Boston Chapter of Come Home America Statement on Ukraine

by Doug Fuda, John Walsh and Joe Ureneck 

Recent events in Ukraine have once again stirred the cry for U.S. intervention and possibly another war.  We call for immediate termination of U.S. government interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine and Europe and condemn all efforts for further involvement – military and non-military.

We believe that the Ukraine crisis is the predictable end result of U.S. policy toward Russia and Europe. The peaceful dissolution of the Soviet Empire was a miracle of the 20th century. And what was the response of the U.S. regime? Triumphalism and taking advantage of the vacuum! Expand NATO, dream up new projects for the archaic alliance, push to the borders of Russia, put missiles in Poland. In 2008, Senator John McCain, during the brief Georgian/Russian conflict over South Ossetia,  proclaimed, “Today, we are all Georgians,” hoping to start a new Cold War, even though most Americans could not find Georgia on a map! Now it appears McCain’s wish has been granted.

These provocations, along with the demonizing of Putin, were among the most dangerous policies of the U.S. empire and now they have led to a major confrontation between nuclear powers in an area of the world where the U.S. has no vital interests. This is madness.

What is clear is that our government spent $5 billion in Ukraine to undermine an elected government.  That fact is established by the open admission of Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland as part of a now famous phone intercept where Ms. Nuland was deciding along with the U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine on just who would be the leaders of the new government.  That followed the presence of both Ms. Nuland and other U.S. officials in Kiev’s Maidan Square, calling  for ousting the duly elected government. Whatever the pros and cons of that government, we deplore and condemn the interference of our government in the affairs of another sovereign state.  That is our right and responsibility when it comes to our government which represents us, which we fund with our hard earned taxes and which we supposedly control in democratic fashion.

The affairs of Russia, Crimea and Ukraine are none of the business of our government – whatever we may think of these matters as private citizens.  Given that, we repeat our call for an end to all U.S. intervention in these matters, economic, political and military.

We conclude with the recognition that our country is a military Empire, often called a Superpower in the euphemism of the day.  We oppose and condemn an imperial U.S.  for the harm it does both abroad and at home.  We would also volunteer that we do not wish to pay the high cost of this Empire, amounting to over $1 trillion a year. We call for complete U.S. withdrawal from NATO and an end to deadly “entangling alliances,” as George Washington called them. We call for a normal country free of military bases around the world and dedicated instead to prosperity at home and non-interference in the affairs of others.  That is the only sound and humane way to conduct ourselves in the 21st Century.

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3 Responses to Boston Chapter of Come Home America Statement on Ukraine

  1. johnkstoner says:

    Many, including myself, agree that we do not wish to pay the trillion dollar cost of US militarism. So then, let’s action to our words. Refuse war taxes, It’s simple, it’s available to every tax payer, it’s clear in its message. Visit http://www.1040forpeace,org to see how to do symbolic war tax resistance. On that site, click the 1040 button. It’s like the Boston Tea Party. Let’s all throw some of this tea into the harbor!

  2. johnkstoner says:

    Oops, here the corrected URL for the johnkstoner post:

  3. Germany TV report by ARD Monitor (Germany’s 60 Minutes).

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