What Could Possibly Go Wrong …

… when two countries’ governments come to an agreement between themselves as to what a third country must do?

In the case of the US and Russia agreeing that the Assad regime must “place its chemical weapons under international control,” recent news reports indicate that the “international controllers” may include Hezbollah.

One of the main arguments for e.g. overthrowing Saddam Hussein was to prevent the acquisition of chemical weapons by non-state military organizations (usually they get referred to as “terrorist groups,” whether they are or aren’t). It looks like the Obama administration’s urge to intervene in Syria may have exactly the effect warned against.

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4 Responses to What Could Possibly Go Wrong …

  1. Scott Bieser says:

    Wait — isn’t Assad a supporter of Hezbollah?

  2. BARBBF says:

    Is this why the USA didn’t want to wait for the UN report on chemical weapons in Syria?


    UN Set to Release Report on Chemical Casualties in Syria

    By Larry Johnson on September 16, 2013 at 8:21 AM in Current Affairs

    If you are hoping for a damning indictment of Bashir Assad and the Syrian military in today’s UN report on the chemical casualties that the Obama folks insisted was a deliberate Sarin gas attack by the Syrian Government, be prepared to be disappointed. The chemical that was used was not military grade Sarin. The Syrian Government uses a binary weapon. What does that mean? You must mix two separate substances together in order to create the nerve agent.

    The incident of 21 August was not a persistent, highly lethal military weapon. It was, most likely, a chemical obtained by and/or produced by one of the rebel groups seeking to oust Assad. This was a pre-planned attack by one of the rebel groups who, with the assistance of outside intelligence organizations, were hoping to create an incident that would bring the United States into the fray.

    The CIA apparently was not the “brains” behind this effort, but the CIA was witting of the plan. In other words, the CIA knew early on that Assad was not responsible for ordering a chemical weapon attack on rebel positions. But the US was on board for using the incident as a pretext to launch military strikes inside Syria in a bid to weaken Assad and bolster the rebels.

    Only one little problem.

    The rebel group favored by the Obama Administration and Republican war hawks is a failed organization and incapable of mounting an effective military challenge to Assad. Assad and his military, over the course of the last month, have dramatically shifted the tide of war against the Islamic rebels seeking to impose their vision of Sharia law in Syria. Those elements include strong supporters of Al Qaeda. They are ultra radicals incapable of tolerating other religions.

    Obama and his cheerleaders have the lipstick out and are busy painting the Syria pig to appear to be a masterpiece of Global Diplomacy. But the fact is otherwise. The Russians are imposing their will and ensuring that the government of Bashir Assad will stay in power. Vladimir Putin has defanged the Obama effort to provoke a war with Iran on behalf of the Saudis and Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu. Iran’s position in the region is more secure now as a result of the Russian initiative.

    Pay close attention to the spin out of the White House today. Should be entertaining.


  3. ” … the CIA knew early on that Assad was not responsible for ordering a chemical weapon attack on rebel positions. But the US was on board for using the incident as a pretext to launch military strikes inside Syria … ”

    Which is to say that the USG is purposefully lying. I realize that’s ‘dog bites man’ but it does need to be pointed out everytime it happens. Especially when the ‘masses’ of Americans appear to be waking up to the inherent corrupt and degenerate nature of our government.

    Everyone talks about the Americans, the Russians, the Israelis … no one talks about the Syrians. Some of Obama’s ‘Contras’ … no doubt he regards them as the ‘moral equivalent of our founding fathers’, just like is godfather, who invented al Qaeda … some of Obama’s Contras blew up a bus and killed 19 people in their first terrorist act since his waiver that enables the lying USG to officially sponsor terrorism in Syria.

    Obama is a wretched nihilist who belongs in the Big House, not the White House. Impeach him now.

  4. … purposefully lying and party to the provisioning of chemical weapons to the takfiri jihadists …

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