When Will There Be A Demand For Nuremberg Principles Trial Of Americans For Genocide!

by Jay Janson

“Iraq: “Devastating” Dossier Alleging British War Crimes Lodged with the International Criminal Court.” Americans reading this might be compelled to wonder when a headline will read: ‘Alleging US War Crimes.’ An accompanying thought might be ‘Damn! our crimes are so much much greater, perhaps followed the rejoinder, ‘the total past crimes of the British Empire make ours look much less.’

Public Interest Lawyers Limited is a company registered in England & Wales, and is regulated by the Law Society and by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Public Interest Lawyers have been helping individuals challenge the unlawful behavior of those who govern us nationally. Their web site announces their giving the nation a voice with which to speak out and challenge the abuse of power by those in public office who would otherwise disregard the need for The Rule of Law. giving the nation a voice with which to speak out and challenge the abuse of power by those in public office who would otherwise disregard the need for The Rule of Law.

This ex-pat American author wondered on, ‘where has our American National Lawyers Guild been? and our Center for Constitutional Rights? But, after googling, he finds the National Lawyers Guild has made legal efforts along the same lines.

But as joyously welcome the British prosecution for torture is, there is something ridiculously paltry, incomplete and dissimulating about lawsuits that seems to accept the legality of the massively deadly invasion and years long occupation war itself. The lawsuits pinpoint specific crimes against Iraqi individuals that were tortured during an invasion and occupation that in total brought death, one way or another, to some million and a half innocent Iraqi men, women and children, maimed twice as many, creating tens of millions of mourners whose lives are ruined.

The then United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan said in September 2004 that: “From our point of view and the UN Charter point of view, the invasion and occupation of Iraq by the United States, United Kingdom, and a coalition of other countries of Iraq was illegal.”

Well hell, your honors of law expertise, if the whole God-damned invasion and occupation war was a crime, a monstrous crime against humanity, a genocidal crime against humanity, why is prosecution of the whole invasion and occupation a ‘no can do.’

Included in that UN Charter, signed by all countries including those who invaded Iraq, are the Nuremberg Principles laws, which, by the way, by US Constitution Article Six, automatically an integral part of that US Constitution as has been the earlier World Peace Act, previously The Kellogg-Briand Pact, for having been ratified by the US Senate by a vote of eighty-one to one. [for text of these laws, see Prosecute US Crimes Against Humanity Now co-founded by former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark] click here

Iraq was only one of many US led genocidal crimes against humanity. The good ‘progressive’ imperialist lawyers of the empires have acted similarly in regard to the three times in precious human beings lost greater and equally indefensible genocide in what was for a century, French occupied and looted Indochina.

After lawsuits for compensation for ‘Agent Orange’ poisoning of the US invading soldiers were successful, similar compensation was sued for the tens of thousand more numerous Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange poisoning. Now litigation (in belated compassion) for compensation for horrible deformed or aborted babies caused by depleted uranium has become popular for US apologists. Cancer causing depleted uranium is soaked into the ground of dozens of nations due to its horrifically uncaring use in ammunition of every sort mercilessly during twenty years of US attacks on the nations capitalist media refers to as ‘underdeveloped’ and ‘developing’ rather than ‘plundered’ and ‘recovering from plunder’ (most of whom having been of course infinitely more wealthy and culturally advanced than was Northern Europe, when European savage firepower was unleashed upon them).

At least five million beautiful Buddhism practicing soft-spoken Vietnamese, Laotians and Cambodians were slaughtered for the heartlessly genocidal need for capital (wealth) accumulation by the speculative investment banks of white colonial powers that rule by having their media convince soldiers that any interference is evil.

No, no, no, information technology is racing forward! Absurdity will not wash much longer! It is a tale for children that the South Vietnam that President Eisenhower managed to have ripped away from the president-to-be of Vietnam, popular Ho Chi Minh (who had led the defeat of the US funded French Colonial Army), invited the United States to drop more than twice as many bombs as were dropped in all of both theaters of World War Two on itself.

Occupy half of a nation! Then claim it is not a violation of the Nuremberg Principles to have that half invite itself to be bombed flat in order to kill its own bad guys. Vietnam, Korea, the fanciful wont’ matter in the special tribunal court that will be set up to try citizens of the US for genocide. What will matter to the judges is the millions of innocent human beings butchered in their very own beloved countries thousands of miles away from whence came those under educated that willing did the butchering.

In this age of detailed and high resolution graphic documentation at the touch of everyone’s Internet connected fingers, what chance will US defense lawyers have claiming the right to a homicidal invasion of a sovereign member nation of the United Nations because that nation has or doesn’t have weapons that the invading nations have ten thousand times more of, as is the right of any nation to have. How bizarre the pretext of removing Saddam Hussein (who the prosecution will show to have been for years backed by the CIA, and encouraged, funded and aided by President Reagan during an eight year long million death invasion of US targeted Iran. That another CIA employee president had to be arrested by US armed forces at the cost of a thousand lives? That the government of the most prosperous nation (in colonial times poorest) nation in Africa, with a UN indexed quality of life ranking higher than nine European nations had to be destroyed? That another uncooperative with colonial power government, which its even ally NATO reported as supported by more than 70% of its citizens needed overthrowing by gangs funded an backed from Washington? That the desired reinstatement of the Dominican Republic’s popular president overthrown by its US backed army for being too friendly with revolutionary Cuba’s Fidel Castro had to be prevented by a US invasion and occupation of two years. That invasions of Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti, Lebanon, Afghanistan (before the USSR invaded) needed perfectly legal funding? That tiny Grenada had to be saved from its bad communists by a invasion and occupation regardless of lives lost? That a coup against overwhelmingly elected Hugo Chavez had to be funded? What will the US defense be when confronted with documents proving its backing coup d’etat in Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Congo, Guatemala and elsewhere?

No, no, a bloody thousand times no! A hard rain has got to eventually, if not soon, fall on the citizens of the United States and its pathetic white folks allies everywhere, in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and fall on the officials and bankers of kowtowing governments of non-white populated neo-colonies guilty of participation.

Readers might want to remember that at Nuremberg, Trial Chief Prosecutor Robert Jackson felt it appropriate to note, “the laws regarding genocide are not just for German citizens but for citizens of all nations,” and that during the US war in Vietnam, Chief Counsel for the Prosecution Gen. Telford Taylor told CBS (subsequently suppressed) that he would be proud to lead a prosecution of the American pilots that were shot down while bombing the Vietnamese (like presidential candidate Senator McCain?). And during the first American war on Iraq, former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, co-author of both major civil rights acts, wrote in his book, The Fire This Time, “The greatest crime since World War II has been U.S. foreign policy.”

Lastly, your author is not in any way pointing his finger at government and the wealthy members of that financial element in the centers of power and away from himself, for Martin Luther King Jr. held America and Americans, including himself (and myself) responsible for the “atrocity wars and covert violence on three continents for unjust predatory investments.”

King dismissed his government as “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world” of his day (‘purveyor’ means carrier not cause or executor of violence ), and spoke to Americans as having the capacity by non-participation, non-support, non-acquiescence and conscientious objection to make these atrocity wars and covert violence unacceptable and more importantly, inoperable! [see
Beyond Vietnam — A Time to Break Silence sermon by Martin Luther King Jr.

delivered 4 April 1967, Riverside Church, New York City’

click here

No, if the trial and lawsuits for wrongful death in the millions, injuries in the tens of millions, massive destruction of property and monstrous theft of natural resources happen within my ebbing lifetime, I will feel myself in the dock along with the freaks and geeks who considered money more important than lives in their neo-colonies, which in their poverty of thought were of little consequence, being, well, they were not of their own pale complexion.

But, I will be happy to know that colonial war will become unprofitable in the aftermath of mind-boggling in amount compensation and reparations to be paid from assets accumulated in wars, and a new and truly multiracial nation will come to be with appropriately “America the Beautiful” as its national anthem sung in the happy way Ray Charles sang it. Of course the national flag, now a symbol of willful frightful bombings and cleverness and lies will also have to be changed, perhaps have some lovely light green color added.

This US and allies trial for genocide will help everyone and certainly the oppressed in Amerika as it is, and the depressed people who oppress them and themselves with torturous materialism and commercialism in attack of mind and spirit. Nuremberg trials of German citizens were a needed cartharsis for the mislead majority.

But the coming second Nuremberg Principles trial of those guilty and complicit in genocide will not allow the real arrangers and benefactors of death and destruction to get away from punishment and loss of power. Those deep pocket investors and CEOs of Americans fifty largest corporations the invested and joint ventured in building a prostate (low wage) Nazi Germany up to number one military power in the world in less than five years in full knowledge of a maniacal Adolph Hitler’s constantly announced frightening plans for communists, Jews and the Soviet Union! Not one of them or their German industrialist partners were indicted. They went on to give us the ‘Cold War’ against a Soviet Union, which had suffered twenty-three to twenty-seven million war dead in defeating the Wehrmacht, whose expected war on it and the world brought its Wall Street investors the mega wealth in war profits that made the US the single super power it remains today and the ability to go on with the sixty-seven years of wars to converting colonies into neo-colonies. see, listen, watch the Nazi lawyer of the defense give his summation at the end of the film with Burt Lancaster and Spencer Tracy, Judgement at Nuremberg. Its only about ten minutes long, but the it took more than a week at the real trial for the summation of the defense it designated the Americans who were co-guilty. Then have fun googling the pages and pages on the Internet detailing the many famous American business and politicians that made fortunes from business with Nazis.

This escape of the stiff uptight de-humanized imperialist automaton robotic mechanical human-calculator ledger line reading misfits will not happen a second time, for otherwise the trillion dollar a month war they are presently heavily investing in and making arrangements for, along with their selling off our planet home, might well signal an end for the species, and yours truly is not a pessimist.

Readers can look forward to better writers than your peoples historian activist jay janson calling for a Nuremberg Principles trial of American citizens and their business friends in allied nations.

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One Response to When Will There Be A Demand For Nuremberg Principles Trial Of Americans For Genocide!

  1. Where the hell were you when Obama made war on Lybia? He acted without the Constitutional authority to wage war on a UN member country. War crimes in Iraq? Perhaps. But at least Bush had the legal authority to wage war. This is not mean that Bush had the authority to wage war that resulted in war crimes. But, Obama’s actions clearly fall within the area of war crimes and Genocide. Genocide because he was a member of war fighters that slaughtered Christians for their belief in Christ. This article causes me great consternation because it appears to be politicized in favor of Progressives.

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