Whose Guns? Whose Heads?

US Secretary of State John Kerry’s warning that intransigence in peace negotiations with the embryonic Palestinian Arab state might result in boycotts is raising lots of hackles in Israel.

Deputy Minister of Transportation Tzipi Hotovely call’s Kerry’s statements “threats” intended to “terrorize” Israel.

Deputy Minister of Defense says that Kerry is “putting a gun to Israel’s head.”

Come again?

Even setting aside that fact that Kerry was warning of third party boycott likelihoods, not threatening a US boycott, there’s a lot of chutzpah in such statements.

There are certainly some guns to some heads, but they’re not American guns to Israeli heads.

US tax authorities put a gun to the head of every American, every day, to get the billions of dollars paid in foreign aid to Israel each year.

And the the US Export Administration Act puts a gun to the head of every American business, threatening their owners with a $50,000 fine and/or five years in prison should they choose to participate in boycotts of Israel.

As a non-interventionist, I don’t believe the US should be meddling in Arab-Israeli conflicts at all (and especially not to the extreme now being floated by Palestinian National Authority president Mahmoud Abbas, who wants a NATO “peacekeeping force” in the state he’s trying to establish).

But let’s be clear on the subject of whose hands the guns are in, and where they’re pointed, when it comes to boycotts. In the US, it’s Israel and Israel’s AIPAC-whipped congressional fifth columnists holding the guns to American heads.

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