Slogan ‘Black Lives Matter!’ Not Intended to Include Lives Taken by Black GI’s Overseas

by jay janson

Come on! First we had Occupy Wall Street claiming to represent 99% of Americans demanding a better cut from the 1% which happens to be perennially investing in profitable illegal mass murderous use of USA’s fantastically powerful Armed Forces.
Now we have this selective Black (American) Lives Matter slogan, while GIs including African American GIs, kill overseas as if ‘Black lives’ don’t matter.

Firstly, a God-awfully high percentage of that 99% of Americans do not support the continuing seventy years of illegal and criminal invasions, bombings and occupation wars in the many dozens of small defenseless nations (earlier occupied and plundered by the Colonial Powers), yet those activists running Occupy Wall Street, in order use that 99%, have made every effort to avoid making and issue of the genocidal US foreign policy that former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark calls the greatest crime since World War Two.
Check it out, Your author has personally, banged his head against a wall in many OWS meetings and basically been told to shut up.

Secondly now, while hundreds of ‘black lives’ (the majority mostly children), are being taken daily in Africa and the Middle East with an inordinate to population number of African Americans participating in this taking of ‘Black lives’ overseas as US soldiers, sailors and airmen, the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement seem to work in blatant disbelief of Martin Luther Kings moral and entirely logical warning that ‘there will be no progress on social justice issues at home while we go on denying the very right to live of the poor overseas at a such an enormous expenditure of social and financial resources that make such progress at home impossible.’ [see Beyond Vietnam -a Time to Break Silence and also Why I Am Against the War in Vietnam

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