The American Committee for East-West Accord

Professor Stephen Cohen recently formed a committee along with prominent statesman such as Bill Bradley and Jack F. Matlock.  They are using their voices to express concern over the heightening tensions in Ukraine, as well as Eastern Europe as a whole.  The tit for tat between NATO and Russia has for worse implications for the peace of the world then anything happening in the Middle East.  Both NATO and Russia have thousands of nuclear weapons, and the danger of war will surely mean the likelihood of nuclear weapons being used.

The world sleeps as clouds darken over Eastern Europe.  Here Professor Cohen speaks with John Batchelor on the latest military build up by NATO in the Baltic States:


About JingoDino

It is difficult to conceive any more proper and appropriate symbol of militarism than that which the Anti- Preparedness' Committee has hit upon. What could be more like the heavy, stumbling, clumsy brutal foolery which is destroying Europe than those old monsters of the past, the armored dinosaurs? These beasts, all armor-plate and no brains, had no more intelligent way of living than that of 'adequate preparedness.' All their difficulties were to be met by piling on more and more armor, until at last they sank by their own clumsy weight into the marsh lands ... Here was an animal unable to do even a little intelligent thinking. Its brain cavity in proportion to the size of its body was more diminutive than that of any other vertebrate. Like the militarist, therefore, it was unable to conceive of any intelligent foreign policy. Moreover, its vision was limited. Its eyes were small and could look only in a sidewise direction. It could not look ahead. - Walter G. Fuller
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