If You Want More of Something, Subsidize it

“Israel promotes plans for 2,372 settler homes in the West Bank” — Global Post / Reuters

“U.N. wants international courts to look into Israeli settlements” — United Press International

“Abbas Demands Release of Key Palestinian Prisoners” — International Middle East Media Center

What ties these three things together? From a photo caption in that middle story:

US Secretary of State John Kerry arrives in Israel tonight to hold talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders tomorrow.

And naturally he’ll be bringing the United States of America’s checkbook with him.

$3.4 billion for Israel, $440 million for the Palestinian Authority, this year alone. That’s not counting aid to Egypt and other regimes in the region.

All of that aid is conditional, at least as the various recipients see it, on the constant threat of war. If peace broke out — real peace, not “keep coughing up or those other guys suffer” — the gravy train might come to a screeching halt.

So real peace won’t break out.

The US government has been buying two things, for decades now, with its billions of dollars in annual regional aid:

  1. Maintenance of a situation of possible war, near war or low-intensity war with occasional escalations and de-escalations; and
  2. Lots of juicy arms contracts for American politicians’ Military-Industrial Complex campaign contributors / future employers.

And that situation isn’t going to change until the US government stops offering big bucks for its perpetuation. Just sayin’ …

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