Get up, stand up! For a cause. In perpetuity …

by Doug Champeau

For an hour on Wednesday evenings, Wanda joins a small cadre of protesters on the sidewalk of the busy Lake Street/Marshall Avenue bridge. They hold signs insisting that the United States get out.

Get out Afghanistan. Get out of Syria. Get out of Ukraine. Get out of Iraq (again). Get out of Libya, Germany, Japan, Korea and the dozens of other foreign countries where the United States has military bases.

She parades up and down the bridge, holding signs: “Funds for Housing and Jobs!” “No New Wars!” “Bring all the Troops and War Dollars Home!” “No Drones!” “No Barrel Bombs!” and “Peace!”

An antiwar protest; it’s so anachronistic. Even the 8½-by-11-inch fliers for the event look like they’ve been mimeographed.

Read more here.

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