“Any Efforts to Disrupt This Democratic Process Will be Seen Clearly for What They Are”

That’s US Department of State spokesperson Jen Psaki, declaring her government’s refusal to recognize the results of Sunday’s referendum on autonomy in the eastern parts of Ukraine and its support for an “election” to be held May 25th by the Kiev junta which managed to violently seize power (after ten years of US support and “color revolution” funding) in February.

Not having been on the ground in eastern Ukraine, I can’t speak to how “free and fair” the voting was … but even administration-lapdog media in the United States reported on the junta’s “National Guard” troops gunning down would-be voters in the streets. Some “democratic process.”

Ukraine is bleeding out and US policy seems to be geared toward making sure it keeps cutting itself until it collapses and dies instead of recovering and resuming something like a normal, amicable life.

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2 Responses to “Any Efforts to Disrupt This Democratic Process Will be Seen Clearly for What They Are”

  1. Jack Smith says:

    THE Empire Stikes back. – American version

  2. peteybee says:

    See one of many videos of this incident here… the crowd tries to stand up to the gunmen, who just shut down the polling station. Indeed the gunmen behave like police– respectful as long as they are obeyed, then one of the crowd touches one of them on the shoulder and they fire a bunch of warning shots and shoot a couple of people (one of them visible in this video). http://spreadanidea.wordpress.com/2014/05/11/may-11-krasnoarmeysk-kiev-provisional-governments-law-enforcement/

    It was proclaimed to be an “anti-terroist” operation, by the US-backed, but unelected, Kiev provisional government. The terrorist activity they were sent to stop by force: people putting check marks on pieces of paper, attempting give their consent to a government which does not say racist things about them.

    As they used to say at protests… “This is what Democracy looks like”.

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