A Sentiment With Which I Heartily Concur

“F**k the EU,” that is.

Not because I support US meddling in Ukraine’s internal affairs (the US is widely, and credibly, reputed to be a key player in the whole “color revolutions” phenomenon) or Ukraine’s relations with the European Union or with Russia, mind you. The best US foreign policy prescription for those issues is “butt out.”

EU member states

EU member states (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But the sentiment in general is sound. The EU has been a coalition of bullies since its creation, and its eventual disintegration will likely be the occasion for future regional conflicts that American politicians will contrive to get us “dragged into.”

The real takeaway from the story for me, though, is that it still hasn’t sunk in among the Washington elite that they don’t get to keep secrets any more.

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One Response to A Sentiment With Which I Heartily Concur

  1. I would like to see ……
    #1 The end of the EU
    #2 the end of the United States …. 50 separate states would be far better
    99guspuppet #50isbetterthan1

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