On War-Promoting Media and Martin Luther King’s Condemnation of US Wars

by jay janson
Listed below for the readers interest are OpEdNews published articles since 2007 written by jay janson.  They, in part, are also found on Counter Currents of Kerala, India; Minority Perspective, UK; Information Clearing House; Dissident Voice; Come Home America; Vermont News and uncountable, perhaps a hundred, other Internet sites. The theme of many of these articles is the perfidy of corporate owned mass-media’s effusive praise for the same Martin Luther King Jr. it vilified during the year before his assassination. The mainstream media vilification of King as a traitor followed King’s world shaking sermon “Beyond Vietnam – a Time to Break Silence.” Quotes from the sermon appeared in newspapers all over the world the next day. Headlines most usually in bold and large letters read, “King Calls US the Greatest Purveyor of Violence in the World Today.”
The same war-business controlled media that continued to paint King as unpatriotic for the whole last year of his life, expressed unreserved admiration once King was dead (and silent).  Media calumny only halted with the assassination that would protect and insure a safe return on the trillions of dollars invested in wars from a charismatic leader determined to stop these massive crimes against humanity for profit overseas as he had led the halting of horrific unprosecutable racist crimes at home. For more than four decades, media conglomerates, which control ever more closer to a hundred percent of news and information have deceived its captive audiences with an insincere purposeful attention blanketing ostentatious heralding of King as if they had not, during his last year alive, viciously attacked him, slandered him and pilloried him mercilessly, successfully diminishing his popularity among most clergy and congregations and even some civil rights leaders, who would continue to be silent about the terrible loss of life in Vietnam in spite of King’s thundering “Silence is betrayal.
In a second sermon, “Why I Am Against the War in Vietnam,” as well as in “Beyond Vietnam”, King spoke to neither the government he had dismissed as a “purveyor of violence,”nor elected officials. King held America and Americans, including himself, responsible for the atrocity wars and covert genocide for being fully capable through non-participation, non-support, non-acquiescence and conscientious objection to make them unacceptable and inoperable.
On King anniversaries the whole war establishment has its media swamp unending highlighted praise of King’s “I Have a Dream speech” to the exclusion of even a bare mention of his “Beyond Vietnam a Time to Break Silence” given four years later, in which King spoke to the enemies of his “Dream.” I knew that America would never invest the necessary funds or energies in rehabilitation of its poor so long as adventures like Vietnam continued to draw men and skills and money like some demonic destructive suction tube.”
King condemned “atrocity wars” and covert genocide and gave a detailed history of US crimes in Vietnam and overt and covert violence on three continents in maintenance of unjust predatory investments. Among the many quotes chiseled on his monument in Washington D.C. there is of course not one word from the sermons condemning wars for predatory investments that a more an older and worldly aware King gave during the last year of his life. On King’s holidays, any reference to the wars ongoing, which are a continuation of the wars of King’s day, are carefully avoided.
 jay janson, collaborated with peoples historian Howard Zinn’s encouraging all activists to quote from the rich in basic meaning passages in King’s Beyond Vietnam sermon, and founded with former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, the King Condemned US Wars International Awareness Campaign in continuance of Howard Zinn’s intention.
MLK Jr. & Acceptable Killing of Children by Air Strkes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia
What if the heartbreaking photo had instead been that of an AMERICAN father clasping his dying infant son to his chest staring vacantly into the camera, holding an AMERICAN child with shrapnel wounds. Amoral Mr. & Mrs. America approve sending terror under the American flag! MLK Jr said, “Every man of humane convictions must protest.” Its easy. Just quote King! We need his moral leadership.
Rev. King Jr. Re: U.S. Extermination Programs and 1/2 Humanity living on $2 a Day
An Anglo-American terror tactic of extermination is traced up to present indiscriminate air strikes in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia stopping off at genocide in Vietnam to quote MLK Jr., who is also quoted regarding capitalism’s horrendous effect on most of the non Western world, making a breeding ground for communism then and today’s savage suicide bombing reaction to the brutal violence of the superpower over control of oil.
A Letter to the FCC re the Same Media War Promotion King Fought 
Dear Rev. Dr. Martin Luther Jr., we are still watching the same war mongering on television as when you were with us, but we are much more zeroed-in on the fact that only deceitful conglomerate media programming makes wars possible by first making war acceptable. Here is what media has been doing to us. Here is how we are finally filing complaints with the FCC in your style and in your name by phone, fax, mail and e-mail.

The Silence of Clergy Today versus Rev. King’s “Silence is Betrayal!”
At the polls, citizens have finally expressed themselves against the war in Iraq. Candidates and incumbents feel the need to call for an end to the war. But we rarely hear even a peep from Clergy. Is this for its observing the doctrine of ‘Separation of Church and State’ or because the Church has become BOUND to the State and SEPARATED from its faith?
MLK Assassination Anniversary Unnoticed, Useful Today
A Memphis jury’s verdict on December 8, 1999, in the wrongful death lawsuit of the King family versus Loyd Jowers “and other unknown co-conspirators,” found that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated by a conspiracy that included agencies of his own government. Read UN Ambassador Andrew Young testimony. put King’s condemnation of U.S. wars to use today as ‘peoples historian Howard Zinn does in his radio interviews!
Dems, Bush, Fear Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’ Words! Shake ’em Up! Quote King!
The third article in the series which appears on the 15th of each month exhorting peace and justice activists to follow the example of Howard Zinn, who, in radio interviews quotes Martin Luther King Jr.’s strong condemnations of U.S. murderous war policies and the use of its military throughout the third world to support inequitable and oppressive trade arrangements. Send King’s words to Dems backing the Iraq occupation!
King’s Anguish versus Our Apathy Then and Now / Quote Rev. King 
Passages from King’s “Beyond Vietnam”, if widely known, would be enough to make network entertainment/news current promotion of both Vietnam and Iraq military ventures as glorious look ridiculous at best or dastardly otherwise. King spoke firstly to the foreign lives so wantonly taken in the destruction of their homelands. That the 15th of each month be “Quote MLKjr Day” for peace and justice activists.
King’s Anguish When He Condemned U.S. War Crimes and Foreign Policy Worthy of Emulation
A call for activists to make frequent use of the words of Martin Luther King Jr in his 1967 speech “Beyond Vietnam”, condemning the U.S. war in Vietnam and its violent foreign policy toward countries in the third world. Being that the entire speech is relevant to our deathly predicament today, and King’s stature being such that his outcry and accusations if often quoted could have a belated effect on foreign policy.
MLK Was Murdered Exactly One Year After Condemning U.S. Imperialist War and Capitalism
It is widely believed that King’s condemnation of imperialist war madness and the capitalist “insanity of putting profit above humanity” cost him his life and cost the U.S. the loss of his much ‘too effective’ leadership. Historian Howard Zinn supports awakening Americans today by quoting from King’s “Beyond Vietnam” speech. Read UN Ambassador Andrew Young testimony in the King family’s successful Memphis conspiracy trial.
Corporate Media Keeps King “in his place”! Buries King’s Fiery Condemnation of US Wars King thundered eloquently against U.S. genocidal imperialist wars, international predatory capitalism, factually denounced CIA overseas crimes, the cruel indifference and blind immorality of America. Corporate media blocks public knowledge of the fury of King’s outcry over U.S. wars of occupation and the powerful and vehement anti war pronouncements from his Beyond Vietnam speech, that made bold headlines news around the world
Anti-war Alternate Media Again Allows ‘Big Brother’ to Handkerchief King Holiday
Tragically, progressive community’s editors and writers, including Afro-American writers, again did NOT take advantage of the national holiday to feature martyred King’s 1967 -68 anti-war, anti-imperialism, anti-international predatory capitalism speeches which since his assassination remain completely media suppressed from public attention; did NOT seek to publicize King’s thundering condemnations into public awareness. Why?
Black History Month Ignored MLKJr. Condemnation of U.S. Wars, Predatory Capitalism
What keeps even black leaders from quoting Rev. King Jr.’ ’67 condemnations of U.S. wars and predatory trade? Why does no highly profiled American pick up where King left off? Quoting words of the only American allotted the national recognition of a public holiday honoring his birth, dangerous? Almost like quoting the bible. “My country, greatest purveyor of violence in the world! Silence is treason! Everyone must protest!”
MLK at 79 Would Still be Debating the Slaughters and Lies of Capitalist Imperialism
Corporate media blocks public knowledge of the fury of King’s outcry over U.S. wars of occupation and the powerful indictment of his government in his Beyond Vietnam speech, that made bold headlines in newspapers around the world. OpEdNews has highlighted ten Jay Janson articles which review King’s, now media buried, thundering imperialist war condemnations in context with current events King was not permitted to live to see.
Media Suppression of MLKjr’s Condemnation of Vietnam War as an Atrocity Helps McCain
King’s blistering condemnation of the Vietnam War as a crime against humanity, which made bold type headlines on the front pages of newspapers all over the world BEFORE McCain’s 1st bombing mission, has been intentionally suppressed in commercial media and school books. If voters knew King’s sermon on the true history of the heroic Vietnamese fighting invasions of 3 powerful nations, McCain’s ‘hero status’ would evaporate.
Shock Rev. Wright’s Critics with Quotes from Rev. King Jr.’ “Beyond Vietnam!”
Two clips of Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.’ sermons heard and seen on PBS Bill Moyers Journal contained the thrilling recounting of failed immoral governments of empires throughout history that preceded his “God Damn! America”, and the detailed list of government offenses against God and his people that followed the “Damn!” Best shock tactic to counter the media’s deception is to quote King Jr.’ condemnations out of context!!
Help Obama by Reading MLKing Speech Condemning Murderous US Foreign Policy
If enough Americans could become familiar with King’s dream for a peaceful, kind and benevolent American foreign policy and King’s condemnation of decades of brutal past policies, it will be easier for Obama to create one with their support and in spite of opposition from the hawks and war promoting corporate media. Help Obama! Read or listen to King’s speech “Beyond Vietnam – a Time to Break Silence” on the Internet!
It has often been suggested that we reread King’s Beyond Vietnam – a Time to Break Silence substituting Afghanistan and Iraq for each time Vietnam is referred to. But in parts of this sermon herein quoted King speaks to a time beyond the end of the war that brought him to cry out against in aguish insisting a breaking of our silence to demand moral change – one year to the day on which he was shot dead.
Jeremiah Wright Repeats MLKjr Condemning Predatory Capitalism’s War on 3rd World
King’s speech condemning the Vietnam War was vilified by the NY Times, ABC, et al as treasonous, Wright pilloried in commercial media as anti-American. Both men base condemnation of violence on love. Both had the same divinity school teacher. Comparison with King’s thundering during his 1967 “Beyond Vietnam” is obvious.The peace movement has a charismatic celebrity religiously following in King Jr.’ footsteps! Read & Compare!
MLK in 1967, “America is Approaching Spiritual Death!” (2011, America is Spiritually Dead)
Amrica loves napalm. Obama jokes his Hellfire Predator Drones will gettcha if you’re not careful “you won’t know what hit you.” Amerka loves killing other nation’s bad guys. Amerika hails hero politicians who served killing Vietnamese. NY Times, Wash Post called King a traitor, America reads on. Americans want to keep killing Yemeni, Pakistani, Somali, Afghani collaterally from the sky. Our HenryFord loved Hitler & vice versa.
Imploring OWS to Protect Themselves by Hailing REV. KING’S Condemnation of Wall St.’s Wars
OWS Oakland, anti-war demonstrating Iraq veteran head bashed in during police attack.If protesters had been holding photos of revered US national hero Reverend Dr. King and banners quoting King condemning Wall Street creating wars for “unjust overseas predatory investments while withholding investing in America at home,” police would not have had the stomach or nerve to beat and attack with dangerous crowd control weapons.
 2011   Unveiling The Monument But NOT King’s Condemnation Of U.S. Wars for Wall St.How do the vibrant with emotion eulogies of King’s daughter, sister, son, and two men who held the dying King in their arms (and went on to successful political careers), sound to the demonstrators of Occupy Wall St., when all mention of King’s condemnation of U.S. wars and the “unjust predatory investments they meant to maintain” is calculatedly omitted. “Silence is betrayal!” cried out King at Riverside Church in 1967. http://www.opednews.com/articles/Unveiling-The-Monument-But-by-Jay-Janson-111016-569.html
Protecting OWS Demonstrators with Martin Luther King Jr. Words and Image
As Zinn did, former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark urges use of Martin Luther King’s words and image as the most powerful tool for international unity promoting humanity’s awareness of its capability to make wars unacceptable, AND AS PROTECTION from NATIONAL HERO KING DURING THE COMING WALL ST. COUNTERATTACK, for awareness of his condemning “unjust predatory overseas investments” of Wall Street
King Would Have Stopped Vietnam and TODAY’S WARS as He Stopped Segregation!
King today, would be fighting against the wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen and a war on Iran. Blacks would be in the forefront with him. Blacks are dying in greater numbers than their percentage of the population today just as they did in Vietnam. King would see the war against terror as just as phony as the war on communism, would again denounce CIA support for predatory investments in cheap labor abroad.
King Would be Marching on Wall St. Where Wars Are Made – Not in Washington
Occupy Wall Street organizers are saying, why complain to congressmen when you can complain to the financial backers they are beholden to obey? Why beg the President when you can make trouble for the Wall Street VIPs that own him? Eventually, a critical mass of the public will awaken to what King awoke to.
King Who Condemned US Wars Again Betrayed by War-Supporting Clergy’s Praise
We have just witnessed the annual birthday highlighted betrayal of Rev. King, with clergy leading the way, a betrayal of what King taught and was dedicated to when he was assassinated, namely, exposing the US overseas crimes against humanity for predatory investments, that were draining away men, money and resources.A review of clergy support of all US Wars no matter how blatantly unjust as if the 1967 King had never existed.
King Condemned US Wars versus Obama Praises, Continues, Starts Wars, Lies About ’em
Two great American leaders are presented in media as if Obama were of the same mind about his country as King was. In school, everyone under fifty was kept from knowing of King’s denouncing his government, condemning its wars for predatory investments. Instant communication technology is making many more aware of the King’s last year. With Obama’s belief in war, 6 ongoing, fomenting 3 more, investing in WMD. Time to choose.
King Would Have Demanded Nuremberg Style Indictment of US Leaders and We Will!
When a gang robs a bank, depositors don’t go into the street to protest, expecting the criminals to be arrested, tried and jailed. King condemned the massive crimes against humanity that most Americans were not seeing as such. Knowing from experience that the financial element ruling society owned judges on the courts, he limited himself to “everyone must protest!” Why King would have called for indictments is explained.
Post Memorial Day MLKjr Cautionary: “My Country Greatest Purveyor of Violence in World”
In direct and absolute contradiction to MLKjr’ teaching, Obama, on Memorial Day 1012, told us the soldiers fallen in Vietnam [in a war King called an atrocity and genocide] “had kept America free.” Does Obama believe he can get away with it because every president since Truman praised invasions and attacks on small nations engineered by Rockefeller confidants Dulles, Kissinger and Brzezinski? “The Times They Are A Changing.”
Media Ignore Anniversary of King Assassination Court Nuremberg Prosecution for Promoting Wars
Martin Luther King Jr.’ was courting assassination not merely for his condemnation of U.S. crimes against humanity in the neo-colonized poor populations of the world, but for condemning the “unfair predatory investments” that US wars are meant to maintain for the wealthy elite that still rule America and most of the world today, made possible by continual massive false testimony and disinformation crimes of commercial media.
Rev. Dr. King versus Frightening and Deadly Hypocrisy in Obama’s UN Address
Passages are quoted from Obama’s address to the 67th UN General Assembly alongside passages from Rev.DR. King’s world shocking sermon Beyond Vietnam – a Time to Break Silence. From the sour feeling in one’s own gut while listening to the absurdities, one assumes that the President himself must have a strong stomach to be able to speak such preposterous untruth with a straight and stern face. Obama’s falsifications noted.
Dream Anniversary Celebration Shrouds King’s “Beyond Vietnam’ Nightmare Sermon, His Martyrdom, Syrians
As US threatens Syria – 2013 “I Have a Dream’ anniversary. No mention of the 1967 King, condemner of America’s ‘atrocity wars’, who belatedly wanted to include the poor being slaughtered overseas for US investment profits in his dream of a just America. War investor owned conglomerate media promotes a patriotic war disinterested King, continues black out martyred King’s fiery condemnation of atrocity wars for investments.
Honored CarlosSantana HerbieHancock MartinaArroyo! Honor King’s Condemnation of US Wars!
Black celebrities cooperat by their silence with America’s total blackout of King’s condemnation of US wars for predatory investments while brothers kill innocent non-whites abroad. Needed: a great artist and composer like Herbie Hancock or Carlos Santana write a floor-under-your-feet-moving smash hit recording with lines from Martin Luther King Jr.‘ awesomely important sermon Beyond Vietnam – a Time to Break Silence.
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