Close the Drone Command Center at Horsham, PA

by Daniel Riehl

The Pakistanis are asking us to stop our illegal drone attacks on their country.  They have staged mass protests in their major cities such as Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta and others.

But these strikes are not likely to stop anytime soon.  A brand new drone command center is being planned for the military base at Horsham, PA., (at the corner of County Line Road and route 611) where monthly protests are held by up to 100 people.  Operators at this center will pilot unmanned drones and fire Hellfire missiles causing much “collateral damage” (cold-blooded murder) among civilian populations in countries that our government doesn’t like.

American drone attacks have killed 2446 civilians in the last decade in Pakistan alone.  The Pakistanis know us by our drones, not by our love.   9-year-old Nabila was outside gathering vegetables when her grandmother was killed by a drone.  “I’m too scared to go outdoors now,” she says.  13-year-old Zubair: “I no longer love blue skies.  In fact, I prefer grey skies.  The drones do not fly when the skies are grey.”

Rafiq ur Rehman after he heard the news that his mother was killed. “I was in a state of shock.  We do not kill our cattle the way the U.S. is killing humans in Waziristan.”  Besides the dead, the missiles leave behind homeless persons, wounded, orphaned children and grieving parents, many of which are now deprived of a livelihood.

There are thousands of Christians living east, north, west and south of Horsham which is located in Montgomery County.    If all the Christians in surrounding areas would demand the closure of the Horsham site, it just might happen.  But would the Christiansw demand its closure?  Will they respond to the pleas of the Pakistanis?

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One Response to Close the Drone Command Center at Horsham, PA

  1. Dan Murphy says:

    Impeach Obama # 1 and things will change.

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