Is US Preparing For War Against China?

By Kevin Zeese 

President Obama has been moving the US military into Asia in what has been dubbed the “Asia Pivot.”  He is moving 60% of the US Navy to the region along with other military resources.  At the same time there is more propaganda in the US media that is building fear against China like this article from USA Today.  The US is pushing Japan to have a military something not allowed by the Japanese Constitution since World War II.  The US issupplying Japan with drones and saying the US will defend Japan if it is attacked by China. Was the decision not to go to war and seek a negotiated settlement with Iran part of an effort to focus the US military on China?   The Trans-Pacific Partnership, which has been described as a global corporate coup, is being negotiated with Pacific nations but does not include China.  Is one of the goals to isolate and weaken China economically?

A war with China sounds like an absurd, really insane, plan but Americans who oppose war need to wake up to that possibility and begin to organize against it. US News and World Report ran an article in 2011 saying war between the US and China may be inevitable.  The Diplomat ran a five part series on the nightmare scenario of US was with China. The US and Japan have conducted war games off of California simulating an attack on China, Australia joined the two countries in war games as well and the US and Philippines have run war games in the South China Sea. China’s economy will be larger than the economy of the US in the foreseeable future. Can US leaders accept China being a larger economic giant than the United States?  Perhaps this is the United States trying to pull China into an arms race that will hurt the Chinese economy while benefiting the US armaments industry, just a the Cold War with Russia did.  Or, perhaps it is to create an opportunity for the US to bomb China and undermine its economy?

No doubt the Asian Pivot is designed to threaten and contain China while asserting US power in the region.  But how far will the Pentagon go? It is impossible to completely predict what the US Empire is planning but it is important for activists who oppose war to monitor this closely and oppose military action against China. Indeed the US should be pivoting out of the world military, closing foreign bases and returning home to focus on rebuilding the United States and our economy. The Pentagon should be reduced to a size needed for the real defense of the nation, not a military used for offensive military actions anywhere in the world.

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