IRAN NUKES DEAL: What Are They Trying to Tell Us?

April 3, 2015: Iran Nuclear Deal Reached

By Joe Scarry, via Scarry Thoughts

The headlines today are about the deal that has been reached with Iran on their nuclear program.

Pundits will wear themselves out for days and weeks talking about what this means for Iran, and “how close the world came to a nuclear Iran.”

But years from now, people will talk about this for what it really was: an intervention by Iran (and the rest of the world) to try to wake the US up to its own responsibility to eliminate its own nuclear arsenal.

Simply stated: Iran has carried the negotiations about this agreement under the Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) right up to the threshold of the every-five-year global review of the NPT, or “RevCon,” which will take place for a month beginning at the end of April at the United Nations. The Iran deal is a detail. The US deal is the main event.

That’s because the US (and the other nuclear “haves”) has an ironclad obligation under the NPT to get rid of their own nuclear weapons. (The relevant section is Article VI.) Really, the only question is what it will take to compel them to comply. (And that’s no small question.)

So what is Iran trying to tell us? Through this negotiation process, Iran has forced our entire society to say it over and over again: the NPT matters … getting rid of nuclear weapons matters ….

Iran could have made a deal a long time ago. The stakes for them in having or not having nuclear capabilities are trivial – relative to their larger purpose.

What they have accomplished is putting the issue of nuclear disarmament — by everybody — front and center in the public discourse at the most important possible moment.

What happens next? It will be practically impossible for the US to waltz into the NPT RevCon without being prepared to talk about its own obligations under the NPT.

But bringing US nuclear disarmament to fruition will require the pressure from all of us . . . .


April 2015: Join all the Peace and Planet

nuclear disarmament activities.


Every Tuesday: spread the word about

the need for nuclear disarmament with

#NoNukesTuesday on social media.


Non-stop: find your member of Congress

and tell them you want nuclear disarmament NOW!

(See sample letter.)

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