Hey, I’ve Seen Worse

Matter of fact, I’ve seen worse recently. In 2009,  recently inaugurated US President Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize, apparently on the basis of his perceived potential for taking America off its perpetual war footing. That alleged potential, of course, went unrealized and Obama has gone on to serve George W. Bush’s third and fourth terms when it comes to foreign policy.

This year, Edward Snowden‘s name is on the list of potential winners. Nobody knew about his potential until he fulfilled it, exposing the US National Security Agency’s disturbing surveillance operations abroad and their illegal and unconstitutional warrantless data searches at home.

Like cockroaches, warmongers tend to scatter when someone turns the light on. Snowden certainly made the 2013 short list as a peace booster and richly deserves the nomination.

I’m not allowed to nominate, but if I sat on the Nobel committee I’d support splitting the prize three ways, between Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange. They’ve all done commendable work — and paid a heavy price for it — in exposing and short-circuiting the schemes of the War Party in America and elsewhere.

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