The Prerequisite for Diplomacy

“Diplomacy” is “The art and practice of conducting negotiations between nations (particularly in securing treaties), including the methods and forms usually employed” (Webster’s 1913).

The prerequisite for such negotiations is that there be something negotiable, and that in turn rests mutual agreement as to pertinent facts.

US President Barack Obama’s pledge to pursue “diplomacy” vis a vis Iran’s nuclear program rings hollow, because there’s a huge disconnect between US and Israeli political propaganda on one hand and the facts as they are understood by everyone else (including the US and Israeli intelligence communities) on the other.

The US/Israeli propaganda line is that Iran is pursuing, and close to achieving, nuclear weapons. That line never changes — according to Benjamin Netanyahu, Tehran is six months from having a functional nuke … and has been for a decade.

Iran’s propaganda line, which is much more convincing, is that their nuclear program is entirely for civilian purposes and that they have no interest in nuclear weapons.

One reason that line is much more convincing is that Iran’s “Supreme Leader,” Ayatollah Ali Khameni, issued a fatwa in 2006 declaring the development or possession of nuclear weapons a sin against Islam and declaring that the government he heads would never pursue them. Keep in mind that according to the US and Israeli propaganda line, Iran’s government is composed of a bunch of religious extremists who really believe all the crazy things they say in the name of Islam … except for this one thing.

Another reason the Iranian line is more convincing than the US/Israeli line is that the Iranian line agrees with the findings of both US and Israeli intelligence communities, who believe that Iran ceased working on nuclear weapons at least a decade ago.

So: What is there to negotiate?

Obama claims, unconvincingly, that Iran is pursuing nuclear arms and his goal is to stop them.

Rouhani claims, convincingly, that Iran is not pursuing nuclear arms.

For “diplomacy” to work here, one of two things has to happen. Either Obama must be willing to take “you already got what you said you wanted” for an answer — which he’s made quite clear he’s unwilling to do — or Rouhani must be willing to confess that his government has been lying for years, which is equally unlikely, especially given that the evidence says it hasn’t.

The only thing the US government and the Iranian government have in common is that both of them want to run Iran. That doesn’t bode well for “diplomacy.”

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One Response to The Prerequisite for Diplomacy

  1. I missed Obama’s address, alhough David Swanson was dutiful enough to report the highlights.
    I did read Dilma Rousseff’s call to the UN to act against the US’s claim to the right to control all communications on the planet with concommitant destruction of privacy, and I did Rouhani’s call for a World Against Violence and Extremism as calls to stand up to US bullying by all the other nations of the world. I haven’t yet seen Evo Morales’ address, I’ll look for it. All the other nations of the world have had enough, and are banding together to tie down Gulliver on the beach,

    That’s what it’s going t take. We Americans seem all to be co-dependents of our rogue government … or just too scared or lazy do anything about it. We’ve done nothing in a decade and seem to be doing nothing now – at a scale that will bring any results.

    The Fed seems to be going to put the final touch to the New American Cemetary, I mean Century, though. The collapse of the dollar will finally put an end to the Banksters’ Binge … and to the supply of the three essential prerequisites for global War and the global Panopticon … money, money, and money.

    When we lose our money, please don’t we lose our minds.

    I mean … if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck … it’s a duck, right ?

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