Nov 21-23, 2015 in Hiroshima: World Nuclear Victims Forum — I’ll Be There

by Joe Scarry

I’m excited to be preparing to attend the World Nuclear Victims Forum in Hiroshima in November.

I’ll be using this space to share thoughts as the event approaches.

As a start, I’m appending a list of my blog posts on this topic at the end of this post.

Will you be in Hiroshima for the forum? Connect with me on Twitter: @scarry!

Updates . . .

October 12, 2015

Svetlana Alexievich,
Voices From Chernobyl:
The Oral History of a
Nuclear Disaster

As I was preparing this post, the announcement came out thatSvetlana Alexievich had been awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Literature.

One of her most important works is Voices From Chernobyl: The Oral History of a Nuclear Disaster, about those affected by the 1986 disaster.

Valuable reading in preparation for Hiroshima . . . .

(Related resources: see the short film called The Door, which made me realize, “My city could become off-limits — a ghost town — if there was a nuclear accident here!” The novel All That Is Solid Melts Into Air makes clear that, once radiation is released, it is a monumental (and nearly hopeless) task to contain it.)

relevant to World Nuclear Victims Forum

(I) Personal Background

Several posts give some idea about how I came to this issue:

Chicago, IL: Zero Carbon AND Zero Nuclear! on Zero Carbon Chicago
Obama in Japan: How About a Pivot Toward Peacemaking?
The Children Are Waiting
GRATITUDE: People Are Making the Difference in Eliminating Nuclear Weapons

(See also Section (III) below.)

(II) Confronting Nuclear Injury

In recent years, I have written frequently about the importance of facing the reality of what nuclear weapons do. People often wish to avoid seeing these painful facts. And yet seeing them is essential to enabling us to act.

Some of my posts focus on past injury:

American Fire: Still Spreading, Still Inextinguishable
Good Friday 2015: People Will Find the Way to Eliminate Nuclear Injury on Chicago Nuclear Injury Action Group
The Fire and Blast of Hiroshima: Why Are We Still Hiding It?
Approaching Hiroshima: A Challenge for Children’s Literature and Peace Education
Can We Confront the Fire and Blast of Nuclear War and Still Remain Human? (Watching “Grave of the Fireflies”)
NEEDED: MESSENGERS – Americans Need to Hear the Awful Truth of Nuclear Devastation

Some of my posts urge people to think about what could happen in the future:

What’s YOUR “appetite for risk”? (Eliminate nuclear weapons NOW!)
What Would a Nuclear Weapon Do to Chicago? (Go ahead, guess . . . )
Obscene Geometry: The Hard Facts about Death and Injury from Nuclear Weapons
Unfinished Business in Chicago (Nuclear disarmament, that is)
9/11 Fourteen Years On – A Visual Reflection (á la Alfred C. Barnes)
Upgrade Your World. Abolish Nuclear Weapons.
US Mayors “Get It”: The Nuclear Threat Must Be Stopped

(III) The People vs. Nuclear Weapons

My political understanding of the need for The People to assert their consent, in place of nuclear weapons and the handful of men who wield them, is based on the work of my sister, Elaine Scarry:

Reviews of “Thermonuclear Monarchy: Choosing Between Democracy and Doom” by Elaine Scarry

Her work has inspired numerous posts by me, including:

NEEDED: Heroes to Bring About Nuclear Disarmament

Countdown to U.S. Nuclear Disarmament (With or Without the Politicians)

People Power Against War in Japan: A Lesson for Us All?
In the UK: Anti-Nukes + Democracy = ?
Congressional Power and People Power over Nuclear Weapons – What’s it gonna take?
EXTRA! U.S. Congress Notices Problem with Nuclear Weapons!

(IV) Organizing Resistance to Nuclear Weapons


Key 2015 Events for Nuclear Disarmament Movement Organizers
TIME FOR A NUCLEAR BAN? On the 70th Anniversary of Hiroshima/Nagasaki
Why I’ll Be in NYC for Peace and Planet April 24-26
ANGELS, SHEPHERDS, and MUSICIANS: Ring Them Bells for Nuclear Disarmament in 2015

(More on the “Phase Out Weapons Of Mass Destruction”page that is part of the World Beyond War campaign I’m involved with.)

In the Chicago area:

Why Does Chicago Need a “Nuclear Injury Action Group”? on Chicago Nuclear Injury Action Group

Much of my work has involved the use of social media to organize for nuclear disarmament:

5 Ways YOU Can Make a Difference on #NoNukesTuesday
#HiroshimaNagasaki70 – What I Learned on Twitter
“Memes” for Peace and Planet – Promoting the April 24-26, 2015 events
#GOODBYENUKES: 10 Images I’ll Be Sharing From #HINW14Vienna
US NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT: 3 Things Every Tuesdayista Needs to Do

I have joined the call to the faith community to play a leading role in this effort:

Nuclear Disarmament: Are the Churches the Key?
ATOMIC HUBRIS: Are There Some Things That Won’t Be Forgiven?
NUCLEAR WEAPONS: Who will bring us down to earth?
Pope Francis and Nuclear Disarmament: Audacter Dis

(See also this article by my daughter, Alanna Huck-Scarry: “Pope Francis Will Underscore Immorality of Nuclear Weapons” on Women’s Action for New Directions(WAND) )

(V) The Special Need to Focus on US Refusal to Eliminate its Nuclear Weapons

US obligations under Article VI of the NPT:

IT’S A START: U.S. Ambassador: “The P-5 have a responsibility to do more”
A DEAL’S A DEAL! (What part of “nuclear disarmament” doesn’t the US understand?)
360 Degree Feedback in New York (2014 NPT Prepcom and How the World Views the United States)
IRAN NUKES DEAL: What Are They Trying to Tell Us?

More on the need for the US to disarm:

“Two nuclear weapons hit our country in 1945. It is not necessary.” on Chicago Nuclear Injury Action Group
4 WORDS: ” . . . and eliminate OUR nukes!”
The Lesson of Reykjavik: TALK About Nuclear Disarmament (You Never Know)
Job #1 Vis-a-vis Russia: NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT
An Open Letter to Congressman Mike Quigley: Can We Reduce (or Eliminate) the Nuclear Threat?
SOTU 2015: What Will Obama Say January 20 About Nuclear Disarmament?
U.S. and Its Nukes: “We just have kind of taken our eye off the ball here”
Why Are These Military Experts Saying CUT CUT CUT Nukes?
The Cynical American Scapegoating of Korea as a Cover for Nuclear Terror 
The Bankruptcy of U.S. Nuclear Doctrine

(VI) Other

Boeing and the Bomb Worshipers
Now HERE’S an “Asia Pivot” I Can Believe In! (Marshall Islands Sues Nuclear “Haves”)
THE UGLY FACTS IN “RED OCTOBER”: And You Thought the Nuclear Threat Was Hush-Hush
FARE THEE WELL: Deadheads for Nuclear Disarmament?
We’re Rooting for You, Scotland! (Trident NO Scotland YES)

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