In Which I Deny the Likelihood of Climate Change

Syria’s foreign minister complains that the US tried to “create a very negative climate for dialogue” at “peace talks” in Geneva.

I’m not sure how the climate could be anything but negative from the Assad regime’s point of view. After all, let’s face the fact that these are not “peace talks” at all. They’re “regime change” talks.

Ostensibly, the goal is “peace” between Syria’s current government and the coalition of homegrown rebels, foreign jihadists and US/Saudi-backed mercenaries trying to overthrow it.

But the “talks” have been clearly pre-conditioned (by the US) on the notion that unless the Assad regime agrees to be overthrown, there can be no “peace.”

I don’t expect the US line on that, or the “climate” said line creates, to change any time soon.

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