN says:

    It will be a great day when the US Air Force has to hold a bake sale to build a bomber while our schools have all the books they need to educate our children. Teach them to love their fellow human beings, teach them non-violence to resolve conflict, to see us as one huge human family, different shades of color, different customs but one in love with humanity.

  242. Stephen says:

    It’s long past time for the Defense Department and the civil liberties-destroying intelligence apparatus that surrounds it to become a lot smaller and focus on defense rather than empire.

    Please add my signature.

    Stephen Kokenes
    Raleigh, NC

  243. Mary Heaner says:

    The United States will surely collapse if it doesn’t end it’s military pursuits.

  244. Mary Ellen Marucci says:

    Add me: Mary Ellen Marucci Species: Homo Sapiens

  245. Darla Lilley says:

    The military industrial complex must end. The endless, meaningless wars are destroying our country. Bring our boys and girls home!!

    Darla Lilley
    Attorney at Law
    Daingerfield, TX 75638

  246. Amen, people! This murderous insanity must stop NOW.

  247. David Terry, McMinnville, OR says:

    I sign this letter in honor of my 58,479 brothers and sisters who died in Vietnam, for absolutely NO reason, at all. Enough is enough. NO MORE wasted lives should be sacrificed on the altar of American Hegemania.

  248. d.reed says:

    Peace & Freedom; please seriously consider the Non-Aggression Principle, to achieve lasting peace with and for all.

  249. Mark Segal says:

    Please add my name to the letter

  250. davidwdeitch says:

    Sign me up.
    David W. Deitch, Lyon, France

  251. Frances Priest says:

    Frances deVillery Priest, Sherman Oaks, California

  252. Laura Benton says:

    Please add my name to the list.

  253. TimL says:

    Tim Lyles Kokomo, IN

  254. b-psycho says:

    Brian Nicholson, Psychopolitik blog, Jefferson City, MO

  255. nate5176 says:

    I’m a Veteran and I PROUDLY sign this letter!
    Nathan Cox
    (3rd ID)

  256. Joseph McKeown says:

    Joseph McKeown
    Phoenix, AZ

  257. Susan Rice, Brantford ON, Canada says:

    As Canada moves to a greater military role, doing the bullies bidding as it were, I find myself also needing to add my voice. Hollow words at the podium declaring support for people and democracy, when really controlling foreign economic interests is the true goal, can continue no more. HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY DEMAND A RETURN TO RULE OF LAW AND RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS!!
    Please sign my name – Susan Rice, Brantford ON Canada

  258. Jeffrey Porter, Moscow, ID

  259. Morgana says:

    Morgana Washington, NYS, USA
    Peace activist and lifelong Gandhian.
    “Violence can never bring and end to violence; all it can do it create MORE violence”
    -Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
    Count me in.


    please add my name to the letter.

  261. Roy Randall says:

    Please add me

    Roy Randall
    Carlisle, PA

  262. Gina Stevens says:

    Dear Mr president
    You may well remember you presidential election win over Bush, there has never been a worldwide celebration for a US president before it a historic moment in almost every country, hoping that you reverse the Bush path, it sad that you didn’t only followed Bush path you’ve actually intensifeid the wars dashing all the celebrations and hopes. there will be another global celebration for your downfall too. just a reminder…..

  263. Bruce Berry says:

    Change course of this ship ” PLANET EARTH ” N O W
    Add name please:
    Bruce Berry, Veterans For Peace, Vietnam vet ’68
    Minneapolis, Mn

  264. John Everett Miller says:

    These wars of aggression are running everything to ruin. End them now.
    John Everett Miller
    Columbus, Ohio
    US citizen abroad, Taiwan

  265. Monica Skinner says:

    Monica Skinner, Lancaster, CA

  266. Editor, PeaceMajority Report

  267. Very well stated and could not agree more, i fully and wholeheartedly support this letter. Bring our troops home, bring liberty back to the American people. Ron Paul 2012

  268. Michael says:

    End the drug war, its killed more people than the drugs have.
    Michael Rossman, Electrical Engineer, Walpole MA

  269. Burr Bault says:

    Using humanitarian efforts to cover up war is un-just and against the law. The war against Libya must cease and stand down before hundreds or thousands are killed in the name of stealing a countrys assets!

    Burr Bault Freedom Fighter and Truth Seeker

  270. Scotty Swenson says:

    Scotty Swenson
    Seal Beach, California

  271. Raymond Carl Parsley says:

    As I would not have others wage unjust military attacks and or sanctions against my country, neither will I support the USA in doing so to others.

  272. christopher wulf says:

    End the undeclared wars on soveriegn nations. While your at it, end the myriad of wars on the people here at home. Aggression, coersion and violence are not the hallmark of a free people. Add me.

  273. David says:

    David Schlegel
    Huntington Beach, CA

  274. Susan Basler says:

    Susan Basler
    Cypress, TX

  275. Emilie Marlinghaus, Peace Activist, Bend, OR says:

    “Have we not come to such an impasse in the modern world that we must love our enemies – or else? The chain reaction of evil – hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars – must be broken, or else we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation.” -M.L. King, Jr. –

  276. Krista Wendt says:

    Krista Wendt, US citizen

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  278. David H. Hamilton, AntiWar Polemicist, Senate '91 Gulf War Debate, Clinton-Gore '92 and Kerry '04 Speeches says:

    Very well reasoned composition

  279. Craig Deskins says:

    I agree with the entire contents of the letter. These wars are a lie and have nothing to do with the “war on terror”. And these acts are immoral and putting us in financial burden all to further the New World Order. The love of money is the root of all evil, our government and Federal Reserve are making that quite clear.

  280. Pete Healey says:

    Please add my name to the list. New Paltz, NY

  281. Tom Henehan says:

    I concur, absolutely.
    Thomas M. Henehan
    Vietnam-era veteran, US Army
    New Orleans, LA

  282. Shawn McMonigle says:

    Shawn McMoingle, Philadelphia, PA

  283. Ronelle Moehrke says:

    “Ain’t gonna study war no more…”

  284. Ada Kristina Stanford says:

    Time to come home and try and heal our nation

  285. nelswight says:

    May we be forgiven our iniquities and inequities!

  286. Jim Davidson says:

    Jim Davidson, Panama City, Panama – and the same goes for the wars in Somalia, Yemen, Cuba, North Korea, and the war on drugs in the USA. Free the slaves. Stop the wars. End the state.

  287. rachel says:

    Rachel Lane
    New York, NY

  288. Phaedra Steele
    Saint Marys, PA

  289. Andrew Banta says:

    Andrew Banta, Las Vegas, NV

  290. Joel says:

    U.S. citizen from Illinois.

  291. Stephen G. Mican says:

    Stephen G. Mican
    West Point, California

  292. Josh Jameson says:

    Josh Jameson
    Kirksville, mo

  293. Mark Markarian says:

    Mark Markarian
    Oakland, CA

  294. Nicholas Ford says:

    Nicholas Ford, Founder of Alliance of the Libertarian Left of New England, Grafton, NH

  295. anonymous says:

    Another U.S. citizen

  296. Carol Knapp says:

    Enough is enough! These warmongers from both political parties are destroying our economy, killing countrymen and women and innocent civilians abroad, and increasing our vulnerability to attacks from outside our borders.

    President Eisenhower said at the end of his term, “Beware the military industrial complex”! That was 60 years ago, and were STILL feeding this evil, bottomless pit of destruction and waste.


  297. Patrick Shaheen says:

    Patrick Shaheen
    Nashua, NH
    end these wars. don’t start the next one.

  298. Scott Bieser says:

    Scott Bieser
    Cheyenne, Wyoming

  299. Rochelle J. Parpart, Michigan, USA

  300. vision48 says:

    Veterans for Peace
    Denver, CO

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  302. I endorse this letter unequivocally. America has been the most warring nation since the end of WWII. It is time to stop this deadly habit that benefits only war profiteers.
    Gary Brumback, author of The Devil’s Marriage: Break Up the Corpocracy or Leave Democracy in the Lurch.

  303. Bob Sale says:

    Bob Sale
    San Diego

  304. Bring them all home from Afghanistan, Iraq, Germany and Japan. Wherever American are deployed around the world it is time to disengage. NOW!

    As a veteran I proudly add my name to this list.

  305. Darrin Steven Knode says:

    There is no such thing as a just war.

  306. Northwest Ohio Peace Coalition
    Toledo OH

  307. Ryan Smith says:

    Ryan Smith
    just some dude who wishes we were properly represented

  308. Mary Lou Van Houten
    Atlanta, GA

  309. John Elkin says:

    Treasurer, Libertarian Party of Clark County (WA)

  310. Syed N Abbas says:

    It is time to punch the warmongers in the face and tell them enough is enough. Stop it now or …….!!

  311. Doris Olsen, Portland OR says:

    Please stop spending money on trying to force other people to think and act as we do. Bring the troops home and many of them could get jobs rebuilding our infrastructure. The rest of the money can pay off our debt.

  312. Harry Kershner says:

    Defund ALL wars of empire and impeach ALL war criminals, including those who refuse to investigate the crimes of preceding administrations.

    • Tom Fightmaster says:

      I am with all of you on this matter..! Its time we woke up and focused on our country and the people and the issues that surround us.

  313. William H. Steen, Jr. says:

    Please add my signature:

    William H. Steen, Jr.
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Veterans for Peace

  314. Bernard Tilson says:

    Enough death and destruction already!

  315. Bruce Smith says:

    Please restore the world to sanity and stop the bloodshed

  316. Joel J. Mayo says:

    Joel J. Mayo

  317. L A Selesky says:

    Enough Enough Enough bloodshed for empire. We will have to answer for all the spilt blood. The world’s people think the USA are the biggest terrorists of all. We need to make it stop

  318. Herb says:

    Please add me to the letter

    Herb Roscoe
    Flagstaff, AZ

  319. matt says:

    Matthew Schnackenberg
    Brooksville, Fl

  320. Kathy says:

    Kathy Schnackenberg
    Brooksville, Fl

  321. Al says:

    Alfred Schnackenberg
    Brooksville, Fl

  322. Mark T. Seiler, Bessemer City, NC says:

    In the name of Our Savior, The Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, please stop the wars.
    Matthew 5:9

  323. Roberta Richardson says:

    No death in my name.

  324. erasmo torres says:

    Have the leaders of this great country turned into the spoiled brats of America ??? They are quick to spend our money, and could care less too know who suffers in the process.

  325. William H. says:

    No death or war in my name I rebuke all unconstitutional actions by our government

    William H. Russell Norwich, CT

  326. No more votes for lying mouthpieces for the military industrial complex. Boycott Obama!!!

  327. Ted Varney says:

    Please add my signature
    Edward L. Varney III
    2308 calle luminoso
    Santa Fe, N.M. 87505

  328. Signed,

    Dustin D. Anderson
    Midland, MI

  329. Eric Neiser, Lafayette, LA says:

    Support our troops–bring them ALL home!

  330. KJ Herr says:

    KJ Herr, student activist

  331. Gaston Cadieux says:

    Add my name

    Gus Cadieux
    Slingerlands, NY

  332. Norm Keegel says:

    End the senseless wars in the Middle East!

  333. ardi ellibee says:

    no more war

  334. Brian says:

    Please Ad Me
    Brian Merrill

  335. Diane Beeny says:

    The United States now leads the world in militarism and in selling and export of arms of all sorts and if we really want to promote a more peaceful, stable and equitable world it is now time for this country to create and promote a better path for the future.
    If we really want to rid the world of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ it is time that we started with the ones that originate on our own soil.
    It would set a more honest and clear standard for the rest of the world, and for all future generations to follow.

    The best thing that we could learn from all of the countless lives lost and all of the suffering, wounds and psyches ravaged, and all of the devastation and loss from the godawful scourge of war is to learn to find healthier, saner and more creative ways to settle and heal grievances and differences and find ways to communicate and get along with ALL
    of our global neighbors.

    And let the “power of love” overcome the “love of power”…

  336. Ralph C. Edwards says:

    Former “Beyond War” activist in Portland, OR – we need to finish the job.

  337. j.a says:

    America is not America anymore, it is a monster.

  338. Laulak Siddique, Moline Illinois says:

    No more war.

  339. Insurgent says:

    Bring the war criminals and their collaborators to justice.

  340. Marion says:

    We get what we focus our attention on. Let’s focus on prosperity, health, education, and well-being worldwide. Time to start building a Peace Room instead of a War Room.

  341. Michael J. Gould, Toronto, Canada says:

    As a Canadian citizen who had sadly come to believe that your once-great nation was on an irreversible and accelerating slide into hell, fueled by special interests, ignorance, lawlessness, militarism and greed, I was heartened and encouraged by your website and the wonderful comments of all the diverse signatories to this letter. Congratulations to one and all. We are faced with very similar albeit lower-key idiocies right here in Canada, but I wish you and all the comehomeamericans every success in your endeavours. Grill your candidates early and often and . . . please don’t be fooled again.

    (And please: prosecute ALL the torturers. regardless of status or former status,, as your international treaty obligations require you to do. Don’t be taken in by your President’s sophistry that prosecution of torturers is just “looking backward,” the most ridiculous excuse for shirking a duty to prosecute that I have ever heard – – EVERY criminal prosecution in the world NECESSARILY involves “looking backward.” What the hell is a prosecutor supposed to do, “look forward” and start prosecuting people for crimes they are going to commit in the future?)

    Michael J. Gould, Toronto

  342. richard dunkelberger says:

    Stop the wars and militarism.

  343. Fariba Azad says:

    Fariba Azad

  344. Steve McKeown says:

    My grandfather was wounded in the war to end wars;my father spent 32 months in combat during the good war,and I was conscripted into the Vietnam War. This is a very common experience in America,and now more than ever we need the transformation of our country calling us to Peace,the service of which honors all veterans everywhere,and that is the truth so help me God. So Mr. President…. the sooner you get on board on this,the sooner the foundation can be reenforced. Steve McKeown,Mpls Veterans for Peace

  345. Stephen Weigel says:

    Stephen Weigel
    Elmhurst, IL

  346. Mark McLauchlan says:

    Mark McLauchlan
    Mountain View, CA

  347. Doug Sparling
    Kansas City, MO

  348. David Boyer says:

    A Republic and an Empire are incompatible. Semper Fidelis.

  349. PBJ says:

    Time to Bring the Boys Home.

  350. Bruce Niebuhr says:

    I am proud to be represented in Congress by a great voice of reason, Dr. Ron Paul.

  351. Devin Ray Freeman says:

    I endorse this letter.
    Devin Ray Freeman
    Merrill, Wisconsin

  352. John Jascob says:

    John Jascob
    Prospect Heights, Illinois

  353. Gene Meinen says:

    Enough already. The military has been streached too far and we are being bled dry!

  354. Jim Hunt says:

    Jim Hunt, San Francisco, CA

  355. joanie ciardelli says:

    The time has come (once again) to put an end to war

  356. Don Smith says:

    Halelujah that this effort is bipartisan. Eisenhower was right: the military-industrial complex threatens our freedom and our way of life.

  357. Hunter Harris says:

    Hunter Harris
    Brooklyn, NY

  358. Jordan Krause says:

    Jordan Krause
    Edgar, WI

  359. bkuhnne1 says:

    Add my name to the list.
    Barbara Kuhn
    Grand Junction, Colorado

  360. Benjamin Rapstine says:


  361. David zucker says:

    I’m proud to add my name to the list.

    David Zucker
    Phoenix, AZ

  362. Edward Kodgis says:

    Edward Kodgis, Huntsville, AL

  363. Stephen Beard, Anderson, Indiana

  364. Paul-Philip Michelson says:

    Paul-Philip Michelson
    Huntington, IN

  365. Daniel Herrera says:

    Cheap oil is becoming increasing rare, but so is the American people’s trust. Choose wisely.

  366. Stop all wars, end the state!

    Raymond C. Lady IV
    Bloomington, Indiana

  367. Dan Scanlon says:

    Dan Scanlon
    New York

  368. john morley says:

    Read, ‘The Controversy of Zion’, by Douglas Reed online at

  369. RICHARD says:

    As John Kennedy Said “Instead of an arms race, let us have a peace race”.
    Richard C. Evey, Libertarian/ Patriot
    Morganton, NC

  370. Dave Miller says:

    Nations are the teams mankind is divided into to play the horrific game of War.
    Dave Miller, Rochester NY
    Libertarian Party

  371. Virginia St. Jean says:

    “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.” DDE

  372. Larry Kline -- Long ago Captain USAF says:

    I would have signed this 10 years ago….

  373. My sentiment is the same as Larry Kline. This kind of foreign policy makes no sense: not morally, not fiscally.

  374. Zachary Fisk says:

    Zachary Fisk
    Bristol CT

  375. Yes, let’s make the shift.

  376. mikeabale says:

    Its time to end this maddiness!!

  377. Spencer Cunningham says:

    This is excellent, a long overdue.

  378. augustlibertarian says:

    Rocky Eades
    founder, Libertarian Party of the CSRA
    Augusta, GA

  379. Christine Catalano says:

    Marstons Mills, MA

  380. Ted Jotte says:

    The insanity must end now.

  381. Josh Latimer says:

    Josh Latimer, Twin Cities, Minnesota

  382. patty Guerrero says:

    I think the title was also a book by William Greider and it aptly describes my feelings.

  383. Mike says:

    Mike VanLare — Rochester, NY

  384. Christiana says:

    Please add my name and I just hope that everyone who has signed this petition votes in November 2012 and works for a candidate that they believe in. I know that I will.

    Christiana Mayer, Forest Grove Oregon.

  385. Thomas M. Sipos, Former Vice Chair, Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County

  386. Michael Murphy says:

    Please add my signature to this. Michael Murphy, MD.

  387. Jonathan says:

    Jonathan Allen
    Knoxville, TN

  388. Adam says:

    Adam Keller – Petoskey, MI

  389. Linda B Peruchet says:

    my son deploys next month to Afghanistan, he has a special needs daughter who needs him more here than the country needs him there…add me Linda B Peruchet,Pelion,S.C.

  390. Timbeaux says:

    Tim Benoit, concerned citizen — Ellisville, MS

  391. Thomas Dickinson says:

    Thomas Dickinson, pianist, piano teacher, Big River Zen Practice Group, Minneapolis, MN

  392. George Lobos says:

    This is exactly why we must elect Ron Paul as President to lead our country into a peaceful country.
    -George Lobos
    Chetek, WI

  393. Arthur Gwynne says:

    Signed – Arthur Gwynne NYC, NY

  394. Emily says:

    Emily Reitnauer, Morristown, TN

  395. Rebekah Bernhoft says:

    Rebekah Bernhoft, Pre-law student at University of Wisconsin – Madison, from Milwaukee, WI

  396. Estanislao Carter - Geopolitical author says:

    The NWO agenda cannot work right now ie. Greece. Or ever ie. every failed ‘ism’.
    The ‘Common Purpose’ is a ruse. And individual rights and responsibility are the real evolution of humanity.

  397. Brandi McReynolds says:

    No New World Order!

  398. Deanna Davis says:

    Add my signature!

    Bring our boys home and get our country back to where it should be!

    Deanna Davis – UCC (Unbelievably Concerned Citizen)

  399. If the United States is to survive, all the immoral wars must end now.

  400. Christopher Reed says:

    “When will we ever learn?” STOP this madness.

  401. joe fanale says:

    It’s time for a new way of thinking.
    -joseph fanale

  402. Bruce Guthrie says:

    I endorse this petition.
    Bruce Guthrie
    Math and Science Teacher
    Edmonds, WA

  403. thomas warner says:

    I am utterly fed-up with a government that no longer represents me or American ideals. It is long past time for a 3rd party that I would feel comfortable voting for. At the present moment I feel that my vote is a useless one.

  404. Stephen Conway says:

    Yes, not only bring them home but make a profound change in order to stop this militarist-warring policy.

    Please add me to the petition
    Stephen Conway

  405. Brandon Ruffalo says:

    Brandon Ruffalo, Madison, WI

  406. Al Goggins says:

    Excellent! I hope this is how one signs on, because I wish to do so.

  407. Jenici Hill says:

    Damn Straight! We can’t afford to police the world and take care of our citizens. Not now, no more.
    Jenici Sara Hill, Fort Collins CO.

  408. Robert M. Parr says:

    Is this where I sign the petitition? If so, consider it signed.

  409. David Blackwell says:

    David Blackwell
    Niceville, FL

  410. Lydia Howell says:

    All the deaths and torture in the name of the “war on terrorism” are NOT amking us at all safer. Instead, these wars have already bankrupted America’s morality and are now doing the same to our economics. Bing ALL the troops home—including the merenaries/contrators!

  411. Dorothy Reik says:

    Bring our troops home NOW!

  412. End U.S. imperialism before the economy collapses, not after.

  413. Victor Tiffany
    Ithaca, NY
    learn from history and peacefully deconstruct the American “empire” now.
    The USSR did it; so can we.

  414. Jennifer Hammer, Chicago IL says:

    “What the world needs now, is love, sweet love”…not war! So, please stop killing people! Peace.

  415. I support this letter and the opinions expressed therein.
    John S. Uebersax, psychologist, Paso Robles, California

  416. Fire the crooks and charge them with the crimes they’ve committed.

    Stephen VanDyke
    Publisher, Hammer of Truth

  417. We are earning bad will wherever we send troops and the paid groups like Haliburton or whatever their name is this week. We are spending ourselves into oblivion and hurting our own people. Just stop, please.

  418. Wes Benedict says:

    Wes Benedict, Executive Director, Libertarian National Committee
    Please add me.

  419. Don Pomeroy says:

    End all the wars
    Donald K Pomeroy
    Portland, Oregon, USA, Earth

  420. Steven Horwitz
    Canton NY USA

  421. Paul Kilmartin says:

    Paul Kilmartin
    Oakton, VA USA

  422. zach says:

    Zach Alexander
    Alma, Colorado

    Katie Stuckey
    Alma, Colorado

  423. Thomas Daly says:

    America also needs to end the one-sided support of Israel against the right of the Palestinians. Terrorists are not born, they are created by occupations, unjust wars, torture, the killing of innocent civilians, the use of unmanned drones, and the destruction of towns and villages and homes.
    As a retired California newspaper publisher, I’m proud to add my name to this letter.

  424. Janet Minella-Didier says:

    We have become all the “isms” that we hated through the 20th C. The result: we are destroying ourselves. God help us.

  425. Janet Minella-Didier says:

    We have become like all the “isms” we hated throughout the 20th C. The result: we are destroying ourselves. God help us.
    Janet Minella-Didier, New London, CT.

  426. Stephen Elsberry says:

    Stephen Elsberry–Bridgeport, CT

  427. Jason Gatties
    St.Joseph, Mi
    Security Consultant, Former Chairman of the Boston Tea Party, Former Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Southwest Michigan & most importantly, concerned parent of a two children who should not have to grow up in fear.

  428. Michael says:

    Michael Carteron, activist, Denver, CO, 80210. Please add my name.

  429. As a ww II veteran,I can only state this is not the country I fought to preserve.

  430. Ken Conaway says:

    Stop the madness. Bring them home.

  431. MikeyD says:

    Add mine to the voices raised against this murderous madness for profit; all at the expense of decency. If this perpetual war is what so many Americans gave their lives to establish, then surely they died in vain.
    Mike Dugger, Phoenix, Arizona Republic, without the United States

  432. Sarah Shelton says:

    Sarah Shelton, Memphis TN

  433. Democrats & Independents: If you love peace, become a “Blue Republican” for the 2012 Presidential election!

  434. Nadine Latham says:

    It’s time to focus on peace instead of wars that cannot be won.

  435. Nadine N. Latham says:

    Macon, GA
    It’s time to focus on peace and not wars that cannot be won. Too mant lives have been needlessly been lost,

  436. Carlos in ATx says:

    Please add my name to the list. Like LTG Smedley Butler, I spent my youth serving in the military that serves the whims of a corrupt gov’t controlled by oligarchs, kleptocrats and just plain stupid and greedy politicians. Time for the troops to come home !

    Carlos R. Garza, USAF Retired

  437. robert lujan says:

    please add my name to this list.

  438. Ike Hall says:

    Ike Hall
    Clarkston, GA
    Interim State Coordinator, Campaign for Liberty

  439. martha lujan SOAWLA says:

    please add my name to this list.

  440. Isa Rizal Bufano

    Shelburne, VT

  441. Anne Bellamy says:

    Please add my name to this list.

  442. Anne Bellamy, St. Paul, Minnesota says:

    Please end these wars. Nothing good has, or will, come of them. They devastate all forms of life and for what, oil? Please transform our foreign policy to one that is life giving and peaceful.

  443. Paul Becker says:

    Please add me.
    Paul Becker
    Pastor, Concordia Lutheran Church
    Kingsport, Tennessee

  444. James Garfield says:

    James Garfield
    San Diego, California

  445. chris says:

    chris nichols – oxford,ms

  446. Richard Kaiser says:

    Enthusiastically endorsed!
    Richard Kaiser

  447. End the wars and bring the troops home. Make America a republic again instead of an empire.

  448. Bill McGrath says:

    Please add me to the list.

  449. Betty Liberty says:

    Betty Liberty, Sacramento, Calif.
    Had enough, bring our kids home!

  450. Less Antman says:

    Less Antman
    Fallbrook, CA

    For peace, commerce, and honest friendship

  451. Wayne Swenson says:

    When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. Jimi Hendrix Please stop the madness.

  452. Ernst F. Ghermann says:

    Let’s abandon the empire and lets be an example of the fruits of free enterprise to the word.

  453. ann galloway says:

    Not one more death, not one more dollar.
    Minneapolis, MN

  454. linda hanson says:

    Thank you for this opportunity to say Bring home all of our military from war and foreign bases.

  455. Marcella Webber says:

    There is no such thing as an inevitable war. If war comes it will be from the failure of human wisdom. Andrew Bonar Law, 1914.
    Mr. President: Demonstrate your wisdom; quickly end the wars, including the horrific drone wars; show the World that America is capable of being a peaceful nation.

  456. George Whitfield says:

    Let’s restore peace, prosperity and liberty.
    Seoul, Republic of Korea

  457. Brian Walsh says:

    Bring back The Constitution, limited government, and personal freedom.

    Registered Independent

    New Orleans, Louisiana

  458. Clayton Hallmark says:

    The US has been mobilized for war since 1940 — never demobilized after World War II That has fed our economy for 70 years, but what a cost in lives, money, and our national character!

    President Eisenhower, in his farewell address, warned against the military-industrial complex, even though he was himself a war hero and had been the leader of the military campaign against Hitler. The MI complex still wants perpetual war for their own profits, but the United States can no longer afford it.

    Obama must obtain “advice and consent” as in the Constitution, or impeach Obama.

  459. Aakash says:

    Thanks so much, for starting this effort!

    I’ve been on this issue, since 1999-2000… And have been blogging about it, since 2002:

    There were similar movements, during the Clinton Administration, and then under George W. Bush… I’m glad that this one has taken shape, during Obama’s first (and hopefully only! 🙂 term.

  460. David Watson says:


    Please Add Me

    David Watson

    Marion, OH


  461. Thomas F. Marvin says:

    I’m glad to see so many people supporting an end to US imperialism. It’s about time!

  462. Yes! Spread the word!

  463. huishi says:

    An end to the aggressive wars of the USA; a most worth goal. Bring them all home!

    Joseph Potter, simple school teacher

  464. Jim Morse says:

    Jim Morse
    Weybridge, VT

  465. Joe Freeman says:

    End the wars
    repeal all direct taxes on individuals
    stop the drug war scam
    downsize DC return sovereignty to the people
    repeal all laws not strictly authorized by the constitution
    allow the people to directly veto any law they believe is unjust
    ignorance of the law is evidence of innocence when there are too many laws
    stop prosecution of all victim-less crimes, no damages no punishment
    get the government out of the education business
    return to sound money backed by actual value. outlaw usury on bank credit
    decentralize political and economic power to the people
    resurrect property rights and respect for privacy of individuals
    reform police and remove authority to use violence and weapons without provocation
    release all prisoners who have not actually harmed anyone
    compensate all victims of government damages
    remove immunity of all government agents for crimes and injuries they cause
    respect the will of individuals of conscience and prohibit violence against nonviolent actions
    reform all corporate charters to make them liable for damages and injuries to people
    make it illegal for any government agency to extort money from poor people
    all government agents must be licensed, citizens authorized to write citations for damages
    release all secret technology patents concerning free energy inventions
    get government out of controlling medicine and food production
    reduce amount of GNP spent on all government to 10%
    reform all trade treaties to require balanced accounts with all nations
    return to manufacturing based wealth creation type economy
    stop covering up the true story of UFO visitations and admit contact events
    stop attacking pioneers in cancer cures the AMA and FDA have suppressed
    stop corporations from polluting the gene pool with DNA crap shooting
    These are just a few of the changes needed to restore our nation
    if you want to know where all the money went look up Walter Burien CAFR1

    Thanks for reading my ideas, I look forward to seeing more of yours!

  466. E. Daniel Riehl, M.D. says:

    Bring all our troops home from outside our borders.

  467. Rich Aucoin says:

    Oops, the correct URL…

  468. pete says:

    End the Empire

  469. rich says:

    End these wars! Down with the Empire!
    That’s step #1.

    Rich Laplante

  470. Bring them all home from all foreign bases. Not just in the middle east. Cut the CIA 90%. The more they bring home troops, the more they send in CIA (private contractors) In the words of multiple congressional medal of honor winner Marine General Smedley Butler – WAR IS A RACKET.

  471. John Kilby says:

    Let’s use our resources to fix American domestic economic problems; cease funding imperialism.

  472. tom luther says:

    Tom Luther is in favor of this proposal. The real question is beyond the moral dimension. Literally millions of americans are on the dole, profiting handsomely via the military and its supplier network. Exactly how do we pry these wealthy and powerful individuals off the government teat? And convince them of the merits of alternatives? The merits of real freedom (economic and personal) are well established, but poorly understood and can be difficult to convey to “the man” and his immediate dependents.

  473. Brent Campbell says:

    I agree.

  474. Debbie Fulkerson says:

    Enough is enough.

  475. Jim Zadrozny says:

    Could not agree more.

    Jim Zadrozny
    Fort Myers, FL

  476. Jim Hinkel says:

    Please add my name:

    Jim Hinkel
    West Jefferson, NC

  477. Robert Fernandes – Stewartsville, NJ
    Bring the troops home. All of them!

  478. judy olinick says:

    Please add my signature to this letter.
    Judy Olinick

  479. Michael McCarthy says:

    I served 6 years as a Naval Officer. Come Home America!

  480. Ram Avtar says:

    Please add my name. Ram Avtar

  481. Mark Dankof says:

    Hometown: San Antonio, Texas ; Lutheran clergyman, broadcast journalist

  482. Bunny Daubner says:


  483. Lawrence Morahan says:

    Please add my name.

    Thank you!

  484. Gerard Bendiks says:

    Geard Bendiks……………..Dallas, Texas

  485. Todd Dennis says:

    Todd Dennis, member of Veterans For Peace and Iraq Veterans Against the War

  486. War and empire-building are not the answer. Bring our troops home and give peace a chance.

  487. Daniel S. Vieira says:

    Come home America! Enthusiastically supported!

    Daniel S. Vieira

  488. Dominique Robinson says:

    I am tired of this never-ending war, preemptive victories, and then more war. I wish that America wasn’t seperating itself so much by being a bully on a playground. Please add me…
    Dominique E. Robinson Nashville Tennessee

  489. Kathy Heffernan says:

    Please bring our troops home. The American presence is now making it difficult for Afghanis to build a stable government. We need the billions we are spending on war to support programs at home.

  490. Mark T. Matranga, Elk Grove, CA says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with the contents of this letter and support the most expedited withdrawal of all US troops from all foreign countries.

  491. Jason Allen says:

    Time to stop chasing monsters abroad, and rediscover our republican roots.Our cherished republic is slipping away from us, and being replaced with a bloated and corrupt empire/police state. War is a racket.

  492. joseph a canzoneri jr says:


  493. Amen! Bring our troops home now!

  494. And while you’re at it, give up the insane drug war. The war on drugs is much worse than the drugs themselves. It didn’t work with alcohol prohibition, and it doesn’t work now. You spend billions of our dollars making life worse for everyone. Stop it.

  495. John Fordham New York, NY says:

    As a Libertarian extremist, I am happy to support this petition.

  496. John Powell says:

    This is a well written letter but at this point I feel urging this criminal cabal to do the right thing is wishful thinking. It should read that we demand that they adhere to the constitution and the rule of law. When they took their oath of office they swore to do the same. What is wrong with the people in this country that so many refuse to do their civic duty and hold these criminals to account for the crimes they are and have committed.
    The letter also implies that we are accepting the official lies and accounts of the death of CIA asset Bin Laden and the events of 911.
    I’ll sign the letter but I believe its tone to be too meek.

  497. Joe Walsh says:

    It is Time. We need to stop preaching to the world and start acting like good human beings.

  498. cogneclecticism says:

    The movement still lives. This was the best 23rd birthday present one could hope for. Thank you.

  499. John G MacConnell says:

    As I heard as a grad student in Ann Arbor during the Vietman fiasco, “Billions foe war, peanuts for peace”. But that counts only the financial costs–what about the terrible HUMAN costs?

  500. Brenda K. Black says:

    Powerful words – The United States as a democratic Republic and not an Empire.

    • TP Dasa, Priest of the Gaudiya Vaisnava Sampradaya says:

      Not “democratic Republic,” Brenda, but “Constitutional Republic”…first comes “democracy” then “socialism” then “fascism” (corporatism).

  501. TP Dasa, Priest of the Gaudiya Vaisnava Sampradaya says:

    Being a priest of the Gaudiya Vaisnava Sampradaya, I have deeply researched the causes of War. Today’s wars are engineered by International Bankers and their cabal who profit from both sides. Their collective arms are disguised and some like the Federal Reserve System operate
    in a semi-disguise with a smile on their face. Political wars are now completely Orwellian Doublespeak. The recent “kinetic military action” in Libya is the most recent. I have spent much time overseas, especially in India, and Americans are becoming more and more hated as the actual rogues, imperialists, and exploiters of the world. Big Government has overstepped its right on the sovereign citizens of America. We have become a “demon-crazy” country not a Constitutional Republic. I am becoming ashamed to call myself “American”. And above all, we have lost our sight of loving God-principles, we have become lovers for power, money and that means War. I see so many young kids, 18, 19, 20, etc. in Oceanside duped into thinking we are going overseas because when we return we will get so many benefits. Lies. Hypocrisy. Bring the boys (and girls) home. I am tired of cleaning up the vomit from these corporate wars. Obama is a bogus CEO for USA, Inc. Obaminable is the latest word in our “living Constitution”.

  502. Korac MacArthur says:

    “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations — entangling alliances with none.” ~ Thomas Jefferson, a wise man.

  503. Right on, right on, right on…..

  504. Jake Halverson says:

    We all must unite to end these unjust and unconstitutional wars.

  505. Dave says:

    DITTO: End the BS

  506. John Ivens says:

    As a Vietnam era veteran O would like to see the day that Americans are at peace in the world rather than spending so much blood and treasure defending other countries from the people living in those countries.

  507. Zofia Kosim says:

    Agree, please add my name

  508. Jamie says:

    They ask what side we are on we are on the right side the side not lieing and murdering innocent people for money then calling them terrorists for defending there country from illegal invaders.No country has vthe right to go kill people or overthrough governments unless attacked or are sure an attack is at your door period.

  509. Michael Spears says:

    I’m just an average guy who prefers peace.

  510. Paul Majchrowicz says:

    War is the most efficient way to shift wealth from the working class to the rentier (people who make money off of money) class. The only way to prevent war is to criminalize political and business malfeasance with stiff penalties including the death penalty for war mongering.

  511. Teague Allen says:

    Teague Allen, Santa Clarita, Calif.

  512. Ken Barker says:

    Ken Barker, Forest Park OH

  513. Linda Younker says:

    Denver, CO

  514. Eric Manda says:

    The jig is up, war pigs.

    Eric Manda, Wichita, KS


    Beth Keene, Harvard, Illinois

  517. I wholeheartedly support this petition! Bring the troops home. End the pointless wars.

  518. Obama, please fulfill your promise to the American people, and bring the troops home. The time has come, and American people need the tax dollars invested in education here at home, healthcare here at home, and basics like food and shelter. Social programs and public education have had major cuts across the country, and our people are suffering. It is shameful the amount our country is spending fighting wars overseas while our people suffer. It is not right, it does not send a good message to the rest of the world, and it needs to end. End our military involvement in other countries now.

  519. Bring our troops home now.

  520. Ric Steinberger says:

    Bring ’em home. End interventionist foreign policies. Rebuild our own country. Make major reductions in the US Defense budget.

  521. Nick Hankoff says:

    Nick Hankoff
    Los Angeles 90034

    The military is being politicized. The police are being militarized. Shut down the Empire. Bring the troops home.

  522. At all times, in all circumstances, it is an unqualified moral wrong to kill on behalf of the State.

    Will Grigg

  523. Peter Erickson says:

    Peter Erickson
    Rugby, TN

  524. Keri-Anne Slater
    Massapequa Park, NY
    ☮ ❤ ☮ ❤ ☮ ❤ ☮ ❤ ☮ ❤ ☮ ❤ ☮ ❤ ☮ ❤ ☮ ❤
    “There is no way to peace, peace is the way.”
    – A. J. Muste

  525. charles bloss says:

    Bring “em home – now!
    Charlie Bloss, VFP Chapter 27, Mpls.Minn.

  526. Mike Byers says:

    Mike Byers
    Richmond VA
    Gold * Peace * Freedom
    Ron Paul 2012

  527. Robert Johnson says:

    Robert A. Johnson, Portland, OR.

    It’s high time people of all political persuasions that are opposed to the endless warmongering of our elites worked together. Consider me signed on to this letter, except I want all the troops and the CIA and the contractors home now and all the bombings, drone or otherwise, to stop now.

    The Department of Defense should also be re-given its original name, the Department of War so we don’t forget what it is.

  528. Jesse Comber says:

    It’s about time.

  529. James Lynn Engle says:

    War is hell and the perpetrators of war are leading this great nation into the abyss.

  530. Laura S Potter says:

    Peace NOW! ☮ ❤

  531. sharla foster says:

    End the wars now. Bring our troops home where they belong. Stop the senseless killing, it does nothing to make us safer and I’m pretty sure you already know that. Do what is right, not what is right for yourself and your interests.

  532. Peg McIntyre says:

    “Humanitarianism, delivered by a powerful government through threats of massive bombing attacks, will never be a responsible way to enhance peace.” – Ron Paul
    Please add me, please bring them HOME.
    Peg McIntyre
    Tomball TX

  533. Amanda Hughes says:

    Bring our troops home today not tomorrow! Stop the killing!

  534. Daniel L. Raphael says:

    Left and right unite to fight our flight towards tyranny and terror!

  535. End these insane wars.

    Santa Clara, CA, USA

  536. Russell McAdams says:

    War is not the answer

  537. Michael Carver says:

    Michael Carver
    Carrollton, GA

  538. Chad Colson says:

    After reading most of these comments that precede mine, I hope and pray that each of these individuals as well as the rest of America will make the necessary step of change at the election booth. The major parties are not going to allow a candidate who can bring our country back to its roots on their ticket. We, as individuals, must talk with our friends, neighbors, and coworkers to elect the ‘right’ people. If you believe in and value liberty and freedom, do your homework and find out who’s backing your candidates and upon which principles they truly stand. It seems insurmountable, but something has got to wake up the majority of Americans from this facade. The media will certainly be a huge obstacle in this. I pray we can turn things around. The ‘elitists’ (from both major parties) will continue to lead ‘the sheep’ down the wrong path if we choose to be led.

    Definitely sign me up.

    Chad Colson
    Myrtle Beach, SC

  539. Diane Dowd says:

    Bring all our soldiers and war money HOME . . . don’t just send them to another war. Let these countries determine their own future without demanding they do it our way or else. We can’t afford wars.

  540. Norman T Merkel says:

    It has been said that the most sensitive nerve in the human body is the pocket book nerve. Once the American people come to realise the true cost of empire and endless war and how it is adversely affecting their own personal financial well being, then the empire and endless wars will end! Thde only question left unanswered is how many innocent people will we kill and maim until then?

  541. Null Void says:

    Null Void, libertarian.
    United States of America

  542. John P Kieras says:

    Let’ all get together and finally get a PEACE CANDIDATE to run for President.

  543. Stu says:

    Sign me up. There are too many reasons.

  544. Dennis McAtamney says:

    As a Vet I am opposed to all offensive War. War affects all of us, much needed resources are being diverted to fight wars. This madness must stop now.

  545. Luke Gieschen says:

    Luke Gieschen
    New Ulm, Minnesota

  546. Jim Wetzel says:

    I’m in.

    Jim Wetzel, Leo, Indiana

  547. Walter Cole - Seville, Spain says:

    Sign me up, please.

  548. Diana Johnstone, writer says:

    End all these wars, expose the lies, cut the military budget and redirect government toward the needs of the American people at home.

  549. Leo Kallis, teacher, Yankton, SD says:

    I don’t know how anyone can disagree with either of these reasons to bring the troops home.

    “The U.S. economy can no longer sustain a bloated military that spends as much on weapons and war as the rest of the world combined.”

    “The rule of law has been undermined by ignoring Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, which specifically states that Congress has the authority to declare war, not the president. Tactics used in recent wars, including torture and widespread abuse of prisoners, further undermine the rule of law.”

  550. Rosemary Parkinson says:

    Please add me……In Liberty!!! RON PAUL 2012!

    Rosemary Parkinson
    Lacey WA.

  551. Candace Leslie says:

    Yes, how can anyone disagree with this?

  552. The wars in the Middle East are a horror and a crime against humanity. They are racist and in defense of drug dealers and oil cartels. They are bankrupting the treasury and the moral character of America. End them now!

  553. Ernest Martinson says:

    Sound the retreat in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Korea, Japan, Italy, Germany, and more than 100 other client countries that we occupy. The world will know we go, not in defeat, but in radical conversion in doing to others what we would want them to do to us.

  554. darren nesbitt says:

    Stop War!!!

  555. Bruce Palm says:

    “Very soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a National system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging.

    By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will affect our security as a charge-back for our fiat paper currency. Every American will be forced to register, or suffer not being able to work and earn a living. They will be our chattel, and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant, under the scheme of secured transactions.

    Americans, by unknowingly, or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, forever to remain economic slaves through taxation, secured by their pledges. They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be “non the wiser”, for not one man in a million could ever figure out our plans and, if by accident one or two would figure it out, we have in our arsenal “plausible deniability”.

    After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debt to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges. This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud which we will call “Social Insurance.”

    Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur and in this manner; every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and, we will employ the high office of the President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot against America.”

  556. Matthew Cottrell says:

    Matthew Cottrell
    Wilton Manors, FL


    “Promise me,
    promise me this day,
    promise me now,
    while the sun is overhead
    exactly at the zenith,
    promise me:
    Even as they
    strike you down
    with a mountain of hatred and violence;
    even as they step on you and crush you
    like a worm,
    even as they dismember and disembowel you,
    remember, brother (and sister),
    man is not our enemy.
    The only thing worthy of you is compassion –
    invincible, limitless, unconditional.
    Hatred will never let you face
    the beast in man.
    One day, when you face this beast alone,
    with your courage intact, your eyes kind,
    (even as no one sees them),
    out of your smile
    will bloom a flower.
    And those who love you
    will behold you
    across ten thousand worlds of birth and dying.
    Alone again,
    I will go on with bent head,
    knowing that love has become eternal.
    On the long, rough road,
    the sun and the moon
    will continue to shine.”
    by Thich Nhat Hanh

  557. Jonathan tired of MSNBC says:

    So long as the sheep keep voting for establishment Democrats and Republicans nothing will change. The wars will continue.

    We need someone with the courage to just END THE WARS! That man is Ron Paul.

    Support the troops –> Vote Ron Paul –> He’ll end the wars.

  558. Antonio Buehler says:

    End the wars now!

    Antonio Buehler
    Iraq War Veteran
    Founder & CEO, Buehler Education
    Austin, TX

  559. Bring them ALL home NOW!

    Katie Brewer
    Wife, Mother, Activist, Friend
    Austin, TX

  560. Kenneth Biegel says:

    “Is there anybody out there?” Way too many in too many countries. It’s time to come home.

  561. Joshua Smith says:

    Joshua Smith, Cary, NC

  562. scottyboman says:

    Scotty Boman, professor and libertarian activist.
    Detroit, MI
    The anti-war movement helped push Congressional Democrats and Obama into power as our bankrupt nation carried the yoke of two publicly recognized wars. Now we have three. Gitmo is still open. We still shell out Trillions for military bases around the world. The people who protested Bush’s militarism, but support Obama, are no more sensible than the people who gave him a peace prize. Orwell was right.

  563. Bruce Wallace, founder of 121Contact says:

    Please stop wasting lives (some American, some the people of the invaded lands), wasting dollars (which could be put to simpler, more compassionately effective use), and degrading our moral standing (which often takes generations to recoup).

  564. David Henry says:

    If you can reduce our military involvements around the world in a timely manner, you will go down in history as a great President, sir.

  565. Liz Arnone says:

    Keep up the great work Kevin!

  566. Robert Gordon says:

    Please stop the United States’ participation in these wars, Mr. President

  567. I endorse this petition.
    Lloyd Robert Danforth
    Grafton, NH

  568. Carolyn Hoffman says:

    These wars can’t be allowed to continue. Let the peace movement begin now.

    Carolyn Hoffman
    Gahanna, Ohio

  569. I agree. To the point. A new lyrics for Blowin in the Wind? “How many signatures must a petition have, before it is implemented?” In addition to blogging for Environmental Headlines, I’m also a blogger for and a member of Promoting Enduring Peace. Thank you!

  570. Bill Bowman says:

    Anti-war activism made sense during the Vietnam era of the 1960’s and still makes sense today.

  571. Robert Aponte says:

    Anything substantive I could add at this point would be redundant. Hopefully, I can add some non-substantive (e.g., strategic) commentary that will be worthwhile and not itself redundant (I did NOT read all the entries to see –I’d still be reading). Strategically, this petition is potentially the best outlet for expressing opposition to our nation’s imperialism I have yet seen. But, my gut tells me that “this, too, will pass,” unless some follow-through can be organized. It is hard for me to imagine marching alongside members of the loosely connected, Tea Party group, as I’m sure it would be for them to imagine walking alongside me. Yet, without them and others with these and other varied philosophies, we probably will not succeed. This petition has spanned much of that divide, at least in terms of the varying ideologies represented among the better known signatories. A follow-through that can maintain –if not expand upon– the ideological coalition is essential. One item that such a follow-through might need to incorporate is, in a word, JOBS(!). This is so not only because so many millions are suffering and need IMMEDIATE relief, but also because almost no one of any political stripe will fail to recognizes this (not to mention how the imperialism abroad is tied to the joblessness at home), and it would seem to be another solid source of bridge-building. As everyone here knows, however, HOW to address the jobs issue is a key divider among the diverse groups represented here. I hope the leadership here can find a way to overcome such division and lead us to the next steps as a united coalition. Perhaps there can be leadership groupings (always consisting of members representing at least two or more of the diverse ideologies represented here) spread across the nations by region or other category that will cover the nation and can coordinate activity. I don’t know, it is just a thought, but one that I “pray” others, more capable than myself, are giving serious thought to, “as we speak.”

  572. Bill Walker says:

    The President can’t declare war. All the people you’re killing are victims of piracy.

    At least have the decency to return your Peace Prize.

  573. Brian Adams says:

    Brian C. Adams
    Brown Deer, WI

  574. John Carr says:

    John Carr
    Artist & Curator
    Yo! Peace and LA Vs. WAR

  575. Kevin Ryan says:

    Kevin Ryan
    Journal of 9/11 Studies

  576. It’s time to declare victory and end it.

  577. Keith McAlister says:

    Keith McAlister
    Marietta, Ga.

    End the wars, close the foreign bases, end the empire.
    Bring All The Men and Women Home!

  578. Patrick Pilkington says:

    Patrick Pilkington
    Greenville, RI


  579. These voices and words must be heard. We have a become an enemy to ourselves in
    a tragic, immoral endeavor. Our warring spirit must be tamed for the good of the world.
    Thank you for this effort.

  580. Erin Miller, Oakdale, MN says:

    I agree. Please bring them home.

  581. Adam Carroll says:

    Adam Carroll
    El Paso, TX

  582. Hasan says:

    Peace for all.

  583. Please add my name to the petition.

  584. Maris Yeager says:

    Maris Yeager
    Phoenixville, PA

  585. Pingback: Phone home America |

  586. Christopher M. Schroeder
    Castaic, CA

  587. John W. Loeffel, Sr. says:

    A wonderful time — the War:
    when money rolled in
    and blood rolled out.
    But blood
    was far away
    from here —
    Money was near.
    Langston Hughes

  588. James L. Nash Jr. says:

    Stop all wars!

  589. Jack Smith says:

    Hi Elliot, Thank you for doing this! Jack Smith – actively retired – Seattle, WA
    Solidarity Forever!

  590. Glen Anderson says:

    The U.S.’s arrogant and violent foreign policy is a direct threat to our own nation — economically, politically, and in terms of retaliatory violence against Americans. STOP IT! Learn to get along with others.

  591. Barbara Tarburton says:

    Bring the troops home way. Too many are still being killed and at least 18 a day are committing suicide after they get home. There is so much good we could have done with all of this money and there is still good we could do. STOP ALL OF THESE ILLEGAL IMMORAL INVASIONS OF OTHER COUNTRIES.

    Barbara Tarburton

  592. Peter Yff says:

    We have drifted far from the principles on which our nation was founded. In the process we have ended hundreds of thousands of lives and brought desolation to millions of others. Instead of basing our policies on basic human rights, we think only in terms of power, thus bringing our country’s reputation to an all-time low. Our best way out of our predicament is to bring an immediate end to our militarism and to offer our services in the cause of human rights.

  593. Steven E. Yorgason says:

    Thanks to Chalmers Johnson, Lew Rockwell, Daniel Ellsberg and so many other courageous patriots for their intellectual clarity and willingness to set an example that this movement embodies. It’s time for all Americans to say “Enough!” to US imperial ambitions.

  594. Peter Brooks says:

    Stop all these aggressions NOW!

  595. Jake Haynes says:

    Why can’t we just follow our Constitution? Bring our troops home! Policing the world is NOT protecting the United States. In fact, it is creating more hatred of us and our bullyish policies.

  596. Richard Fast says:

    Fuck U.S. imperialism!!

  597. Edwina White says:

    War is not a winning strategy — except for weapons makers, and (re)building contractors.

  598. Julie Poulton says:

    Julie Poulton
    Northern California

  599. Kirby Brant CAPT JAGC USNR Ret says:

    Sign me up.

  600. Tracy McCoy says:

    Anti-War the new green movement. Bring’em home.

  601. Susan Errami says:

    I, as well as all I know, are in full agreement. Spend that money instead on the still long suffering economy or the tumbling infrastructure that is this now weakened country.

  602. Marton Sass, Chicago IL says:

    Please add me.

  603. Shauna Lynch says:

    Shauna Lynch, Central Texas

  604. Kit Maira says:

    Just bring our troops home.

  605. Scott W. Strickland
    Corning, NY

  606. Brian Fairall says:

    Stop the murder.

  607. June Schumacher says:

    “Those who live by the sword, will die by the sword.” It is time to clean house in Washington, D.C., and give America a second chance.

  608. Corey Adkison says:

    No more War! I am now 19 years old and we have been in a state of conflict or war for at 3/4 of my life if you put it all together. Come Home America!

  609. Fight war, not wars. Count me in, please. Hope to bring a contingent of anti-war Catholics to Death City in October.

  610. Mike Tiner says:

    While I applaud the initiative taken by this site I cannot, in good conscience, include myself in something of this caliber that is merely symbolic.

    The first mistake I feel this letter makes is the false assumption that any politician who reads it actually cares what you think. Frankly, I am a little disappointed that some of the names that included their signature in the actual letter (not signatures from the comment section) still believe so.

    A second mistake is that there really is no meaningful call to action if the politicians fail to listen. Obviously everyone that signs this letter believes in it enough to include their signature. What happens when the politicians fail to act on your concerns? Will you say to yourself “Oh well. I tried.”? Will you campaign to vote them out of office? Big deal. They’ll get some cushy consultant or lobbying job and be set for life, if they’re not already.

    I think it’s time to put our money where our mouths are. It’s time to stop paying for war. I stopped a long time ago, and I know others have too, but maybe it’s time more do the same.

    This does not have to be an organized strategy. I am working on a grassroots model that can be followed by any one person in any community across the country. I’ll post more details in a bit.

  611. Joseph Dunford says:

    Let’s end the wars.

  612. Carole A. Kronberg says:

    Add my name to the (ever more) number of “peaceniks,” demanding an end to war. When enough of us sign and then gather in protest, they’ll STOP! –Like they HAD TO before!

  613. gary kuech says:

    RON PAUL 2012

    Gary Kuech Sr., Monee, IL

  614. Karyn Nelson says:

    Ron Paul is our best hope.
    Rand Paul is next.
    Campaign for Liberty
    Young Americans for Liberty
    Count me in too…..

  615. G. thompson says:

    Pray for Peace.

  616. G. thompson says:

    Pray for Peace. & sign me up as well!

  617. Curtis Coates says:

    Curtis Coates
    Fairview, North Carolina

  618. please add my name:
    Anne M Mulderry, member, September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows

  619. Thomas Gilmore says:

    Three trillion dollars were spent in the last 10 years for war!
    What have the American people gained from this?
    Make the defense corporations and banks pay for these wars.

  620. Doug Zimmerman says:

    War is a lie

  621. Andy Hill says:

    End the insanity, the wanton slaughter, these unsustainable adventures abroad.

  622. Urbane Peachey says:

    Dr. Andrew Bacevich writes in Washington Rules: The American credo “summons the Unit ed St ates–and t he United St ates alone–to lead, save, liberate, and ultimately transformt he world. In a celbrated manifesto issued at the dawn of what he termed the ‘American Century,’ Henry Luce made the case this spacious conception of global leadership.” Luce exhorted the US “to accept wholeheartedly our duty t o exert upon the world the full impact of our influence for such purposes as we see fit and by such means as we see fit.”

  623. Charles B. Lane says:

    The United States’ involvement in wars of aggression and occupation can only be sustained by a constant barrage of demagogy to instill fear in the population. This tactic has succeeded in driving this country to the brink of a real police state, as author Andrew Kolin states in his recent book:” State Power and Democracy: Before and during the Presidency of George W. Bush”. Kolin writes: “The U.S. shares all the major attributes of a Third World police state: a constant state of emergency in which security always trumps civil liberties; sidestepping of laws by the government; excessive secrecy; the use of preventative detention and holding enemies of the state without filing formal charges; the manufacturing of reason for going to war”.
    With all the intelligent and well-informed people in this land, how is it possible that we cannot stop this madness? Have the entrenched powers of evil managed to make themselves immune to any attempt to turn the country around? We can see daily how certain elements in Washington and the various state capitals are racing hell-bent-for-leather towards the end of our experiment in democracy and the rule of law undergirded by the very civil liberties which form the basis of our national ethos. They pay lip-service to these high principles, but undermine them at every opportunity by pandering to the elements which use their huge financial resources to corrupt and co-opt these public “servants”.
    Our situation is dire, much more so even than following the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Will we rise to this occasion to let our voices be heard at the highest levels of our national leadership? Or will we meekly let the current trend continue until all is lost?

  624. Greg Yosmali says:

    Stop the empire, we need to learn from history.

    Greg Yosmali
    Lexington, KY

  625. John Stoner says:

    The actions proposed by this letter are the least that this country should do to get on a better path.

  626. As a minimal first step, we should close our military bases in countries with which we are at peace.


    Dear, Commander Obama. You are so far away from being a president.
    come home and stop following the evil tendencies that are being whispered into your ears.

    i Know very well that not a single man can come up with all the Evil acts and Evil decisions you are making but a conglomarate of Evileers.

    remember that all violations commited on this earth will be payed in full…

    and that goes for all of us.

  628. Arlo J. Pignotti
    AJ Processing
    1607 Sage Hollow Cir.
    Austin, TX 78758

  629. Cynthia Dunn says:

    I have no real comment to leave because I don’t believe that Obama represents the people. He is part of the machine, a corporate puppet and has followed in the footsteps of Bush. He is a fraud and deceiver. I don’t believe that he cares about the people of the USA at all. Hope and Change was one BIG FAT LIE. Join with US UNCUT, MOVEON,ORG and other groups that are really fighting for change. Write in your next presidential candidate and quit voting in corporate hacks. I’m writing in Grayson. Support the efforts of all truth tellers who want to expose the corruption and lies. Obama does not care if our kids die, if foreigners die. Obama does not care about Manning. Obama does not care about the middle class. Obama does not care about anything but his corporate handlers and Obama. I voted for him, I supported him, I read both his books. I can’t stand him anymore. He is more vile than Bush because at least Bush truly represented what a selfish spoiled delusional man he was as President. Same with Cheney, he practically exudes corruption from his very pores – same with Rove – but Obama, that “man” held out hope and promise and has done nothing but continue on with the Bush/Cheney/Rove agenda. So, there is my no comment – I have NO CONFIDENCE IN OBAMA TO DO THE RIGHT THING EVER. We have to do it ourselves. VOTE HIM OUT. And Please don’t put in one of the republican clowns. Just write in a decent candidate – the known ones you can count on one hand. Maybe communities can put forth names of good people in their own hometowns. Please chose people with half a brain and ethics. Obama you are A SNAKE IN THE GRASS. BRING OUR KIDS HOME YOU WAR MONGERING RAT.

  630. Sue Cohen says:

    Peace begins at home!

  631. Anton Dolinsky says:

    I hereby sign this document, with which I wholeheartedly agree.

    -Anton Dolinsky
    San Francisco, California

  632. Cris says:

    Please stop killing innocents and respect countries Sovereignty its people and their native culture. Promote organic natural original food, peace and love among mankind. Kisses and hugs for all. ❤

  633. Rick Nesti says:

    We need to leave the issues for later, the wars must end. War will consume our entire nation and what soul we still possess.

  634. Valerie Borders says:

    I agree we need to reduce the United States military complex. Further, I agree with one signer of this document who stated: “I’m in complete agreement EXCEPT for the paragraph beginning “Even with the raid on the Osama Bin Laden refuge…” The raid itself was a flagrant act of state terrorism and one of the US’s nastiest violations of the Nuremberg Charter. It was an act of war; an invasion with no provocation by Pakistan. Assassinations without provision for trial are violations of international law. The US runs rampage not only in its wars but in its presumption that it owns the world and therefore it can invade any country for whatever purposes, with impunity. The Nazis were tried in Nuremberg for the same crimes. I have read only one good article on this, he war crime constituted by the “raid” and assassination of Bin Laden (along with family members): by Noam Chomsky. You can sign my name, but please, with this comment beside it.”

    The United States has become an international bully in my opinion and I am against the imperialistic view our governmental leaders have taken with regard to other sovereign nations.

  635. I have been abused by country and family because I opposed the military interventions of thge USA since Iraq war I—and did vote for Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan and would have voted for Bob Barr this last election had I been available to vote last election. I support Hannitty on Fox and writers such as Buchanan,Raimondo and Paul craig roberts.

  636. George Hunsinger says:

    George Hunsinger, Princeton Theological Seminary

    We have long needed a new foreign and military policy. This initiative is a good place to begin.

  637. Jody Walker says:

    JoAnn L. Walker
    Cumberland, MD
    I am in complete agreement. Please add my name to this document.

  638. Where have all the flowers gone? Gone to graveyards, everyone.
    Archie Logsdon
    Bodfish, CA

  639. Odis Ellis says:

    Richardson, Texas

  640. Terrorists are 5 moves ahead of the U.S. just like a tournament level chess game. They started this whole thing with 911 just to tank our economy over time. It worked. Why doesn’t our govt see that our presence in all those countries is exactly what the terrorists were hoping for? We should just cut and run tomorrow, period. Our business (the U.S. as a country) just can’t afford to participate any longer. And, the bank creditors are calling us on the phone (so to speak) every day wondering where their money is. Time to use all sources to get them paid off.

  641. Gerald Ganann, member Veterans for Peace says:

    From a “nation of laws”, we have become a nation that flaunts the law (while still criticizing [most] other violators). From a nation that opposed torture (starting with George Washington), we have become a nation that embraces torture. From “the home of the brave”, we have become the home of the fearful. From a nation that codified due process in its founding documents, we have become a nation that denies due process at the whim of those in power. From a “noble experiment” that inspired peoples and nations the world over, we have become an ignoble bully-nation that is feared and reviled by those who formerly admired us. We have allowed the powers of Godzilla corporations, extreme wealth and a grotesquely bloated military to seize control of our government and plunge us into endless war. From a dream of life and freedom, we have become a nightmare of death and oppression. The only possible remedy available now is for the citizenry to rise up in its multitudes and take back the country, and the dream, that once was ours.

  642. JBN says:

    First, send Obama, Pelosi, and Reed packing. The Dems made a huge mistake.

    Second, stop crooked lawyers from using the courtesy title of Esquire. It may be used for adult males only and only when one does not use the front title of “Mr.” It has nothing to do with being a lawyer and especially stupid when women lawyers steal it. Are there any intelligent, liberty oriented lawyers out there?

  643. Robert Litwiller says:

    How could anyone NOT support this??

  644. Jim Franz says:

    Total common sense. Time for our politicians to realize that they REPRESENT the people of the United States and are not the chosen few who make unilateral decisions…

  645. Linda Yo says:

    Linda & Ferry Yo, San Diego, CA

  646. Katii Blood says:

    It can’t happen too soon, and by the Grace of God/dess it’s not too late (except for those for whom it is too late because they lost their lives on a ‘war of choice’ battlefield). Please add my name to the list.

  647. “I am tired and sick of war. Its glory is all moonshine. It is only those who have neither fired a shot nor heard the shrieks and groans of the wounded, who cry aloud for blood, more vengeance, more desolation. WAR IS HELL!” William Tecumseh Sherman

  648. Dennis Calhoun says:

    Over the past century, or a little more, the citizens of the USA have allowed themselves to be duped into making a deal with the devil. We have traded America, an ideal that has attracted millions of people from all over the world, for Uncle Sam, a sorry personifiation of greed and power. We want a “do-over” even though we may not deserve it. In order to begin to restore the American ideals of liberity and sustainable opportunity here at home we must honor those ideals abroad. Even if others don’t embrace these American ideals, that is their busniness and not Uncle Sam’s. We must insist that we mind our own business with the realization that even with our best efforts we will be lucky to solve our own problems here at home. We must end all our military and covert imperialist operations abroad (and at home too, for that matter) immediately. Our future and whatever we can salvage of the American ideal depend on it.
    “An empire fights wars because that is what an empire does. And it continues fighting until it finally beats itself.”
    ~ Bill Bonner, Imperial Suicide Daily Reckoning

  649. Dennis Calhoun says:

    Over the past century, or a little more, the citizens of the USA have allowed themselves to be duped into making a deal with the devil. We have traded America, an ideal that has attracted millions of people from all over the world, for Uncle Sam, a sorry personifiation of greed and power. We want a “do-over” even though we may not deserve it. In order to begin to restore the American ideals of liberity and sustainable opportunity here at home we must honor those ideals abroad. Even if others don’t embrace these American ideals, that is their busniness and not Uncle Sam’s. We must insist that we mind our own business with the realization that even with our best efforts we will be lucky to solve our own problems here at home. We must end all our military and covert imperialist operations abroad (and at home too, for that matter) immediately. Our future and whatever we can salvage of the American ideal depend on it.
    “An empire fights wars because that is what an empire does. And it continues fighting until it finally beats itself.”
    ~ Bill Bonner, Imperial Suicide Daily Reckoning
    Sign me up.
    Dennis Calhoun, Navy vet and retired commercial fisherman

  650. Wars should be declared by congress and fought to win. War should be defensive and entered into as a measure of last resort. Train, be ready, defend our borders and avoid foreign entanglements. Seek peace.

  651. Christina Pender says:

    Another American for Peace!

  652. ian says:

    Ian Flynn, concerned citizen and mother Please add me!!

  653. Bruce Carr says:

    America is becoming, swiftly, to be known around the world as the “Wars that will not stop.” Mounthing the words United States of America will be saying the “United States of War.”

  654. sandy fessler says:

    stop the military madness and save this planet from destruction. PEACE NOW!

    Sandy Fessler Rochester Against War Rochester, NY

  655. Debbie Tolson says:

    Debbie Tolson
    Potomac, Maryland

  656. Ben Gockel says:

    Benjamin Gockel
    Saint Paul, Minnesota

    These wars are breaking America.

  657. End War!
    End the State!

    Tim O’Flaherty
    Henniker, NH

  658. Eon G. Cooper
    Lauderhill, FL

    The need for our astronomical defense spending is an obvious failure of U.S. Foreign Policy. I think 730+ military bases across the world could also be trimmed to less than 100.

  659. Richard Staley says:

    Richard Staley
    USMC 2000-2004, Iraq veteran
    Deering, NH

  660. Eugene Marner says:

    The wars are a symptom of collective insanity. We are destroying ourselves and taking the rest with us.

  661. Matthew Sanders says:

    We, the people, object to nation building and the welfare state.

  662. George Fraley says:

    George Fraley
    Chicago, IL

  663. Bring all,from everywhere home, we are to defend our shores, we were not to do criminal acts on other shores.

    Back when, we had men of courage who did not take wars to other lands. Bring out the pride and courage of who we are again.m

  664. Keith Gardner says:

    Keith Gardner – Whitefish, Montana

  665. Robbee says:

    war is not a solution, but rather only creates more war.
    Please stop the insanity!

  666. N Pelosi has got to end up being one of the particular many liberal people in politics within the particular country. It’s hard for me to believe exactly how folks can easily reelect her inside their own appropriate brain.

  667. John Vorel says:


  668. Bruce Leier says:

    This is the budget that must be reduced!

  669. Jim Griffin says:

    we need our troops and resources here to build America, not destroying the neocons’ enemies abroad.

  670. Phil Dennany says:

    The United States Government is the most dangerous terrorist of the world, It’s for corporate profit wars of aggression are all justified by lies and created/manipulated intelligence. All of he ongoing wars (Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya and others) must be stopped and the thugs responsible for these crimes against humanity must be charged for their crimes as required by our own Constitutional laws as well as international law.

  671. Walter Rosenstock says:

    These wars need to end. It’s wastefull and draining our resources we need to use at home.

  672. Nightrelic says:

    Continuing these wars is kind of like, if I was out of money and got addicted to some ridiculous $100,000 a day drug. but I can’t print money or pretend I’m not spending the money. Let’s bring our soldiers and our money home. We need them here.

  673. Thomas Price says:

    It is past time that we do this.

  674. Easan Katir says:

    Ending the wars and reducing the out-of-control military is a giant step toward the solution to America’s financial and moral problems. Count me in as a supporter, and thank you, George, for taking this stand.

  675. srqhiker says:

    We need to get the governments to stop all wars both foreign and domestic (drug war)

    Joe Moraca
    Sarasota, FL

  676. So Obama signs and the debt bill becomes law. Everybody heaves sighs of relief and life carries on as normal – but for what time frame? There’s only so much road you can kick the can down and America is getting close to the end of it. What then?

  677. End war!
    Stephanie Murphy, Lebanon NH

  678. “war is over. if you want it.”

    Mercedes M. Bernard
    San Luis Obispo, CA

  679. Walter Rosenstock says:

    Support our troups. Bring them home now.

  680. war is stupid… the only way to win… is to not do it… or at least be the last one to resort to it…
    it’s particularly stupid to be the one in the fight with everything to lose… fighting against those who have nothing to lose.

  681. John and Martha Stoltenberg says:

    (1) Balance the federal budget by ending the wars of fascist capitalist aggression in the Middle East and North Africa.
    (2) Balance the federal budget by removing all of the fascist capitalist war machine, i.e. the American military, from the Middle East, North Africa, South America, Europe and the Western Pacific.
    (3) Balance the federal budget by drastically downsizing the fascist capitalist war machine.
    (4) Balance the federal budget by ending all of the pork-barrel new weapons programs for the fascist capitalist war machine. In all cases the capitalist war machine doesn’t have a need for these new weapons. The only reason they are being developed is to provide a market for American armaments corporations.
    (5) Balance the federal budget by closing all 900+ foreign military bases used by the fascist capitalist war machine.
    (6) Balance the federal budget by outlawing and disbanding all of the extremely expensive private fascist armies such as Blackwater, DynCorp and Blackhawk.
    (7) Balance the federal budget by ending all military aid for the Philippines, Egypt, Israel, Iraq, South Korea, Taiwan, Columbia, Honduras, Tunisia, Jordan, etc., etc., etc.
    (8) Balance the federal budget by ending all subsidies for the very profitable oil, natural gas and coal corporations, the nuclear power industry, the very profitable large agricultural corporations, etc., etc., etc.
    (9) Balance the federal government by dismantling the huge and growing federal police-state security apparatus.
    (10) Balance the federal budget by ending the extremely wasteful and ineffective war on drugs.
    (11) Balance the federal budget by shutting down all of the illegal foreign prisons operated by the CIA.
    (12) Balance the federal budget by shutting down the US Army’s notorious Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation(WHINSEC), formerly known as the School of the Americas(SOA). The WHINSEC trains police and military officers for fascist capitalist Central and South American governments that use them to brutally suppress political dissent.
    (13) Balance the federal budget by maintaining the separation of church and state and ending all federal Faith-based initiatives. In other words, get the federal government out of the business of promoting religion. The Christian churches are very profitable capitalist business operations that can afford to finance their extremely reactionary parochial schools.
    (14) Balance the federal budget by drastically raising the taxes on the obscenely wealthy pro-fascist capitalist class, the extremely profitable pro-fascist capitalist corporations and their highly overpaid pro-fascist corporate management.
    (15) Balance the federal budget by ending the military build-up for a war with Iran, and/or North Korea, and/or Venezuela, and/or China.
    (16) Balance the federal budget by disbanding the fascist capitalist war machine’s United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM). The original and only purpose of USNORTHCOM is to brutally suppress all legitimate dissent by the working class.
    (17) Balance the federal budget by consolidating the corrupt and redundant Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATF) with the equally corrupt Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
    (18) Balance the federal budget by drastically raising the excise taxes on all automotive fuels, alcohol and tobacco.
    (19) End all of the fascist capitalist war machine’s no-bid contracts, particularly those for the private fascist armies such as Blackwater, DynCorp Blackhawk.

  682. Tony Soldo says:

    The USA is 14 Trillion Dollars in Debt, mostly to other nations, and the monthly interest alone is over 100 Billion Dollars, which had to be borrowed from other nations.
    Yet, the US government transfers over 1 Trillion Dollars a year to Wall Street corporations known also as the Military Industrial Complex.
    The US government also transfers the wealth of the nation to other nations through financial aid and loans.
    This is not sustainable.
    The US Empire is expanding like a Wall Street Bubble, and it must stop expanding or it will collapse, like the US Dollar is collapsing, and hyper-inflation is taking hold of our lives.
    Can you see the problem?
    Stop spending our money, and our future, on never ending wars that serve only the corporate interests, and shut down all US military bases around the world, and return all military personal back to the USA.

    • Charlie Keil says:

      Tony, your analysis very concise and to the point: unsustainable, AND currently going down the tubes. Hope you will help us get the TruthAndTraditions Party started via facebook.

  683. TP Dasa, Priest of the Gaudiya Vaisnava Sampradaya says:

    This might seem a little radical but please hear what I say. I am for ending all useless pre-emptive wars that are mainly for corporate overthrows and one world banking control. But to get to the root of the real problem, the violence starts with slaughter of cows and meat-eating. It creates
    an air of violence and envy of different countries. Mark Twain, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, so many were proponents of Ahimsa or non-violence. It starts with the tongue. Passion increases with each gorge of the tongue to satisfy only the taste for blood. Peace will never be achieved until we can understand the roots of violence. Cow slaughter, abortion, and such violent actions are the root causes of war. Bringing troops home is necessary, but changing our nation’s consciousness is the all-important factor. Read Bhagavad Gita. Hare Krishna.

    • Charlie Keil says:

      There are many ways to “change our nation’s consciousness” rapidly, but some of the best ways are: multiplying the religions of non-violence; reforming education for children’s liberation ( and .com); transitioning to resilient local economies; finding wise citizen-candidates for the 2012 House elections (TruthAndTraditions Party).

  684. Charlie Keil says:

    so happy to find this letter
    and so many fellow signers

  685. Charlie Keil says:

    If everyone signing here were to hook up with TruthAndTraditions Party
    we could elect some rational longterm-thinking citizens to the House.
    It will take a heap of living and loving to call the House our home.
    Bring ALL the troops home to permaculture the 50 states for posterity.
    Time to Transition from militarism to LOCAL RESILIENCE.

  686. Gabriel M. Shippy says:

    Gabriel M. Shippy, Columbus, GA

  687. Erich Miller says:

    Los Angeles, CA

  688. Christ Davis says:

    Milwaukee, WI checking in.

  689. Judy Reed says:

    Please sign my name.

  690. Julia Henton says:

    Vancouver Washington

  691. I add my signature to this petition for Peace.
    John Robert Ulbinsky, Veterans For Peace

  692. Judith A Bradley says:

    Bring our men and women home we need to stop this bloodshed. We are broke wake up american our government is inept not one more life …….

  693. Alan Coltharp says:

    Close the Empire of Bases, bring the troops home. Sooner then at once, quicker then right now!

  694. William Shields says:

    Death, dismemberment and destruction are the only victors in war.

  695. Frank Lambert says:

    War is state-sanctioned gangsterism on a national level, and an enormous crime against humanity by humanity. Working-class people on a killing and maiming other working-class people for the benefit of the ruling-class. It’s been going on since antiquity and each society rationalizes why it is necessary to attack another society.

    I’m looking forward to the day when the “armed forces” recruiters of all nations can’t make their quota and militarism because a relic in human history.

  696. Jack Smith says:

    And the major purpose of these murderous wars is to steal assets from other nations and to make the wealthy people and corporations even richer. Obscene!

  697. Wouldn’t it be glorious to see an attempted citizens arrest of Obama and Hillary Clinton as climate
    expert James Hanson has suggested.

  698. Ava Dale Johnson says:

    As life-long teacher, now retired, I seek chance for my students and 28 grandchildren to
    live humane, health lives in America.

  699. Wilberta Eastman says:

    Dry up the money that supports war. We as “Good Citizen” pay our Federal Income tax. Withhold that part that goes for war. The law of cause and effect will step in.

  700. Zorya Dromont says:

    Thou Shalt Not Kill!

  701. Walter Cole says:

    Murder is murder. Torture is torture.

  702. Gene Jack says:

    No more wars for profit, oil and empire…

  703. irmaly brackin says:

    i am for peace…and i voted for peace when i voted for president..i voted for hope….i’m disappointed…the wars continue and become more complex…..i dream for one [president]..that would actually standby his/her word…end war….the people want peace…

  704. Pamela Reeves says:

    I have no comment other than I vote and a for peace!!

  705. Dee Leone says:

    Many poignant and articulate comments here. You get the idea. It’s time for a sea change.

  706. Mark Aleshnick says:

    Since WWII america has found justification to militarily intervene in the affairs of Iran (four times), Yugoslavia, Uruguay, Greece, Germany, China, the Philippines (three times), Puerto Rico, Korea, Vietnam, Guatemala (twice), Egypt, Lebanon (twice), Iraq (three times and ongoing), China, Panama (twice), Vietnam, Cuba (twice), Panama, Indonesia, the Dominican Republic, Cambodia (twice), Chile, Angola, Oman, Laos, Libya (three times)), El Salvador, Nicaragua, Grenada, Honduras, Bolivia, Liberia (twice), Saudi Arabia, Somalia (twice), Yugoslavia (twice), Bosnia, Haiti (twice), Zaire, Albania, Sudan, Afghanistan (three times and ongoing), Yemen (three times), Macedonia, Colombia, Liberia, Pakistan, and Syria.


  707. Jack Smith says:

    President Obama’s decision to perpetuate and extend the Bush War policy is stupid and harmful to the United States throughout the World. The Israel-Palestine policy extend his major shortcomings.
    On another note, the State of Georgia has scheduled the execution of Troy Davis for tomorrow, Wed, at 7:00 pm. Please keep Mr. Davis in your thoughts, and if you are so moved contact the Governor of Georgia to commute the sentence.

  708. Laura Rose says:

    War is slow suicide. It’s never too late to prioritize life.

  709. David Macko says:

    This is a very distinguished list of libertarian and other principled defenders of peace. How much better off we would be if any or all of these people were in positions of influence in the government of the United States.

  710. Phil Dennany says:

    Not one of the ongoing wars of terror, aggression and corporate profit, had a thing to do with our national security, but in fact are crimes against humanity that should be prosecuted in a world court. We can no longer aford your wasting our national treasue on your needless wars, bring all of our troops and contractors home now!

  711. Jack Smith says:

    Problem – the criminals are the Prosecutors. Would Charlie Manson find himself guilty?

  712. Chester Lau says:

    The U.S. is going in the direction of Almighty Rome with senseless wars ,while NO WAR CHINA is overtaking the U.S.
    Don’t expect my vote again in 2012.

    Chester Lau

  713. Chester Lau says:

    The going in the direction of almighty Rome with senseless wars that drained our human & financial resources while China is over taking the .U.S. in economic & Military supremacy !!!

    Don’t expect my vote in 2012.

    Chester Lau

  714. End War NOW. Not next week, next month or next year. NOW.

    Jessica Dente
    Louisville TN

  715. Ruth E. Kastner says:

    These are just wars of conquest while Americans at home are treated like serfs. End these wars NOW.

    Ruth Kastner
    Greenbelt, MD

  716. Jack Smith says:

    Only 99% of us are treated like serfs. The 1% wealthy are the ones abusing us and they plan to convert us from serfs to slaves. Over my dead body!!

  717. Marty Hunsinger says:

    The issue is not just foreign policy, the war machine is slowly incorporating itself at home. See TSA, police, NFL screenings, teaching us that the state keeps us safe from war via our submission to control, while waging war and putting us in danger elsewhere. The same tyrants implement a creeping tyranny at home and an active terrorism abroad.

  718. tramadol hgc says:

    I just could not go away your site prior to suggesting that I really enjoyed the standard info an individual provide in your visitors? Is gonna be back frequently in order to investigate cross-check new posts

  719. Sandra Gathercole says:

    The U.S cannot change course until it reclaims its political machinery from corporate control.

  720. Barry David Butler says:

    Check out my New Song and Video called “WE ARE THE 99%”.
    Occupy America Party…..Should be the New Political Party for this Movement. They ought to run a Candidate like Elizabeth Warren for Presidient in 2012…Even if it is a Twitter and Facebook Candidacy…You want to focus this down and get some Juice going…That’s the way to do it.


  721. Sean says:

    How does one ‘sign’ an email letter?