Western Intellectuals Will Never Call for Prosecution of Their Own

by jay janson

Knowledgeable and internationally aware people within Majority Mankind (the six billion Earthlings who live in the plundered Third World), have long had enough of the high-flown but meaningless erudite reporting of apathetic First World intellectuals dispassionately chronicling the lethal foreign policies of the Neo-Colonial Powers they reside in. 

Your author has had occasion to mention the efforts of anti-imperialist organizations and writers previously admired to friends in Third World countries on three continents that have suffered US bombings  and invasions. Whether the friends are students or professors, their reaction to my attempt to show that there is an antiwar movement in the English speaking world has always been the same. My overseas friends invariably look back at me in silence, while some exchange glances with each other. It’s a conversation ender. By their bloody experience, no concerned white person, if there be any, has ever prevented a single death or maiming from flying metal exploded by US military in Korea, Vietnam, Dominican Republic, or Libya.  

In both alternate media and in criminal mainstream corporate media, First World intellectuals condemning their governments’ policies, are referred to,  as being ‘on the Left,’ progressive, antiwar and dissidents. All the great savage trading empires of Europe have had their liberal intelligentsia criticizing and apologizing for at least some of the brutal colonial ‘policies’ of their fellow countrymen, fellow countrymen who perforce had to be of lesser morals and intellect to behave so inhumanely with indifference, even pride, while efficiently serving  banks and Empire in bringing in the plunder. Just so does the current crop of fine journalists and authors of the First World’s liberal intelligentsia understandably hold themselves above and apart from the more numerous dishonest university professors, editors and mainstream journalist prostituting themselves in service to the blood soaked status quo of permanent war. 

Our erudite and truthful journalists respond to, and satirize, the idiotic statements of war criminal dolts like bomber-pilot-would-be-President Senator McCain, and bother to ridicule the obvious lies and the self-righteous posturing of another would-be-President and killer of Vietnamese patriots, hapless Secretary of State Kerry. Progressives quote and dispute the solemn belligerent blustering of President Obama as if a US president ever wielded real personal power. Alternate media writers deride  America’s paste-em-up poster-boy politicians, who proclaim in a serious voice whatever CIA and their Wall Street handlers want said. What these bought criminal high officials say, their pathetic ‘patriotic’ lies, become engraved in stone as much for the serious treatment given them by progressive writers as for their jingoist-sound-bite repetition in CIA-fed and corporate-controlled commercial mass media.

Most of the world’s most published journalists on the Left are history professors, highly ‘in the know’ about the truth of current events, but they rarely lift up the edge of the rug to show their readers just who in the war speculating investment banking community is really calling the tunes. Amazingly, the name David Rockefeller rarely comes up. But his confidents the Dulles brothers, Kissinger and Brzezinski have run US wars from the second invasion of Korea onward. 

Is it possible that so many highly educated and talented progressive writers commenting on current events do not understand the subservience of governments to circles of financial power?  It would seem so, for this writer has felt compelled to continually quote from the note that President Roosevelt, America’s last insider wealthy aristocrat president, wrote in confidence to a close associate, “You and I know that the government has been owned by a financial element in the centers of power since the days of Andrew Jackson.”[FDR letter to Colonel House, 1932]

My historian colleagues embarrassingly argue ‘policies’ that are unarguable crimes against peace to start with. They expose criminal commercial media lies, but do so on the agenda of the criminals, new slaughter by new slaughter, letting the earlier crimes against humanity get buried away from attention as ‘mistaken policies!’  – never as prosecutable crimes against humanity. For those of us who are able to put ourselves in the shoes of the grieving, a plethora of intellectualized genocidal wars reported as ‘mistaken policies,’ committed essentially by white people, stare us in the face most glaringly: Libya, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea. It has become obvious to your writer that the antiwar industry is not really interested in getting to the dirty bottom of things, only to distinguish themselves from their gung ho countrymen. 

Looking to Writers in the Immense Persecuted and Plundered Third World for Deliverance.

The common man throughout the Third World, and poor immigrants with the least book learning working in the First World, whose minds have not been filtered to the degree of avid readers of the First World, tend to never forget common sense awareness like ‘He who pays the piper calls the tune.’ And they make no distinction between white people who say they are against their wars and those that are for their wars. 

Zapatista revolutionaries in Mexico follow the teaching of Ivan Ilich whose most important bock was, “The Deschooling of Society.”  The lyrics in Pink Floyd ‘s big hit, ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ from their album ‘The Wall’, strike a chord of common sense in all who agonize over US-NATO continuing genocide.
“We don’t need no education! Hey teacher! Leave them kids alone,” 

People don’t formal‘education’ to know that Americans and citizens of other colonial-neocolonial powers, just since 1945, have wiped out many millions of God’s children in the Third World. Their killer society brags about it on satellite powered TV, even shows occasional videos of death and destruction accomplished for the good.

First World dissidents, as children, were unavoidably exposed to systematic indoctrination regarding ‘Manifest Destiny’ and American exceptionalism starting while in kindergarden. Even at 82, yours truly can still notice now and them some residue of indoctrination not completely eliminated.

Since the intellectuals of the West have failed, or have never intended, during nearly seventy years to stop US-NATO genocide, shall we not best look to writers in the immense Third World and writers within the persecuted little third world immigrant population of imported workers in the US, UK, France, Germany and elsewhere in Europe?

Intellectuals and the reading public in Third World nations, have heard enough of professional dissidents within the liberal intelligentsia of colonial powers making themselves look like good guys standing against the ‘foreign policies’ of manslaughter of their own over-and-over-again ‘democratically’ reelected governments. Dissidents write of acts of their government that take the lives of millions as ‘mistaken foreign policy’ in Realpolitik, as something they themselves as journalists are in no way complicit because they write in protest. 

For all the attention alternate media gives to protesting ‘policies,’ what gets obfuscated is a needed focus on the dying, maimed and suffering targeted peoples. Without the will and intention to save them, of what use is describing their slaughter as bad or mistaken ‘policy’ rather than the prosecutable crimes against humanity these ‘policies’ really are?  

No protest has ever prevented or stopped any war. That an effective political party could arise today or tomorrow in the bowels of imperialism as part of a protest movement is a cruel and unfounded hope being encouraged by most progressive writers and leaders of peace and justice organizations. More candidly said, it works as a  hoax meant to discourage organizing to bring criminals before the law. Progressive journalism anesthetizes conscience by seeding a sense of ‘nothing can be done, the imperialist powers are too powerful and here to stay.’

First World Progressive Journalism Plays a Rearguard Role in Perpetuating the Genocidal Status Quo  

If the whole of the purpose or intention of dissenting scholarship in the First World writing boils down to protest, this expat American writer, with both Korean and Vietnamese family and students and colleagues in a dozens of nations attacked by the First World, would like to throw forward an appropriate quote from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. ‘Me thinks the lady (dissidents) doth protest too much.’  

Protest? If a gang is committing manslaughter somewhere, citizens don’t protest to the gang. They demand the apprehension of the gang of killers. It is members of the gang that might protest to the gang leader with, ‘I’m against any more killing! ‘We shouldn’t have killed those bank guards! ‘I feel bad about it.’ It would be ridiculous for civic leaders to direct protest to the gang leaders and admonish them for acts of violence and homicide and not call for their arrest and trial, but this is what the whole antiwar industry and progressive journalism is about.

Progressive and antiwar journalists are aware they are living in the belly of the beast, unavoidably socializing with those participating in, supporting and executing the ‘policies’ they protest. If they did not feel themselves part of the imperialist world, they would call for prosecution of those responsible for organizing genocidal crimes against humanity, which in any case will be the only way to stop the genocide being carried out by friends, neighbors and in some cases even family members of dissident intellectuals 


For more than two years the brightest and most informed intellectuals of the white-and-Western powers have been writing detailed investigatory reports about ‘policies’ that have resulted  in massive loss of life and destruction of cities and towns in Syria. For the most part they accept the war-promoting mass-media successfully implanted deceptive nomenclature of ‘civil war,’ many even going along with ‘Assad, the brutal tyrant.’ (Castro, Gaddafi, Chavez, Aristide, Ahmadinejad, Nkrumah and Ho Chi Minh were all honored with this same time worn epithet).  And of course, these progressive critics of, and at the same time perhaps inadvertent backhanded apologists for, imperialism (a good many are progressive imperialists), write about the destruction of Syria and its people, as if they, as journalists, were innocent of their own reelected government’s programmed and executed homicide.

In Syria we have another now hackneyed neo-colonial scam of CIA arranged covert violence followed by war justifying media propaganda lies and Western presidents like Obama solemnly declaring, “this leader (elected or not) has killed his own people who were only peacefully demonstrating and has lost his right to govern.” Are dissident American journalists steadfast in exposing the absence of documentation that President Assad ordered police or soldiers to shoot people peacefully demonstrating? No! they are not! Not only your author has seen Syrian TV showing unidentified snipers on roof tops shooting down into the crowd. The same false flags were witnessed in Kiev last month – goons shooting at both sides – to avoid losing again in an upcoming election.  And something very similar has been going on in Venezuela. Frustratingly, progressive journalists of the First World do not seem to be dedicated to connecting the dots.

On TV, all the world has seen real peaceful demonstrations of thousands even hundreds of thousands in nations made desperately poor by the plundering of Western banks. We have watched videos of these enormous demonstrations fired upon to a great death toll in Cairo, Sana’a and Bahrain without hearing any Western official declare that Presidents Mubarak and Saleh or the self-proclaimed King of Bahrain had lost their right to govern. Libya has been dropped by left journalists in tacit unanimity with criminal media, which has buried all mention of the achievements of Third World hero Gadaffi, including all mention of his UN arranged murder and the obliteration of a real democracy, the highly decentralized socialist Jamahiriya.  Progressive journalism just lets it all go forgotten, accepted and applauded.

Left journalism does not emphasize the continuity within imperialism as US presidents, sad lackeys of Wall Street, ludicrously claim the right to decide that presidents of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and Venezuela and earlier of Honduras, Haiti, Grenada, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Chile, Bolivia and Brazil must be violently removed from office. Instead, progressives argue against the trumped up false accusations against the leaders of vulnerable small nations case by case. It is the lies justifying criminal use of military that are discussed in alternate media: Iraq’s weapons, the percentage of communists among the targets of First World firepower, never the crimes against humanity that are US-NATO invasions.

No American President ever said France had lost its right to govern Haiti, Vietnam and Algeria during a century or more of French atrocities there – and boy do we ever have grisly documentation of it. But progressive historians tend not to review the past genocide of the Colonial Powers as crimes against humanity, though it would be indeed put the genocide of today’s Neo-colonial Powers in useful perspective. Twelve US presidents have perjured themselves and their oath of office publicly many times over, without noticeable legal challenge. In progressive alternate media these are ‘mistakes’ in judgement. 

First World professors on the Left do not write of the plight of  Syrians in continuity with those of Filipinos massacred for protesting the US President and Commander-in-Chief’s right to govern them and own their land as ‘US Overseas Territory’.  Yet it would be helpful to keep one’s eye on the criminal capital gains that have always been  the reason behind every commission of US genocide. This is something peoples historian Howard Zinn was consistent about.

Dishearteningly, Left journalists seem to regard past crimes as ancient history, just as much as prostituting commercial journalists do. Americans, know for sure that their students protesting the Vietnam Holocaust, were shot down, and we have tons of photos and videos to prove it. First World genocide in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia has been swept underneath the rug by the war establishment and is therefore is no longer topical for alternate media writers. On the other hand, that all of the six US presidents that oversaw the crucifixion of the population of French Indochina should have not only lost their right to govern but any right to stay out of prison as well is something REVOLUTIONARY writers will never let go of.
Neo-colonial crimes against humanity or ‘mistaken foreign policies’ are more clearly understood and combated when seen in context with earlier colonial crimes against humanity or ‘mistaken foreign policies.’ But progressive journalism on current events hardly ever attempts to emphasize the continuity between speculative banking backed profitable genocide of yesteryear’s trade colonialism with speculative banking backed profitable genocide of today’s wars of finance neocolonialism.

Alternate media writers won’t touch lies well established by criminal media in the public mind as truth out for fear of losing readers and supporters. ‘North Korea is bad,’ and ‘Gadaffi a bad guy,’ as imaged in criminal media shall be left unchallenged by First World dissidents. But the truth shall make us free. Fudging it will not. 

Progressive historian-journalists have never hit on what would be an eye opener that every Korean knows; President Teddy Roosevelt and all the presidents up through his cousin Franklin allowed for and recognized Japan’s right to do the same massacring in Korea that the US did in the Philippines in agreed upon mutual reciprocity. 

Once majority mankind breaks free of Neocolonialist genocidal plundering, Gadaffi’s magnificent 2010 address to the UN General Assembly will be required reading for all students of history, regardless of First World progressives having shown little interest in hailing it in its time. [http://metaexistence.org/gaddafispeech.htm ]

The worst tacit collaboration of Left journalism with the war establishment’s criminal goals is consistent avoiding of any mention of the prosecutable nature of such self-incriminating criminal public statements that break a president’s or other official’s oath to uphold the constitution and constitute prosecutable crimes against peace even before executive orders to military come to constitute crimes against humanity; crimes described in the Nuremberg Principles laws that are part of the UN Charter and the US Constitution by the very laws of that Constitution.

The Inevitable Advent of What Has Always Lain in the Hearts of Ordinary Loving Men and Women

Crimes against humanity in Syria have followed those earlier and still ongoing in Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iran and Palestine, just in the Middle East. Once the world brings a legal halt to the now ‘legal’ slaughter of Syrians or any one of the other neocolonial crimes against humanity of US-NATO made ‘legal’ by bought UN authorization, the focus will turn to getting justice for decimated Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan Somalia, and Yemen and justice for nations in Africa, Asian and Latin America that have been attacked by the US NATO with UN help. 

Once begun, who knows where a universal call for justice and compensation will end. You author was in Yangon recently. Impressively, the Burmese hold still fresh in their minds their million men, women and children slaughtered by the British,. So much so, I did not feel comfortable with my English looking paleface complexion in spite of the gentleness which Myanmar Buddhist treat each other and everyone else. So in saying goodbye, I promised my students to work hard at making the British to at least pay up big for slaughtering a million of their countrymen in Myanmar.

We still live in a colonial world, more precisely, a globalized neocolonial world run by speculative investment banking, wherein war crazy white people and the misery causing dictators they install in the Third World do not lose their right to govern or misgovern, and the Nuremberg Principles that US Chief Prosecutor at Nuremberg, Robert Jackson said are written to apply to the citizens of all nations, are still ignored.

However, things are going to change soon enough. The balance of economic power is inevitably shifting away from Europe and its offspring, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Damning documented evidence of Colonial Power crimes, especially recent crimes against humanity, including false justifications given, is accessible on everyone’s personal computer. The time it takes for public outrage to build will lessen as billions of people in the Third (plundered) World become computer savvy. When US and EU economic power wanes and they lose their power to further punish with sanctions the nations they earlier bombed to smithereens, those nations will have the courage to demand and sue for compensation and reparations.

The advent of law is is not pie in the sky! The simple advent of sanity is made to appear impossible or infinitely improbable in commercial mass media owned by world plundering speculative investors, but bringing the law down upon citizens of the First World enjoying the freaky power of putting Third World populations to death, will be less difficult to accomplish than flying men to the moon was.

Only reason and justice can save the planet and humanity from the by nature amoral and insane neo-colonial rule of automated and automaton run war speculative investment banking. There are laws within science and laws within the  arts that have never ceased to function. The profound desire for justice in the hearts of all mentally healthy citizens will in time assert itself for otherwise homo sapiens would be doomed to self-extinction.

There is however no evidence that left journalism in the First World strives to bring this advent of the law so sorely needed to the attention of its modest in size readership. 

Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark has given his name to encouraging journalists not to write interesting exposes, erudite explanations, entertaining insights into the horror of the nearly continuous US genocide as Realpolitik, as if it were something other than prosecutable crimes against humanity and crimes against peace.  Mass homicidal events are being avidly discussed as news and politics, almost never as crimes against humanity and crimes against peace, rather as if they were as unchangeable as the weather.  Professors and other intellectuals are, by such omission, leaving their reading public with a gut feeling that the lethal bombings, invasions, wars of occupation and covert violence are somehow lawful and that those engaging in, supporting and abetting this mayhem will not, and cannot, be brought before the law. 

This is in merciless disregard for the ongoing massive human suffering and the legal right of survivors of present, past and future neocolonialist and colonial wars to see justice and have compensation for wrongful death and injury, and reparations for destruction, damage and theft of their natural resources.

Noam Chomsky, in compassionate regard for massive human suffering, once gave us an account of a personal experience witnessing within ground shaking ear-shot the the high-altitude carpet bombing of the Plain de Jars in Laos. Chomsky has stated over and over again that all US presidents after FDR could have been hanged if tried by the laws the Nazis were tried under, however even Chomsky, recognized as America’s foremost dissident, whose early books all historians are beholden to, has not called for the such a trial to take place.

Worst than heartless, are the journalists and authors who give their readers the impression that perpetrators of, and participants in, Crimes Against Humanity and Crimes Against Peace are not criminals for being government officials, above the law, and cannot and will not be brought prosecuted, are helping criminals avoid or postpone their arrest and prosecution, and are therefore are accessories after the fact, even possibly sometimes accessories before the fact of a future crime. [“Whoever, knowing that an offense …has been committed, receives, relieves, comforts or assists the offender in order to hinder or prevent his apprehension, trial or punishment, is an accessory after the fact.” “An accessory after the fact shall be imprisoned not more than one-half the maximum term of imprisonment or fined not more than one-half the maximum fine prescribed for the punishment of the principal.”18 U.S. Code § 3 – Accessory after the fact]

Our most knowledgeable professors are not intending any help at all to dying Syrians, Afghani, Somali, Yemeni, Libyan nor other Africans and Latin Americans targeted. There is only ostentatious criticism from First World progressives.

Interestingly, all the forty-one intrinsically Caucasian nations on Earth, save Russia, (which can be considered to be less than completely Caucasian and European in outlook), are members of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), the NATO-led security mission in Afghanistan established by the United Nations Security Council to war against the Afghan Taliban government and support the corrupt drug lord government installed by US-NATO in a thirteen year old military occupation war. This striking white world cohesion floats as unremarkable in the writings of intellectuals from these forty nations.

Most all journalists of the Left hail organizations like Occupy Wall Street, Social Forum, Left Forum and United for Peace and Justice.  But these organizations work solely for a better cut for the  99% of Americans, which includes Americans returning from killing the poor abroad. From bitter personal experience your author can testify to the absence of any topic related to US wars on lists of campaigns issues of these four ‘Americans first’ organizations, which in their efforts within the war economy are in direct confrontation to, and contradiction of, Martin Luther King’s warning.

Though most of the widely published dissidents, well known alternate media journalist and every sincere peace organization have endorsed the Howard Zinn and Ramsey Clark founded ‘King Condemned US Wars International Awareness Campaign,’ all of them, save your truly, continue to point a finger away from themselves and at the government King dismissed as the greatest purveyor of violence in the world.  

Martin Luther King spoke to America and Americans, not to government, and held America and Americans responsible for atrocity wars and covert genocide on three continents since 1945. And King included himself as responsible and anguished over his own betrayal in speaking out so belatedly. Martin Luther King warned logically that there would be no progress on issues of social and economic justice at home while Americans were killing the poor overseas at such an enormous expenditure of human and financial resources that make such progress at home impossible. 

A common wisdom is, ‘First things first.’  Well, what could be more important than ‘saving one’s life’ unless as scriptures teach, ‘saving someone else’s life.’ But by and large, for the readers of progressive journalism, the issue of the human slaughter overseas is just one issue among many, such as housing, health care, jobs and the pocketbooks of those participating in or supporting that killing overseas.  

If we believe what King said is logical, the conclusion is inescapable that journalists merely informing and protesting ‘policies’ that they avoid calling prosecutable crimes must be very complicit in helping to maintain the status quo of Colonial Power genocide for capital gains – more so than disinformed kids pulling the triggers and pushing buttons on poor people overseas while sure they are bravely do good for their folks back home.

If ‘The Strong Shall Protect the Weak;‘   

‘The Informed Shall Protect The Uninformed, the Misinformed and The Disinformed (from pursuing genocide in the name of such ignorance, misinformation and disinformation.)
The informed are not doing so! Paltry and ineffective ‘informing’ of the disinformed is no substitution for calling for the prosecution that would indeed afford protection both for speculative banking’s millions of victims and for ordinary Americans, misled, disinformed and lured in participating in genocide.

‘The Knowledgeable Shall Protect the Ignorant;’
‘The Aware Shall Protect The Unaware,’

‘Those Who Can See Shall Lookout for The Blind and The Blinded,’

‘Those Who are Sane Shall Protect the Insane and Prevent Others from Being Driven Insane;’

‘Those Looking Out Shall Sound the Alarm!;’

‘Those Who Know of Danger Shall Save Those Who Are Oblivious of it;’

‘Those Who are Aware of the Source of Mortal Danger Shall Speak Even if it Involve Themselves;’

‘Those Concerned Shall Protect the Innocent from The Indifferent doing the Killing;’

‘Those Who Know of Crimes, Shall Report Them.’

‘Those Who Know the Only Way to End the Genocide Shall Not  Keep it to Themselves;’

‘Those Who Know How the Human Race can Avoid Extinction Must Speak Even if Painful.’

In answer to all the above axioms progressive journalist friends and even mentors complain to yours truly and Ramsey Clark that we are attacking the wrong people; that we should blame the government not them. Well, with the above text your author rests his case. Blaming the government is a sure way to continue the genocide we ourselves are responsible for. This is what Martin Luther King Jr. cried out in his sermon Beyond Vietnam – a Time to Break Silence, a world shaking sermon in its time and for forty seven years blacked-out from pubic awareness with the help of alternate media and all of King’s family and friends who have made themselves part of the war establishment.[4 ]

By axiomatic logic, who but the best informed are most responsible for the genocide continuing? The reader is invited to choose another segment of society:

? – the dutifully hard working officials of banks investing in war are doing their job of securing the highest capital gains. They are  working within their job description. They have not been made aware of any danger of going to prison, or worse, having assets frozen to pay compensation for inestimable wrongful death, injury and reparations for destruction of property, which would see them failing  to not be in line with their job description;

? – elected and appointed politicians running the wars under the threat of reelection defeat or possible assassination if deviating from the clandestine dictates of the CIA and Wall Street investors in war. Having accepted the deal for financial backing and media support, they are locked into having sold their soul to the devil and mammon in helpless servitude fulfilling their job description as they are told;

? – the Clergy supporting war as just, and blessing those who participate are indifferent and asleep to their unconscionable apostasy, and indebted to seek funding for their churches and temples from the wealthy and the corporations who organize genocide; 

? – anchors, commentators, reporters, editors and publishers within the monolithic mass-media cartel do not have the freedom to speak out against the deception and war promotion they participate in;

?- while the best minds of the West, erudite and honest professors, are fully aware that the much much greater audience they are not reaching has been put into a state of zombie like consumer society self-indulgence, with faith in commercial mass-media, and being misled forward toward a cliff hanging above a cataclysm of permanent war and planetary non-sustainability. Our  progressive journalists stick to limiting themselves to chronicling the latest massive slaughter of human beings of the Third World as they have done for each earlier slaughter starting with the butchering of Koreans. Example: Only a few writers bother to report that the government the prepaid invaders seek to destroy has the support of an overwhelming majority of Syrians. [Statistics compiled for NATO approximate 70% plus supporting the Assad government, 20% neutral and 10% against. World Tribune, 5/31/2013]

Again, dear fellow journalists of the First World, to save innocent men, women and children from violent death and  maiming, Americans Funding Multi-nation Atrocities Invasion of Syria must be brought to trial and made to pay compensation to the families of those slaughtered. NOTHING ELSE will make genocide unprofitable but the seizure of assets to pay compensation for wrongful death in the millions, injuries in the tens of millions and reparations for mega destruction of property and theft of natural resources necessary to sustain life.

Probably most of my readers who are citizens in First World nations are thinking, ‘I am not a killer. Nor are my favorite dissident journalists. We are good Americans, or Englishmen, or Frenchmen, or Italians, or Aussies, or Canadian citizens – and we would never go kill people in their very own homes. My dissident writer friends tell your truly that Rev. Dr. King was wrong to anguish over his previous silence, which he called betrayal! My fellow writers believe the reborn and extremely knowledgeable former US Attorney Ramsey Clark, who spent years in the war cabinet of President Johnson is wrong! The advise jay janson, who until recently also wrote articles solely of corrective information laced with his own feeling of guilt for not being able to stop his countrymen from mass-murdering innocent people[5] should go back to doing that and shut up about prosecuting Americans and their co-conspirators in other First World nations for compensation and indemnity for victims and survivors of their many neocolonial and colonial crimes against humanity.

But railing against this author will not dissuade him from being dedicated to justice for victims of US NATO genocide and calling a spade a spade, namely, Americans, Europeans and Europe’s other three descendant nations are committing prosecutable crimes against humanity, who if brought to trial and forced to pay compensation for the hundred and forty thousand wrongful deaths in Syria, would eventually come to be sued as well for the many millions of wrongful deaths elsewhere. Compensation to hundreds of thousands of injures in Syria will cause tens millions elsewhere to sue.  And reparations for mega destruction of property in Syria will bring court cases for reparations or indemnity for gargantuan beyond words destruction of homes and other property in dozens of other nations. Jay janson’s latest twenty-five articles all have prosecution, trial, compensation or Nuremberg Principle Law in their titles. 

The unarguable result of such law cases would see amoral investors no longer factoring war as a profitable investment and thus bring peace to the world and great investment in husbanding our planet. The savaged and plundered nations of the defenseless Third World, home to over six billion citizens, will soon be free to recover and plan an economy for the well being of its citizens.   

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