You Know Who is Planning to Kill Your Family, Yet You Don’t …

by jay janson

You Know Who They Are, Who Are Planning to Kill Your Family, Who Have Become Infamous for Having Killed Families All Over the World.
And You Know They Are First Making Your Economy Scream.
But Rather than Bonding with Survivors of Past and Present Killings and Those Targeted Like Yourself for Future Killing, You are Suckered by Your Progressive Capitalist Professors and Leftists into Paying No Heed to the Surviving Victims of Past Families Killed and Other Families Being Killed Currently Like You Know Your Family is Targeted to Be.

Instead You Wait and Only Protest As the Killing of Your Family Begins, while Your Intellectuals Ostentatiously Describe the Unfairness and Injustice of Topical Ongoing Killings of Families in Multiple Nations, much the same as Progressives do in the Society of the Killers.

You and Your Scholarly Writers Do Not Attack the Killers. You Just Plead and Complain about Their Getting Ready to Kill Your Family, Crossing Your Fingers that Your Family will Escape the Same Fate of So Many Many Other Families, which Also Had Only Focused on Their Own Family while The Killers Went On Killing Families Separately – Picking Them Off One by One.

Neither You Nor Your Professors Ever Call for the Killers’ Prosecution, Never Cite the Well Documented Files Available to the Public that Prove Their Killings of Families have been Punishable Crimes Against Humanity,
Never Seek to Upend the Believability of Their Absurd Media Sound-biting Lies and Disinformation that Justify All the Colonial-Neocolonial Powers Killing of Families as Good.

You and Your Left Intellectuals Never Think to Promote a Call for the Law that Exists in the Hearts of Family Members of Victims Everywhere to be Brought Down Upon the Killers of Families.

Just as Professional Activist Writers in the Society of the Killers, Your Defending Journalists Never Cite the Nuremberg Principles, the World Peace Act, Constitutional Law, Common Law, and Scriptural Law;
Never Demand that the Assets of Killers of Families, and the Speculative Investment Bankers They are Beholden to, be Seized to Pay Out Compensation for Wrongful Death in the Millions, Wrongful Injuries in the Tens of Millions, Reparations for Mega Destruction of Property and Theft of Natural Resources Necessary to Sustain Life.

You listen to Your Progressive Professors and Leftist Journalists Debate the Killers’ Omniscient Deceiving Investors-in-War-Controlled Media on the Details of Only the Latest Family Killings that are Still Current Topical News.  Crimes Against Peace Already Committed Against Your Family or Any Family Murdered in the Past Will Not Be Written or Talked about as such by Your Journalists and Government Spokespersons, just as in the Phony Anti-war Industry of the Killers.  Instead What are Really Prosecutable Crimes Against Humanity will be Written and Spoken about as Unprosecutable, Unchallengable and Legal Fait Accompli Big Power Realpolitik.

Meanwhile Media of the Killer Colonial-Neocolonial Powers goes on Successfully Convincing Sufficient Audience that Those Doing the Killing, Are the Protectors of the Families They Have Killed and the Families They Are Presently Killing.

Neither You Nor Your Learned Liberal Humanitarians go on the Offensive to Undermine the Believability Power of Their Families-Killing-Justifying-with-Lies Media by Quoting Their Awesomely Dangerous and Implacable Enemy Martin Luther King Jr !

Before They Shot King Dead in Desperation,Their Media first Vilified him as an Anti-America Traitor, then Cleverly made the Assassinated King a National Hero – but Solely of the Civil Rights of Non-white Americans and Evilly Completely Blacked Out into Obscurity King’s Condemnation of Their Killing Dozens of Families of Non-Caucasians on Three Continents since 1945!

You and Your Left Intellectuals Help the Killers Continue Their Genocide by Not Using Any of the Powerful Ammunition that Martin Luther King Jr. Provided You and All Third World Families – by not Seeking to Break Their Taboo on Mentioning King, the Condemner of US Genocide.

King’s  Scathing, Blistering and Factual Condemnation of Their Atrocity Killings and Genocidal Covert Killing is Readily Available on the Internet in Rev. Kings World Shaking Sermon ‘Beyond Vietnam – a Time to Break Silence.’ []

When Many Families Bring  Back to Life King’s Condemnation of His Government and Media, Monster Criminal Media’s Credibility Will Become Damaged Beyond Repair.

You Consider Yourself Innocent of Helping Them Kill all the Other Families, But You Like Other Families in Your Self-isolated Self-concern Have Matched the Indifference in the Killers Home Country that Makes It Possible for the Killers to Have Continued Killing Family after Family over Many Generations.

When All the Families Targeted for Death by the Paleface Colonial-Neocolonial Powers Understand that a Unopposed Killer Attack on One Nation’s Family Presages the Success of Their Next Killer Attack that May Be Your Family, then Families of the Third World Will  Unite in Protecting Each Other by Insisting that the Laws of Humanity Be Enforced.

Otherwise, Killers of Families Will Never Stop Killing Whichever Families the Bankers Who Control Them Need Killed in Order for Investors to Buy Cheaper and Steal as Much as Possible.

To be able to Continue Holding Power Over Us, Ungoverned or Governing Private Capital Must Grow and Expand, and More Often than not by Mass-Murder and Theft. They will Kill until Arrested and Prosecuted along with Their Investor Masters.

Revolutionaries Work for Justice and that Families may Live, and Live in Natural Happiness. Progressives work to elaborate the injustice we have already seen for ourselves. Progressives Appear to be  Good, while  Illogically and Hopelessly Working to Reform the Unreformable and Impossibly bring about Progressively Less Injustice and Progressively  Less Killing of Families. They do So No Matter How Greatly the Killers Increase the Death Toll.

Revolutionaries Throughout History Have Learned Not to Trust or expect Leftists Critics of the Plundering White World to to Call for Bringing Their Fellow citizens to Trial. This Call for Justice by Law Must and Will Come from Within the Non-White Populations Attacked by the Killers.

Only the More Mentally Sane and Civilized Citizens of the Tortured and Victimized non-White Nations Can Save the World from the Savage and Automaton Greed, Insanity and Terror of the Self-dehumanized Plundering Speculative Investment Western Banking Elite.

There is No Other Way to Stop Them from Killing. Many within this Runaway Genocidal Insanity Must be Saying to Themselves at Night, ‘God, Someone Please Stop Me.’

The Mentally Healthier and Happier, Earlier Civilized and Cultured Non-White Population that Constitutes a Whopping Six Sevenths of Humanity has been for Five Centuries under Lethal Attack by the Dutiful Uniformed Killers Hired by the  Speculative Investment Banks.

Your Telesur Advisory Board is Presently  Composed of Intellectuals, Progressives, Reformers and Professional Critics of the Killers of Families. Will Telesur be Intending to Disable the Banker’s Killers with the Truth About Them that Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Muslim Malcolm X Cried Out Until Silenced by Assassination? Will Telesur Demolish the Credibility of Criminal TV and Press by Sound-biting the Awesomely Striking Truthful Words of Imam Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Damning Condemnations of Their Crimes Against Humanity, and the Outcries of the Killer’s Internal and Eternal Enemies of Yesteryear, Helen Keller, Eugene Debs and Thorstein Veblen? This would be in tune with the teaching of Peoples Revolutionary Hero Hugo Chavez.

Your Friendly and Compassionate RTTV, the Single Channel Telecasting the Truth about Topical Killing of Families seems Angelic and almost Like It Is the Enemy of the Killers of Families, but RTTV up to this date has Shown No Intention to Stop the Killing of Families. RTTV Remains Silent Regarding Russia Giving the UN the Okay for the Killers of Families’ NATO Bombers, Ships and Media to Destroy Libya, the Prosperous Arab, Decentralized, Socialist, Green Book Democracy with a Quality of Life Index Even Higher than Nine European Nations including Russia.

Your Friendly RTTV has gone Along with CIA fed CNN et al First World Media in referring to the Killing of the Syrian Family as ‘Civil War’ and not the Usual Family Killing Organized  from Wall Street that it Really is.

RTTV Tele-journalists have not called Sanctions on Iran, Cuba, Syria and the norther part of Korea Prosecutable Crimes Against Humanity and Crimes Against Peace. RTTV Has Not Reported Threats of Nuclear Attack on These and Other Families as Prosecutable Crimes.

And Up to Today’s Date, Your Families own Pro-Revolutionary Media is copying the Liberal Alternate Media of the Killer’s in Carefully Refraining from Calling for the Only Thing that Will Make All the Killing of Families Unprofitable for the Colonial-Neocolonial Investors in War Who Control Most of the World, Namely, THE LAW.

Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark has given his name to encouraging journalists not to write interesting exposes, erudite explanations, entertaining insights into the horror of the nearly continuous US genocide as Realpolitik, as if it were something other than prosecutable crimes against humanity and crimes against peace.  Mass homicidal events are being avidly discussed as news and politics, almost never as crimes against humanity and crimes against peace, rather as if they were as unchallengeable as the weather.  Professors and other intellectuals are, by such omission, leaving their reading public with the gut feeling that the lethal bombings, invasions, wars of occupation and covert violence are somehow lawful and that those engaging in, supporting and abetting this mayhem will not, and cannot, be brought before the law.
Apropos to the above, Arundhati Roy writes in Her Latest Book ‘Capitalism: A Ghost Story,’ “well funded NGOs have waded into the world, turning potential revolutionaries into salaried activists, funding artists, intellectuals and filmmakers, gently luring them away from radical confrontation, ushering them in the direction of multi-culturalism, gender, community development — the discourse couched in the language of identity politics and human rights.” In This Startling New Book She Proves Her Claim.

Among Other Examples, She Describes the Civil Rights Movement turned into African American Community Backers of Capitalism and Imperialist Wars and the Killing of the Families of Non-white Brothers on Three Continents. OpEdNews has published an in depth article on this betrayal of King. []

This will be corrected by calls for justice from the tortured and plundered non-Caucasian nations of Majority Mankind.

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