Adelson v. Reality

In the normal course of things, Americans tend to ignore or ridicule idiots and the obviously insane — for example, people who suggest that the way for the United States to “deal with” Iran is to explode a nuclear weapon in an uninhabited desert region of the country and follow up with an offer to reprise said explosion in Tehran.

But of course Sheldon Adelson, however idiotic or insane he might be, isn’t in the normal course of things. He’s a multi-billionaire who contributes millions to War Party candidates in the US. There’s a chance, however slight, that he might get what he wants from those candidates if American voters are similarly idiotic or insane enough to put those candidates in office or retain them in office.

Iran’s Ayatollah Khameini wants Americans to “slap [Adelson] in the mouth.” While that’s actually a fairly restrained response as such things go, it’s still out of the question. Adelson’s free to say whatever he likes, no matter how idiotic or insane.

The only really worthwhile response to Adelson’s antics is to redouble our efforts to get the word out:

  • According to western intelligence agencies and the International Atomic Energy Agency, Iran has no nuclear weapons program;
  • According to Ayatollah Khameini (whose religious pronouncements the War Party otherwise encourages us to take literally and consider 100% truthful), the manufacture or use of nuclear weapons is a sin against Islam which his regime will have nothing to do with.

The whole “crisis” is entirely a political fairy tale. And even if it wasn’t, Adelson’s method of “resolving” it would remain idiotic and insane.

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