UN Day Films – Gloating Faces, Libya Syria Destroyed, Somalian Korean Genocides Augur Nuremberg UN Trial

by jay janson
The United Nations Organization was created  by the Colonial Powers;  for the Colonial Powers; of the Colonial Powers, plus a few dozen of their nominally freed colonies on October 24, 1945.  This past Thursday was its sixty-sixth birthday celebration, or United Nations Day.The Colonial Powers’ purpose in creating the UN was to prevent further wars between themselves, like those begun in 1914 and 1945, wars that devastated their homelands and lands of their captive non-white populations, which had included the wealthiest cultures and most advanced civilizations of the world.

The second of these cataclysmic world wars had been staggeringly profitable, in mind-boggling amounts, for US banks and the top fifty US corporations, which had heavily invested in, and joint-ventured with, a prostate Nazi Germany (loser in the first war), raising it to number one military power in five years. So at the time the World Powers created the United Nations, the United States of America had the upper hand as the single world superpower thanks to its enormous war profit wealth and military might.

With the self-dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in 1991, this upper hand of the USA in the United Nations became more absolute than before. Political and military use of the United Nations has now long been almost entirely at America’s disposal as an arm of its amoral speculative investment banking controlled genocidal foreign policy for maintaining and extending US overseas unjust predatory investments. [see King Condemned US Wars and Predatory Investments International Awareness Campaignhttp://kingcondemneduswars.blogspot.com ]

In the days running up to UN Day, October 24, some of us started tuning in to the United Nations TV Channel. This writer is quite used to viewing absurd and illogical films that through psyop, omission and selection are convincing to a majority of viewers, like for example, the films falsely labeled documentaries that one can watch on The History Channel, Frontline and the United Nations Channel. However, on the evening of the 21st, I was taken aback, baffled, by a disgusting ‘documentary’ concerning elections in Libya some two years after the UN mandated destruction of what was wealthy, prosperous Green Arab Socialist Libya, which had been designated by the UN itself as having the 53rd highest quality of life index, higher than nine European nations including Russia. [1]

This UN film on Libyan elections, elections overseen by heaven knows what Western neo-colonialist forces was  not one of those smooth, slick and careful international community of investors attempts to turn the truth upside down. It wasn’t nice to look at.

Scenes of gloating, un-simpatico, less-than-honest looking faces and clips of strange if not ghoulish looking former self-exiled Lybyan businessmen, now political leaders of a Western re-colonized Libya, laughingly relating war experiences and present problems usually with destroyed buildings in the background. Only towards the end of the film when the filmmaker must have felt obliged to show a tiny bit of the enormous boycotting of the election as false and undemocratic, does one see a bit of real humanity- noble countenances, women crying out against injustice related suffering, the same warmhearted looking countenances of normal and ordinary good people that was seen in close ups of massive demonstrations of Egyptians, Tunisians and Yemeni.

Throughout the film  the camera would revert to staid in demeanor, white in complexion, Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, in an upright sitting posture ‘explaining’ a bloody and sordid story of slaughter as a UN achievement helping Libyans overthrow ‘Gadaffi’s terrible government’, cruelly lying that Libyans were now voting for first time.

Portraits of the stately and dispassionate authoritative figure of the Grand Inquisitor of fourteenth century Spain by Goya and Francis Bacon came to mind.

Ian Martin, a former television comedy script writer, now a high UN officer spoke with polished upper class cool and diffident British accent in easy authority. This national of the Britain that had colonially occupied and then controlled and bilked, milked and thieved Libya of its oil wealth until a young officer Gadaffi stopped it, whose fellow Englishmen had in 2011 flow warplanes bombing Tripoli as nearly a million Libyans out of a total population of six wildly and desperately demonstrated with green flags and posters with Gadaffi’s photo, this British UN official was incomprehensibly, chosen by the filmmaker to fool us.

The Libyans having been herded like sheep and corralled by British French and US warplanes are put to be tended to by a British wolf, disguised in UN grandmotherly clothing.

The Western Colonial Powers style democracy this wolf is  helping the UN implant is the type of democracy of American and European globalizing imperialism. Approved honchos to be chosen from to rule over the spread out tribes of a Libya that has its cities now occupied by goons and terrorists armed by the CIA, and its British, French, NATO, Israeli, Saudi, Turkish and Qatar branches, all responding to the interests of the international community of speculative investors in wars led from Wall Street.

The imperialist investors have the media they own cry, democracy, democracy, democracy! But their parliamentary centralized state democracy is ultimately ruled by bankers in each of the NATO countries that together with the US superpower democracy blew away the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (‘Jamahiriya’ means ;state of the masses’), a well run prosperous and wealthy nation, which provided free health care and secondary education to all its citizens.

US democracy along with European democracy, tried many times to unsuccessfully assassinate Muammar Gadaffi, continually attempted to assassinate Fidel Castro, with their UN’s assistance and working together they got the job done earlier brutally on Congo’s heroic President Patrice Lumumba. and in 2011 finally saw to Gadaffi gruesome assassiation of getting a knife up his backside.

Ian Martin can take for granted our understanding of the strength of the European style of the democracy he is shoving down the thoughts of Libyans. Everyone knows, especially the non-white majority of mankind (bitterly), how British style democracy enabled a small primitive backward uncivilized nation to conquer, rule and plunder, albeit savagely, more than half the Earth including its most advanced and higher developed cultures. Its democracy had for years allowed its children of paupers to be chained to the machines they worked overnight, and oversaw the starvation of a million Irish. But the English still  parade before us as paragons of virtue in front of their wealth stolen from every corner of the world.

Gadaffi, who the UN helped murder, had said in his marvelous, straight forward, common sense speech before the UN General Assembly less than a year before his assassination, “If we do not have democratic rule at the United Nations, how can we demand it for the rest of the world?  We joined the United Nations because we thought we were equals, only to find that one country can object to all the decisions we make. Who gave the permanent members their status in the Security Council? Four of them granted this status to themselves. The only country that we in this Assembly elected to permanent member status in the Security Council is China. This was done democratically, but the other seats were imposed upon us undemocratically through a dictatorial procedure carried out against our will, and we should not accept it.”

During programing leading up to UN Day and UN Day itself, Ian Martin, as UN spokesman and media representative, was seen answering questions on the UN military operations in Somalia with an aplomb inconsistent with UN created genocide by UN military, fighting along side armies of US proxies Ethiopia and Kenya, making sure the Somali people could not have a government of their own choosing, one independent of US investors and able to deal with the famine that was taking the lives of nearly a million Somalis.

Those of us who believe justice is intrinsic in the heart of man and woman, expect Ian Martin is young enough to be brought to court in the not too distant future and probably convicted, as were five Nazi media personalities at Nuremberg.

At the same time the UN helps run phony elections in a Libya its Security Council first had mandated the destruction of, UN military forces along with NATO forces butcher Somalis in their own beloved country.

While the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan makes a pretense of cleaning up a little of the decades long cataclysm the armies of the white countries have brought to Afghanistan, and the UN Secretariat pretends the corrupt Quisling government it helped install is the real thing, UN Secrtariat spokespersons speak in tandem with CIA and CNN claiming for two years that President Assad MD of Syria is murdering his own people and must be overthrown.On 9 February 2012, when this time Russia and China did not feel constrained to abstain [4] and vetoed Libya style intervention on Syria, UN chief terrorist Ban-ki Moon, said,  “It has encouraged the Syrian government to step up its war on its own people. Thousands have been killed in cold blood, shredding President Assad’s claims to speak for the Syrian people.” Were Ban-ki Moon to visit other US NATO UN devastated countries as he did Somaila in 2011, he would be just as unwelcome. 
”Dressed in a black flak jacket with “United Nations” stamped across his chest, Mr. Ban met with leaders from Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government, a weak, divided and thoroughly unpopular entity that the UN has been trying to prop up.” Ban Ki-moon is happy to describe the case of UN war in his homeland in the same glowing terms he describes UN armed intervention in Somalia to prevent an unacceptable Somali government. and see Prosecutable US Crimes against Humanity in Korea, Dissident Voice, 3/30/2013http://dissidentvoice.org/2013/03/prosecutable-us-crimes-against-humanity-in-korea/ ] The UN flag was painted on the bombers that flattened Korea, north and south.

Last October in a speech at the University of Alabama Gen. Wesley Clark revealed again the Pentagon 2001 plan 
to take down Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, then Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and then Iran. One can well imagine what a US puppet UN Secretary General will be saying about Iran needing UN sponsored military intervention.[5]

Gadaffi in his 2011 UN address called the UN Security Council that would murder him within the year “a council of terror.” His clear minded speech is worth reading. Here are the most important excepts to understanding the criminality of the United Nations as it has operated militarily:“65 aggressive wars have taken place without any United Nations action to prevent them. Eight other massive, fierce wars, whose victims number some 2 million, have been waged by Member States that enjoy veto powers. ..
Enjoying the veto they granted themselves as permanent members of the Security Council, they have initiated wars that have claimed millions of victims.
The principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of States is enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations. No country, therefore, has the right to interfere in the affairs of any Government, be it democratic or dictatorial, socialist or capitalist, reactionary or progressive… The veto is not mentioned in the Charter.
Super-Powers have complicated global interests, and they use the veto to protect those interests. For example, in the Security Council, they use the power of the United Nations to protect their interests and to terrorize and intimidate the Third World, causing it to live under the shadow of terror.
From the beginning, since it was established in 1945, the Security Council has failed to provide security. On the contrary, it has provided terror and sanctions. It is only used against us. Sixty-five wars have broken out: either fighting among small countries or wars of aggression waged against us by super-Powers. The Security Council, in clear violation of the Charter of the United Nations, failed to take action to stop acts of aggression against small nations.
There is there no Libyan immigration to Italy, even though Libya is so close by? Italy owed compensation to the Libyan people. It accepted that fact and signed an agreement with Libya, which was adopted by both the Italian and Libyan Parliaments. Italy admitted that its colonization of Libya was wrong and should never be repeated, and it promised not to attack the Libyan people by land, air or sea. Italy also agreed to provide Libya with $250 million a year in compensation over the next 20 years and to build a hospital for Libyans maimed as a result of the mines planted in Libyan territory during the Second World War. Italy apologized and promised that it would never again occupy the territory of another country. Italy, which was a kingdom during the Fascist regime and has made rich contributions to civilization, should be commended for this achievement, together with Prime Minister Berlusconi and his predecessor, who made their own contributions in that regard.”
– For one paragraph, Gadaffi got off track from UN condemnation to play perhaps a dangerous game when he praised the man who would turn out to be his executioner by using the UN that Gadaffi was condemning to facilitate an overwhelming Colonial Powers missile attack that would destroy, his government, lives, homes, the prosperity of his people and work out the brutal and beastly assassination of the Gadaffi, revolutionary leader for more than forty years of a Libya become wealthy once free of Western imperialist plundering:
“We Africans are happy and proud indeed that a son of Africa is now President of the United States of America. That is a historic event. Now, in a country where blacks once could not mingle with whites, in cafés or restaurants, or sit next to them on a bus, the American people have elected as their President a young black man, Mr. Obama, of Kenyan heritage. That is a wonderful thing, and we are proud.”
We come now to the issues that will be considered by the General Assembly. We are about to put the United Nations on trial;
The wars that took place after the establishment of the United Nations — why did they occur? Where was the Security Council, where was the Charter, where was the United Nations? There should be investigations and judicial intervention. Why have there been massacres? We can start with the Korean War because it took place after the establishment of the United Nations.
The Viet Nam war! There were 3 million victims of that war. it took place after the establishment of the United Nations and after we had decided that there would be no more wars.
Panama was attacked. Four thousand people were killed, and the President of that country was taken prisoner and put in prison.
The war in Grenada. That country was invaded even though it was a Member State. It was attacked by 15 war ships, 7,000 troops and dozens of military aircraft, and it is the smallest country in the world.
We must look into and investigate the bombing of Somalia. Somalia is a United Nations Member State.
Then there is the former Yugoslavia. No country was as peaceful as Yugoslavia, constructed step by step and piece by piece after being destroyed by Hitler. We destroyed it, as if we were doing the same job as Hitler. Tito built that peaceful country step by step and brick by brick and then we arrived and broke it apart for imperialistic, personal interests. How can we be complacent about that?  If a peaceful country like Yugoslavia faced such a tragedy, the General Assembly should have an investigation
Super-Powers with permanent seats on the Security Council attacked Iraq?. As provided for in the Charter, the United Nations should have intervened and stopped the attack.
Libya spoke in the General Assembly urging it to use the Charter to stop that attack. We were against the invasion of Kuwait, and the Arab countries fought Iraq alongside foreign countries in the name of the United Nations Charter.
In the first instance, the Charter was respected. The second time when we wanted to use the Charter to stop the war against Iraq, no one used it and that document was ignored. Why did that occur? …we might face the same destiny.
More than 1.5 million Iraqis were killed. We want to bring the Iraqi file before the International Criminal Court, want those who committed mass murder against the Iraqi people to be tried.
It is easy for Charles Taylor to be tried, or for Bashir to be tried, for Noriega to be tried. That is an easy job. But what about those who have committed mass murder against the Iraqis? They cannot be tried? They cannot go before the ICC? If the Court is unable to accommodate us, then we should not accept it. Either it is meant for all of us, large or small, or we should not accept it and should reject it…
Abu Ghraib. This was a disgrace to humankind.
Turning to the war in Afghanistan, this too must be investigated. Why are we against the Taliban? Why are we against Afghanistan? Who are the Taliban? If the Taliban want a religious State, that is fine. Think of the Vatican. Does the Vatican pose a threat to us? No. It is a religious, very peaceful State. If the Taliban want to create an Islamic Emirate, who says that this makes them an enemy? Is anyone claiming that Bin Laden is of the Taliban or that he is Afghan? Is Bin Laden of the Taliban? No; he is not of the Taliban and he is not Afghan. Were the terrorists who hit New York City of the Taliban? Were they from Afghanistan? They were neither Taliban nor Afghan. Then, what was the reason for the wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan?
Then, while piracy may be a phenomenon of the high seas, a form of terrorism, we talk about the piracy in Somalia. Somalis are not pirates. We are the pirates. We went there and usurped their economic zones, their fish and their wealth. Libya, India, Japan and America — any country in the world — we are all pirates. We all entered the territorial waters and economic zones of Somalia and stole. Somalis are protecting their own fish, their sustenance, have become pirates because they are defending their children’s food. Now, we seek to address that matter in the wrong way. Should we send warships to Somalia? We should send warships to the pirates who have attacked and seized the economic zones and wealth of the Somalis and the food of their children.
I met the pirates, and I told them that I would negotiate an agreement between them and the international community that respects the 200-mile exclusive economic zone under the law of the sea, that protects all marine resources belonging to the Somali people, and that stops all countries from disposing of toxic waste along the Somali coast. In return, the Somalis would no longer attack ships.
In The Green Book, I maintain that medicines should not be sold or subject to commercialization. The entire world should strive to protect our people, create and manufacture vaccinations and give them free to children and women, and not profit by them.
With regard to the Palestinian situation, the two-State solution is impossible; it is not practical. Currently, these two States completely overlap. Partition is doomed to failure. These two States are not neighbors; they are coextensive, in terms of both population and geography. A buffer zone cannot be created between the two States because there are half a million Israeli settlers in the West Bank and a million Arab Palestinians in the territory known as Israel.
The solution is therefore a democratic State without religious fanaticism or ethnicity. The generation of Sharon and Arafat is over. We need a new generation, in which everyone can live in peace. Look at Palestinian and Israeli youth; they both want peace and democracy, and they want to live under one State. This conflict poisons the world.
The solution is Isratine. Arabs have no hostility or animosity towards Israel. We are cousins and of the same race. We want to live in peace. The refugees should go back.
You are the ones who brought the Holocaust upon the Jews. You, not we, are the ones who burned them. We gave them refuge. We gave them safe haven during the Roman era and the Arab reign in Andalusia and during the rule of Hitler. You are the ones who poisoned them; you are the ones who annihilated them. We provided them with protection. You expelled them. Let us see the truth. We are not hostile; we are not enemies of the Jews. And one day the Jews will need the Arabs. At that point, Arabs will be the ones to give them protection, to save them, as we have done in the past. Look at what everybody else did to the Jews. Hitler is an example. You are the ones who hate the Jews, not us.
In brief, Kashmir should be an independent State, neither Indian nor Pakistani. We must end that conflict. Kashmir should be a buffer State between India and Pakistan.
Here are some other the horrific human crises when UN Peacekeepers were carefully kept out of the way that Gadaffi did not speak to:
No Security Council military intervention:
– when a million people were massacred in Ruanda
when the US invaded the Dominican Republic to prevent the reinstallation of its overthrown popularly elected president;
– when CIA was arranging the slaughter of half a million communists in Indonesia;
– when the East Timor was invaded and thousands massacred;
– when CIA and Saudi and Pakistan allies secret services were arming; training and funding civil war attack on a popular women liberating Kabul government;
– when Israel invaded Lebanon, with horrific civilian casualties;
– when white governed South Africa invaded Angola;
– when Britain made bloody war on Argentina;
– when Israel bombed for weeks murdering 600 children in its captive and cordoned off Gaza;
– when Iraq supported by the US invaded Iran for eight years;
– when CIA and its five Middle East branches (British M16, Israeli Mossad, French DGSE and Turkish MIT) are working violence and murder inside Syria as the same ‘democracy loving’ group did earlier in wealthy Libya).
Just so did the League of Nations did not interfere with Fascist Italy conquering Africa and with Nazi Germany bombing Spain. But fourteen capitalist nations immediately sent armies into Russia to overthrow a new Union of Soviets government after a peaceful revolution in a country suffering starvation during a war between European empires over African colonies.
The UN, as presently constituted, has been continually used as the handmaiden of genocidal military interventions arranged when predatory investments of the powerful private usurious amoral speculative investment banking industry politically referred to euphemistically as the ‘international community of nations’ (read investors controlling the Neo-colonial Powers) are threatened or inhibited.
When the US and other neo-colonial powers become too weak to threaten economically, dozens of nations bombed and invaded by these white empires will sue for reparations and compensation for millions of wrongful deaths, injuries, destruction of properties and theft of natural resources just as fourteen caribbean nations are doing already. Officials of the UN Security Council and military hired by will surely be indicted.
Pertinent laws broken by the UN Secretariat as well as the US at
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