Economic Blowback? Kuwait to Buy LNG From Iran

The big Russia-China energy deal has been getting a lot of press lately, but it’s not the only sign that the world is withdrawing its purchasing power from a meddlesome United States and an expansionist NATO/European Union. Now Kuwait, once one of the staunchest US allies in the Middle East, is playing footsie with Iran for natural gas.

Since 1990 —  when the US sent half a million troops and led an international coalition of 38 countries to  eject Iraq’s invading army from the country — the US and Kuwait have been thick as thieves, one might say. Kuwait even allowed itself to be used as a primary launching point for 2003’s US invasion and occupation of Iraq. And Iran has been Kuwait’s real bete noire since its Islamic revolution, allegedly extorting “terror taxes” and so forth from Kuwait and other Gulf states.

But Kuwait is the second Gulf state, after Oman, to start making friendly with Tehran.

What gives?

My guess is that the world is beginning to perceive the US as stretched thin both militarily and economically and that we’re seeing the beginnings of a global re-alignment away from the US and its dollar and toward regional powers (Russia, China, Iran). If so, this may end up remembered as the US War Party’s biggest and most damaging debacle of all.

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