It Seems to be Going Around

American politicians’ obsession with governing Ukraine, that is.

US National Security Adviser Susan Rice may even be going for the trifecta — she seems to be applying for the jobs of running the US, Ukraine and Russia, all at the same time. The Russians themselves seem less than impressed with her resume.

US Senator John McCain is supposedly from Arizona and supposedly serves in the US Senate, but having failed of election to the presidency of the United States now seems to be angling for appointment as Ukraine’s foreign minister.

All of which is fine, I guess … but if these people want to run Ukraine, is it too much to ask that they  resign their positions in the US government, stop cashing paychecks on US taxpayer funds, renounce their US citizenships and rent apartments in Kiev?

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One Response to It Seems to be Going Around

  1. Jack Smith says:

    My country the great peddlers; the great empire builders. WE NEVER SAW,A WAR WE DIDN”t want to own.

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