Left Progressives Collaborated As Investors in Genocide Owned CNN CIA US Gov & NATO Destroyed Libya

by jay janson

After Colonel Gaddafi overthrew Libya’s colonial King in a bloodless coup, he
transformed his country from the poorest nation in Africa to the wealthiest per capita with
a UN Quality of Life Index higher than that of nine European countries. This was largely
unreported in Western imperialist media, as were the demonstrations of nearly one
million Libyans protesting NATO’s attacks on Gaddafi and Libya’s Green Book

For forty years, as in the case of Fidel Castro, mainstream media, owned and
controlled by investors in genocide, criticized Gaddafi for being a brutal dictator without
mentioning his decentralized Arab Socialist government’s fantastic achievements in high
quality universal education and health care; its successful attempts to reduce infant
mortality; its inroads against homelessness; and its commendable investments in worker-
owned enterprises. Also unmentioned by Gaddafi’s detractors was the impressive aquifer
project that his government used to bring drinking water to coastal cities. The gigantic
aquifer system expansion that was underway now lies in ruins – along with Libya’s cities.
Naturally unmentioned in corporate conglomerate monopolized media was Gaddafi’s
efficient use of Libya’s oil wealth and the Libyan leader’s distinguished Chairmanship of
the African Union. As Chairman, he helped guide Africa out of the shackles of European
exploitation and toward freedom, motivating his fellow Africans to stand up to the
interventionist forces that were so apt to use ‘free enterprise’ in order to accumulate
capital and to control Africa’s natural resources. Of course, carefully unmentioned also
was Gaddafi’s successful disruption of the US Pentagon’s plans to establish a more robust
AFRICON presence in Africa. Global media’s audience was never aware of the very
worrisome threat to the Central Banks and the US dollar posed by the forty-three plus
billion in gold stored in the Libyan National Bank. It had begun to be minted, under
agreement with Iran, into a gold currency that could some day replace trading in the US

History books in the not too distant future will surely call this media failing incredible.
CNN, while spewing its propaganda about ‘Libyan Government crimes,’ offered not a
single video or photo to corroborate anything it was saying. In Capitalism’s Warplanes,
I assiduously document what actually happened in Libya, most of which went unreported
in the American media.

The pathetic speech of a US president desperately attempting to justify his ordering of a
massive US Air Force and Navy missile and bombing attack to overthrow a small African
nation will surely be highlighted in eventual lawsuits against citizens of the US and
NATO nations for wrongful death, destruction of property, and theft of natural resources.
The US and former colonial powers, these lawsuits will rightly contend, used warplanes
to steal Libya’s oil and to keep the country in poverty. I additionally document NATO’s
crimes in There Was No Libyan Peaceful Protest, Just Murderous Gangs and Nic
Robertson, available through Information Clearing House.

Now that Libya is utterly destroyed, let the reader consider the role of Western alternate
media, the sort supposedly representative of Anglo-American “progressivism” and
socialist anti-imperialism.

Googling the name of Znet founder Michael Albert followed by ‘….and Gaddafi,’ brings
up a terrifically clear example: a long diatribe of unbelievably preposterous lies,
misinformation and half truths concluding with modest support for the US-NATO missile
attacks, bombings and other interventions in Libya.

Next, the reader is referred to the antics of Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin and a
pertinent article by Finian Cunningham published in Global Research on “Democracy

For years, I forced myself to watch Amy Goodman on her “Democracy Now” program
refer derogatorily to the ‘Gaddafi regime’ and promote the lies that CNN’s CIA-fed
anchors were promoting regarding the so called ‘civil war’ in Libya. During her broadcast
on February 22, 2011, Goodman reported that the “Libyan government faces
international condemnation for a vicious assault on the growing uprising against the
four-decade rule of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. On Monday, Libyan troops and pro-
government mercenaries attacked a huge demonstration in the capital of Tripoli. Armed
forces hunted down protesters in the streets, while Libyan warplanes and helicopters
fired on them from above.”

I personally confronted Amy Goodman a couple of years later while she was
documenting an Occupy Wall Street meeting. “Amy, you must be proud of your great
and loyal contribution toward the destruction of Libya and Gaddafi,” I told her. She
looked away.

As Finian Cunningham explains, Amy Goodman and “Democracy Now” have continued
on with criminally skewered reporting on the similar Syrian ‘civil war.’ It seems that once a great lie about US-NATO armed forces has been turned into a truth by 98% of corporate media outlets, most all the Internet-based progressive newsletters and magazines, most of which suffer from weak financial support, quite naturally shy away from confronting something believed as truth by a majority of Americans (not to
mention a majority of Europeans and probably a majority of the non-Western satellite
audience of the Western media giants). There are always plenty of other issues to report
on, issues that bring no danger of losing financial contributions from the large and only
liberal segment of Alternate media readerships.

Such was the silent role of the majority of ‘peace and justice’ organizations which
backhandedly supported the defamation of Gaddafi and his Libya, despite the fact that
Libya at that point had the 53rd highest UN Quality of Life Index in the world and the
highest in Africa. The criminality of such silence before, during and after Libya’s
destruction is compounded by alternate media’s enthusiastic collaboration with many
recognized CIA assets.

With the left progressives and peace and justice groups supporting or acquiescing to
pivotal and basic lies, we arrived at a point of universal credence and acceptance of
deception wherein the Chinese Ambassador to the UN, apologetically defending his
nations diplomatic abstention and refusal to use China’s veto to block the proposed ‘No
Fly Zone,’ noted at the conclusion of his post vote statement that “then there is the
concern for protecting lives,” as if Gaddafi was, as bellowed about everywhere in media
and by politicians, ‘about to massacre his own people ‘ in Benghazi. Of course, there was
no reporting of the peaceful results and welcomed relief of towns liberated by the
advancing Libyan army and militias amid the daily rants against ‘brutal tyrant Gaddafi
and his ‘regime.’

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