Deficit Reduction — Problem Solved!

The Congressional Budget Office predicts that in 2014, our politicians will spend only $514 billion more than they bring in (or, to put it a different way, they’ll only spend $1650 more than they take in from each and every American).

Well, be still my beating heart … I don’t know how I could possibly not come out of my chair cheering as such news.

But I have a way to get that deficit down to zero: Cut $514 billion from the US “defense” budget.

Including “Overseas Contingency Operations” funds, that budget comes to $582 billion.

Cutting it by $514 billion would balance the federal budget, keep the US in the top 5 countries (number 3, in fact) in the world in terms of military spending and still provide handily for anything resembling real “defense”  (the remaining $68 billion would still be more than twice the combined military budgets of our two nearest neighbors, Canada and Mexico).

And they act like it’s hard to balance the checkbook. Geez.

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