Here’s Your Government “Efficiency”

The last time the US Congress declared war on another country was more than 70 years ago. In one of the earliest nods to “efficiency” and “fast tracking,” the chief executive just began doing whatever he wanted militarily and Congress either openly supported his actions or grumbled ineffectually about them while still funding them. No inconvenient debate, no gridlock, no problem!

Such “efficiency” measures have, over time, been extended not just to the conduct of war abroad but to its justification at home. Why go to the trouble of creating a “Committee on Public Information” or an “Office of War Information” to propagandize when lapdog media will take care of all that stuff for you? Yay, privatization!

And why bother with the time-consuming hassle of arresting, trying and convicting antiwar dissidents when you can just confiscate their assets by executive order?

Because, see, we’re not like Crimea or Russia. We’re a DEMOCRACY!

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